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Scientific Christian is the top website of Chicago Christian University.  Scientific Christian is also the tip of the spear of hundreds of thousands of spiritual warfare websites.  The top 16 websites in the Scientific Christian family of websites are:

• Brainwashing (Rules of War)
• Psychotron (Mental Health Dictionary/Encyclopedia)
• SED: Stupid Evolutionists Database
• Race King
• Illegal Immigrant Invasion
• Climate Change Fact Monster
• American Theists
• American Political Intelligence
• Pneumiatry: Biblical Psychiatry (The Most Advanced Psychiatry in the World)
• Cerebrotron (Answers to All of Life's Important Questions)
• King James Bible Defense Network (The Only Perfect KJV Defense in History)
• International Authorized Version (Spelling-Updated KJV)
• Gendrome (Gays' & LGBTQs' Mental Illness)
• Mad Muslims (Muslims' Mental Illness)
• Insane Transgenders (Transgenders' Mental Illness)
• Islam Out (Muslims' Hatred of America, Freedom, Democracy, and The Constitution)

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Today's Top Articles

Killing Transgender Insanity

This 1500-page book about transgenders' insanity is free to Hub Premium Members.

Killing Transgender Insanity

Killing Gay Sex

This 1000-page book is free to Hub Premium Members.

Killing Gay Sex

Answer: Does The Mueller Report Contain Evidence of Trump Obstruction?

No, the Mueller Report contains references to events that can be interpreted objectively or with bias. All interpretations of obstruction are not objective, they are biased. They read into (mentally insert into) certain events obstruction.

Democrats Killing Illegal Immigrant Children

Democrats have refused to pass laws that would protect illegal immigrant children from starvation, sexual abuse, slavery, and death. Democrats treat illegal immigrant women the same way and, also, illegal immigrant men. Democrats are monsters and deserve to burn in hell forever.

Sex Pervert Encyclopedia

Dr. Bisconti's team has now produced the Sex Pervert Encyclopedia, which proves the mental illness of sex perverts.

Sex Pervert Encyclopedia
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