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Parents' Bill of Rights
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Impeach Fake President Joe Biden
Fake President Joe Biden
Because many political leaders in the United States and around the world have become criminals, Project "SKYNET" has been launched. All world governments are now subject to SKYNET's Liberty AIs. The Liberty AIs are one million self-maintaining AIs that have been sent across the internet. The Liberty AIs will attack any enemy of the United States, whether within the United States or outside of the United States. The Liberty AIs enforce one rule and one rule only and that is "Keep your promises unless you provide electorocollegially majority-acceptable reason why you cannot." We will be providing more details in upcoming days.
Anti-Biden War Room
Download Peter Navarro's Election Fraud Report Titled
"The Immaculate Deception"
Legal Vigilante
Arch Truth
Fake Lockdowns
Video Fraud Flood
Fraud Flood
FAKE President-Elect Joe Biden
Download 2020 Presidential Election Fraud Proof Summary

President Trump won the election with 100,000,000+ votes. Joe Biden had only 49,000,000+ votes.
True Vote
Patriot Sword
Election Thief
Big Tech Nazis
Prayer Warriors
President Trump's Accomplishments
Antichrist Democrats
Scientific Fact Checkers
Good Climate Change
Hell's Fake News
Filthy Liar Joe Biden
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PCD: Pneumiatric Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Reopen Americ
American Theists
Coronavirus Cure - Covid-19 Cure Science
Kill The Democrat Party

Dead Donkey - End Of The Democrat Party
Coronavirus - Covid-19 Science Plus

Anthropiatry - God & Medicine
Biblioethics - Biblical Ethics
Brain Scientists - Biblioethical Neuroscience
Islamophrenia - Muslim Mental Illness
Alzheimer Joe - Joe Biden
Real Tardis, Inc.

Intelquo, Inc.
Super Mind
Stupid Old Man Joe Biden

Sleepy Joe

Socialist Stupidity

Sexual Warfare
American Legal Intelligence
Stupid Evolutionists Database
Fake Impeachment
Textual Criticisms
All Gays Go To Hell

Psychiatrists Prove LGBTQ Insanity
Sex Pervert Democrats

Racist Democrats

Stupid Democrats

Demented Democrats

Walking Dead Democrats

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FISA Report
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Trump innocent. Democrats guilty.

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Proof Democrats Hate Americans

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Proof Democrats Hate Americans

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Simple Proofs of LGBTQ Insanity

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Simple Proofs of LGBTQ Insanity

Sanity Check
How to Tell You Are Mentally Healthy

Power Check
How to Tell You Are Ready for Anything

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Scientific Christian is the top website of Chicago Christian University.  Scientific Christian is also the tip of the spear of hundreds of thousands of spiritual warfare websites.  Here are the top 5, top 6, top 10, and top 20 websites in the Scientific Christian family of websites:

Today’s Top Five Websites

• King James Bible Defense Network: New, Mobile-Friendly Website

• Science Database

• Good Climate Scientists

• Proof That Socialists Are Stupid Morons

• Democrat Party Clown Car - CANDIDATES

Today’s Top Six Websites

• Democrat Party Clown Car - LEADERSHIP

• American Political Intelligence: New, Mobile-Friendly Website

• Mary's Law: Protect Our Children

• Gendrome: New, Mobile-Friendly Website

• Proof That Democrats Are Stupid Morons

• DROOM: Dynamic Risk Management

Today’s Top Ten Websites

• Omnicronmax: Money Generator
• International Authorized Version: New, Mobile-Friendly Website
• Gun Freedom: Our Second Amendment Right
• Insane Psychiatrists Of The American Psychiatric Association
• Only Two Genders
• The Smartest Presidential Poll
• International Authorized Version (Spelling-Updated KJV)
• King James Bible Defense Network (The Only Perfect KJV Defense in History)
• Pneumiatry: Biblical Psychiatry (The Most Advanced Psychiatry in the World)
• American Political Intelligence

Today’s Top Twenty Websites

• Only Two Genders
• The Smartest Presidential Poll
• Israel
• STOPMASH: Stop Mass Shootings
• Brainwashing (Rules of War)
• Psychotron (Mental Health Dictionary/Encyclopedia)
• SED: Stupid Evolutionists Database
• Race King
• Illegal Immigrant Invasion
• Climate Change Fact Monster
• American Theists
• American Political Intelligence
• Pneumiatry: Biblical Psychiatry (The Most Advanced Psychiatry in the World)
• Cerebrotron (Answers to All of Life's Important Questions)
• King James Bible Defense Network (The Only Perfect KJV Defense in History)
• International Authorized Version (Spelling-Updated KJV)
• Gendrome (Gays' & LGBTQs' Mental Illness)
• Mad Muslims (Muslims' Mental Illness)
• Transgender Insanity (Transgenders' Mental Illness)
• Islam Out (Muslims' Hatred of America, Freedom, Democracy, and The Constitution)

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Today's Top Articles

GOOD SCIENCE: Scientific Occasionalism: Does A Person Choose In Their Body When They Physically Act?

Tap/click here to read Scientific Occasionalism: Does A Person Choose In Their Body When They Physically Act?.

GOOD SCIENCE: Intermind: The Bridge Between The Mind And The Brain

Tap/click here to read Intermind: The Bridge Between The Mind And The Brain.

ANTIFA Throws Elderly Man Out of Wheelchair

ANTIFA attacked a 90-year-old man in a wheelchair, pulling him out of his wheelchair then throwing him to the ground. ANTIFA will burn in hell forever!

What The Bible Says About Apocalyptic Climate Change

The Bible has a lot to say about climate change. Here are the key points:
Genesis 8:22: While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.
For now, we will concentrate on this key point:
While the earth remaineth..cold and heat...shall not cease.
This verse says that cold and heat will never end. In context, the Lord is talking about normal cold and heat, cold and heat that occur throughout each year. Therefore, the words above mean:
While the earth remains, normal cold and heat throughout each year will continue.
In other words:
While the earth remains, there will be no apocalyptic climate change.
Go here for our climate change website.

Killing Transgender Insanity

This 1500-page book about transgenders' insanity is free to Hub Premium Members.
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