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The goal of this web page is to begin to help our visitors who are seeking a life partner.  There are a number of Christian Dating Services on the Internet.  We have created a classification system for these services.  As with all things on the Internet, exercise caution.









Services You Can Absolutely Trust – Rated 100% Trustworthy


We have examined everything about these services and are absolutely confident in their competence and trustworthiness.




Services That You Can Trust To A Reasonable Degree– Rated 90% Trustworthy


We have examined a number of things about these services.  That is all.




Services That Have No Negative Reports Against Them – Rated 75% Trustworthy


These services have been recommended by one or more of our visitors.  That is all.






Services You Can Absolutely Trust


Rated 100%





Heart’s Destiny


(A Service of the L. F. Nexus)


Heart’s Destiny recognizes that there are two dimensions to dating/marriage relationships.  These are “life experience,” the way we see things, and “divine providence,” the movement of the unseen hand of God.  Life experience tells us to match your survey answers with someone who has the identical survey answers.  Divine providence tells us to discern the will of God in knowing whom God will join together.


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Services That You Can Trust

To A Reasonable Degree

Rated  90%


(Descriptions below are provided by each dating service.)





eharmony is a completely new way to build a relationship. They turn the process around, so you learn about people from the inside-out before you get involved. Only eharmony creates matches based on 29 proven dimensions of compatibility and over 30 years of relationship expertise. Combining this knowledge and experience with their commitment to personal care ensures that eharmony will work for you.


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Christian Singles Connection


30,000 active members and growing! Free trial memberships! Low prices!


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Single Christian Network


1000+ Marriages and Counting! Over 35,000 active members! Since 1991, thousands of single Christians have found wonderful new Christian friends, romance, excitement and yes, marriage! Features instant messaging and free chat rooms.


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The Christian Cafe


One of the largest Christian singles site online.
Create your FREE profile & browse tens of thousands of profiles to meet that special someone!


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