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Why The President And Congress Are Failures On Health Care

(Update #13)


The background Dr. House graphic represents the fact that this is a factual and medical web page.

The Dr. House graphic does not mean that we are expressing the opinion of actor Hugh Laurie.


If the President and Congress pass the public (government) option against the will of the majority of Americans, then, they must do the following; if they don’t, that will make them traitors.


The public (government) option would shut down the insurance companies over time.  All Washington has to do is to add a “reverse trigger.”  A reverse trigger would be a special kind of trigger.  A “regular” trigger says that the insurance companies would be shut down if they charged too much.  That’s a stupid idea.  A reverse trigger says that the public (government) option would be shut down if it threatened to shut down the insurance companies.  That’s not a stupid idea, though it is not the best idea.