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Before you read this section, we want to make it clear to everyone that we are forever against any woman becoming president.  Now, a note TO A COUPLE OF OUR REALLY DUMB READERS:

A statement like the one you just read regarding opposition to a woman as president is a statement of principle.  A statement of principle is an idea that, ALONG WITH OTHER IDEAS, guides one’s thinking, deciding, and acting.  IT IS NOT THE ONLY PRINCIPLE THAT GUIDES ONE’S THINKING, DECIDING, AND ACTING.  As a result, although we hold to the “gender opposition principle”; that is, “no woman president,” it is possible, under a certain set of circumstances, for us to VOTE FOR A WOMAN FOR PRESIDENT, DUMMIES!  For example, a crude but effective example, if the other candidate were Adolf Hitler, we would vote for the woman candidate, DUMMIES!

Now, we have always believed everything on this web page except for one thing – we never believed that a woman president would necessarily ruin America.  We have always believed that it was possible for a president of either gender to do some degree of harm to America.  The idea of the “ruin of America by a woman president” was an exaggeration adopted in order to incite discussion and debate.  As a result, our readers were sometimes passionate in their response to this web page (sometimes not in the most flattering of terms).  Some of our readers have grown spiritually, ethically, and intellectually…others have not.

Keep on blogging and see you next time.

– Dr. Michael Bisconti  October 4, 2008  en route to Zurich, Switzerland

Note to those seeking to catch us in a lie:  We never confirmed that we believed that a woman president would necessarily ruin America, though we did, of course, to put it mildly, strongly suggest that this, indeed, was our belief.  You will notice that we referred to “our belief” only once on this web page.  No confirmation (“say it twice, kid”) was provided.

Note to students of ethics:  Confirmation is only implicit in a message of a universal nature.  The idea that “a woman president would ruin America” certainly does not fall into that category.  This is attested to by the past criticism of this web page.



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Our Choice For President 2008




The initial content on this web page written in white text on a dark red background is the most recent addition to this web page except for the two banners with the words “Our Choice For President 2008” and the 2 sections at the very top of this web page.




Friday, March 21, 2008 8:05 PM CST

Updated Friday, March 21, 2008 8:13 PM CST


Starting today, we begin something new.  The article below defends our belief that a woman president would ruin America.  However, this defense, to date, has been made in a vacuum.  That is, it has been made without reference to its priority among those things that must be considered in choosing a president.  This approach, that is, the approach of  “vacuum defense” is a legitimate one.  However, it is legitimate only to a point.  Therefore:


1.      We have not changed our position on gender.


2.      We will continue our gender argument.


3.      Gender is one of a host of issues.


4.      There are other issues that are more important than the gender issue.


For example, whether our next president will help us to feed our children is more important than gender.  And whether our next president will intelligently defend our country against its enemies is more important than gender.  Now, don’t get us wrong…we still don’t want Hillary Clinton to be elected president and we still do not want any woman elected president BUT, and we’re only saying this to make a point, if Hillary Clinton would do a better job of taking care of those things that are more important to us (and the Lord) than gender, WE WOULD VOTE FOR HILLARY CLINTON!


5.      Now, we begin our official “Issue List,” currently in no particular order.  This is only a partial list and, later, this list will have its own page.  In addition, we will list all of the candidates positions on each issue.  Also, we have some surprises in store.


a.      The Economy


b.      The War


c.       Gender


– Dr. Bisconti




Our Choice For President 2008






We have been reading your comments and responses to this page.  In some cases, you have read distorted versions of this page.  In any event, some of you have been fair, just, reasonable, and, even, poetic.  Others of you have been cruel, unjust, vicious, ugly, and, even, monstrous.  Please know that we at the L. F. Nexus care about all of you.  All of you manage to contribute something praiseworthy to the debate.  Our supporters encourage us.  Our detractors, if nothing else, help to preserve freedom of speech.


A special note to our detractors:  We are reading your criticisms and counterarguments.  Some of them have merit and, in fact, as we analyze them further, you may even persuade us of a thing or two.  Note, however, that nothing you have written so far has disproven our thesis (our thesis is “a woman president would ruin America”).  We will be responding to your comments when we have the time.


We spend 90% of our time trying to do the real good of feeding starving children, helping the homeless,  providing medical care for those who cannot provide it for themselves, and so much more BUT WE STILL NEED TO RESERVE 10% OF OUR TIME FOR DEBATE, DEBATE ON EVERY SUBJECT, DEBATE EVERYWHERE, DEBATE WITH ANYONE.  Why debate?  The answer is that it is from debate that PRINCIPLES emerge which impact what we do about STARVING CHILDREN, THE HOMELESS, THE SICK, AND THE HOST OF OTHERS WHO NEED OUR HELP AND NOT ONLY OUR HELP BUT YOUR HELP.


Finally, if you want to see our agenda for men and women, read Men Versus Women.  Also, read Who Are Smarter, Men Or Women? and Are Women Supposed To Be "Barefoot And Pregnant"?


PS:  We now have better data for a number of items (look for the white text on the red background).  See History of Polling at the L. F. Nexus (link not yet active) for more details.


– Dr.  Michael J. Bisconti (February 23, 2008, Updated February 24, 2008)





Not too long ago, this web page was hacked by fifth columnist hackers within our organization.  We have now restored it to its original form, updated it, and kicked out the hackers.  This web page was conceived and written, in its entirety, by Dr. Michael J. Bisconti for American Political Intelligence.



