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Women & The Presidency

(Update #12)


Would it be beneficial to the United States of America to have a woman president?  Maybe.  That is all science can say.  For our spiritual, moral, and ethical views mixed in with some satire visit our original website at  The essential point in these articles is that, according to a “strict constructionist” understanding of the Bible (understanding as the biblical authors intended), men are to lead unless they are unrighteous or less righteous relative to women.


Also, there is powerful anecdotal evidence equivalent to the results of an exhaustive scientific study that 99.9999% of the men in the world instinctively know and believe that men are to lead and that 99% of the women in the world, also, instinctively know and believe that men are to lead.


In terms of war and warfare, since men are, generally, more aggressive and, generally, physically stronger than their women counterparts of the same age, leadership by men is generally favored.  This is because those with greater aggressiveness, which tends to result in their killing the enemy before the enemy can kill them, and/or greater, physical strength have a greater survival rate on the battlefield.


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