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Why We Need To Restore Anti Gay Laws

(Update #33)


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We need to restore anti Gay laws and here is why:


First, the Gay lifestyle is unnatural.  See How Do You Know What Is Natural? for two proofs that the Gay lifestyle is unnatural.


Second, Gays are perverts.  See Gays Are Perverts for a proof that Gays are perverts.


Third, the Gay lifestyle is immoral.  You might ask why.  There are two reasons.  First, perversion is immoral.  Second, the Gay lifestyle causes virtually everyone pain.  You might ask what pain.  Virtually everyone experiences the painful emotion of revulsion and most people experience the painful emotion of anger.  Also, see Why Doesn't God Kill All The Gay People?.


Fourth, the 1973 American Psychiatric Association pro-Gay decision has been debunked.  See


Fifth, psychiatrists are not the final authority on who is mentally healthy.  See our Freud Fact Site.


Sixth, psychiatric ethicists, including some clergymen and others, have more authority than psychiatrists and have determined that Gays are not mentally healthy.


Seventh, 99% of Americans and, indeed, 99% of the entire world would be relieved.


Eighth, Gay activists are aggressively moving to brainwash our children into thinking that the Gay lifestyle is normal.


Ninth, we now have proof that some Gays, some psychologists, some psychiatrists, and others are turning vulnerable youth into Gays.  See The Gay Puppet Masters.  Also, see Gays.


Tenth, now, reported on the news Thursday, September 17, 2009, Gay activists want to teach your children in kindergarten that there is nothing wrong with homosexuality and sodomy.


Parents, stand up!  Take back your children!


Now, we donít advocate the death penalty for Gays.  We also donít advocate the imprisonment of Gays.  Rather, we advocate that Gays, first, be allowed to quit cold turkey on their own; then, if they cannot or will not quit, we advocate that they be required to follow the ďdonít ask, donít tellĒ rule.  If they fail to follow the ďdonít ask, donít tell rule,Ē we advocate that they, then, be institutionalized in mental health facilities until they overcome their resistance to following the rule.  Certainly, all would agree that Gays that seek to turn other people, especially youth, into homosexuals need to be institutionalized whether or not they follow the ďdonít ask, donít tellĒ rule.  Actually, this type of Gay needs to serve time in prison.


One of the things we can do immediately is to identify every elected official who is inexcusably uninformed on the issue of protecting our children from the perversion of homosexuality.  Once identified, we can vote them out of office.


Finally, let us remind you that pro-Gay psychiatrists have been proven to be operating in accordance with nonscientific ideology and not science.


For additional information see:

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