To defenders of the truth:


When making the gender argument, keep the following in mind (based on vast visitor input):





















There are many reasons why a woman president would ruin America:


REASON #1 (Poll Results:  90% Agree)


God has commanded that women shall NOT lead nations.  This commandment of God is found in the Holy Scriptures, the Bible, the Word of God.  See Dr. Waterton’s 5000-page, 5-volume, encyclopedic materpiece The Power Verses (link not yet active).  This encyclopedic work provides ancient Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek exegesis of the 200 Bible verses that best prove man’s divine heritage of global, national leadership.  Dr. Waterton quotes over 100,000 sources.


REASON #2 (Poll Results:  90% Agree)


God has commanded that women shall NOT lead men.  In leading nations, women would be leading men.  Therefore, women cannot lead nations.  The commandment of God that women shall NOT lead men is found in the Holy Scriptures, the Bible, the Word of God.  Incidentally, no reference in the Bible to a woman in a leadership position ever involves the leadership of even a single man.  See our article Woman Leaders in the Bible (link not yet active), where we reference over 100 Bible verses.


REASON #3 (Poll Results:  80% Agree)


History teaches us that EVERY great nation experienced a decline in power and reputation once a woman was given the leadership of such a nation.  Incidentally, such woman leaders as England’s historical Queen Victoria and modern Queen Elizabeth and modern Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher were only figureheads.  They had no original ideas and simply carried out the will and wisdom of the men behind the scenes.  (See our article Woman Leaders of England and Europe and the Men Who Led Them [link not yet active]).


REASON #4 (Poll Results:  75% Agree)


Women are more likely to make wrong decisions than men.  This truth is stated in the Bible and proven by history.  One simple proof from the last few decades is the fact that women are (see the American Gullibility Survey [link not yet active] and, really, no one needs a survey to know this to be true)…women are 10,000 times more likely to pose for indecent pictures than men (many men can verify this from personal observation [unfortunately]).


REASON #5 (Poll Results:  70% Agree)


Women generally do NOT have the mental and physical stamina required by the position of the President of the United States of America.  See The Hiesserman Stamina & Gender Comparisons Study (link not yet active) by the Hiesserman Institute.


REASON #6 (Poll Results:  90% Agree)


Currently, all those women interested in becoming president are women of only average character and intelligence.


REASON #7 (Poll Results:  90% Agree)


Women do not have the political pull of men, which is required to be effective in the position of the President of the United States.  See Political Power & Gender (link not yet active) by Richard Kizmetoff.


REASON #8 (Poll Results:  80% Agree)


Women do not have the political will of men.  They are more likely to waver in their views and decisions than men.  See Political Tenacity & Gender Considerations (link not yet active) by Catherine Hertzmann.


REASON #9 (Poll Results:  92.5% Agree)


A woman would not have the support of the American people.  The latest poll reveals that 80% of men and 65% OF WOMEN are against having a woman as president.


REASON #10 (Poll Results:  75% Agree)


A woman would be incapacitated 1.3% to 2.9% of the time because of natural, physiological events.  What if this happened during a time of national crisis such as the “9/11 Attack”?  Note that studies have shown that 98% of women are 10% incapacitated on average and 2% of women are 2% incapacitated on average, during the aforementioned physiological events.  This data is a dramatic departure from what we previously reported but we must use the best data available even if it hurts our cause.  Note that previous data was provided by an all-women’s polling institute.  Our new data comes from an organization employing both men and women.


REASON #11 (Poll Results:  65% Agree)


Women generally score a minimum of 13.7 points lower on IQ tests than men.  We need the smartest person in the presidency.


REASON #12 (Poll Results:  90% Agree)


Leaders of foreign countries and especially of Muslim and Arab countries do not respect women leaders.  A woman president would be crippled in dealing with such leaders.


REASON #13 (Poll Results:  90% Agree)


One woman currently interested in becoming president has the wrong motives for becoming president.  For example, the organization Information Underground reports the following regarding Hillary Clinton:


Hillary Clinton has stated in private meetings:


I don’t give a…(expletive deleted)…about American men or, for that matter, American women.  In fact, I care even less about American women.  I am only interested in the power and in getting even for what was done to my husband and our family.


REASON #14 (Poll Results:  93% Agree)


Reason #14 is actually a set of reasons.  We refer you to Dr. Susan M. Manheim’s 1000-page masterpiece The Mysoginist (link not yet active).  In it she lists 2000 reasons why a woman president would ruin America…and you thought we were tough.


REASON #15 (Poll Results:  99% Agree)


We have now catalogued the most abusive, foul, and disgusting blogs on the Internet that attack this web page (compilation completed on February 24, 2008).  You can now read for yourself the irrational ravings of these bloggers and, by the way, these particular bloggers ARE ALL WOMEN.  (Yes, even women can talk like a drunken sailor.  Our apologies to drunken sailors.)  Now, we figured that these women desperately needed to be heard so we have given them a second voice on the Internet on our website.  But, to protect the children, we have created two versions of their comments:


The Laundered Version

(a version cleaned up morally and linguistically by the wordsmiths of the L. F. Nexus…requires no password) (link not yet active) – 100 pages from the blogosphere


The Unvarnished Version

(some of the worst filth you will ever read, exactly as it was written by the bloggers…REQUIRES A PASSWORD [requires age verification]) (link not yet active) – 120 pages from the blogosphere



Please note, in fairness to the average, American woman, that the women quoted in entry #15 above are not representative of American women.  99.9% of American women do NOT talk like the women quoted above.  Why, then, do we quote them?  Primarily, to alert parents to yet another corrupting influence that their children will find on the Internet.  Note that the quoted women are not only corrupt, they are, as Dr. Susan Manheim has stated, “profoundly stupid.”