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ADVISORY:  A number of our web pages deal with psychological or medical subjects.  If you need psychological, psychiatric, or medical help, please seek a Christian minister, Christian psychologist, Christian psychiatrist, or Christian doctor.  If you are confronted with an emergency situation and do not know any Christian health professionals, remember that the Lord may also meet your need through a non-Christian health professional (James 1:5).


EXCEPTION NOTE:  There are exceptions to some of the principles set forth in the following web pages.  However, these exceptions are always in accordance with the “Principles of Exception.”  See Principles Of Exception.


We continually receive emails from the average person as well as from pneumiatrists, doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, ministers, bishops, and other professionals.  Send your emails to wi@lfnexus.com.


The topics below are based upon spiritual (biblical) principles and scientific fact (II Peter 1:5 tells us to study science).  The spiritual (biblical) principles never change.  The scientific fact, on the other hand, may change.  For that reason, one or more of these topics may be revised from time to time in accordance with new scientific information.  The topics followed by a lock symbol, “Ï,” require a password.






Abortion (Pneumiatry Topic)





Abortion (Pneumiatry Topic)


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