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Copyright August 12, 2005 5:07 PM CST

By Dr. Michael J. Bisconti


Updated March 25, 2007 3:55 PM CST

Copyright March 25, 2007 3:55 PM CST

By Dr. Michael J. Bisconti




First, we would like to make it clear to everyone that a Christian can live a full, Christian life if they have, at least, reasonable certainty of the truth, which comes from the Scriptures and other evidences of the truth.  The question, then, is:  “Why should a person pursue absolute certainty of the truth; that is, 100% certainty of the truth?”  The answer is that this type of certainty enables a person to handle problems, situations, and challenges that Christians of reasonable certainty cannot.  It takes absolute certainty before one would risk their entire, financial fortune to accomplish the goals that the Lord has set out for them.  It takes absolute certainty to stand up before an angry mob.  It takes absolute certainty before one would be pleased to stand before a firing squad.


So, how does one get from the reasonable certainty afforded by Scripture, argument, and reason to the certainty of direct communication with God?  Well, a bridge is needed.  Note that you MUST start out with the reasonable certainty of Scripture and reason before you can get to the certainty of direct communication with the Lord.  You must labor in the fields of Scripture, evidence, argument, and reason until you reach the “limits of reasonable certainty.”  In order to reach the limits of reasonable certainty you must exhaust all resources in striving for the truth.  This may mean reading a thousand books on the subject of “What is the ‘true text’ of the Bible?’”  It may mean witnessing to five thousand people over a period of two years.  It may mean attending college and university.  It may mean many, many other things.


Once you reach the “limits of reasonable certainty and reason,” you will know it.  How will you know it?  You will have a hunger to accomplish a work of the Lord that you cannot well describe; all you will know is that it is a “great work to which you have been called.”


So, let us say that you reach the “limits of reason,” you are hungry for a work that is not well described, and you know that you are called to a great work.  Now, you need the bridge that will carry you from reasonable certainty to absolute certainty.  What is this bridge?  This will depend on the work you are called to do.  We will address one specific work, a work to which many at the L. F. Nexus were called decades ago – the final, universal proof of the true text of the Bible; that is, the final, universal proof of the Textus Receptus/King James Bible.


So, where do you find the bridge that takes you from the reasonable certainty of the Textus Receptus/King James Bible to the absolute certainty of the Textus Receptus/King James Bible?  You will find it in a place that few, if any, have found it in the past.  Now, this place is actually one of a number of possible places.  We will describe one of these possible places.  This is the best place you can find it.  You will find it on the path of cold, hard logic.  Now, that may not sound too spiritual.  No one gets a warm and fuzzy feeling from cold, hard logic.


If you are looking for a warm and fuzzy feeling, you are NOT ready to cross the bridge to absolute certainty.  That is okay.  You can still live a life that is pleasing to the Lord.  If you are ready for the austerity (severity) of cold, hard logic, read on; otherwise, we suggest that you stop reading this page immediately and serve the Lord in some other way.





So, what is the cold, hard bridge that we must cross?  We begin.  Read all of our material on the true text of the Bible.  Next, we must check to be sure that you have reasonable certainty that the Textus Receptus/King James Bible is the true text of the Bible for English-speaking people.  If you have this certainty, proceed.  If not, stop, then, come back when you are ready.  Here is the bridge proper, in simple (for us) terms:


The bridge to absolute certainty is “the extrapolation of the detected rules of probabilistic evidence.”


What is “extrapolation”?  Extrapolation is taking something and extending it beyond its current limits.


What is “probabilistic evidence”?  Probabilistic evidence is evidence that is most likely consistent with reality.


What are the “detected rules of probabilistic evidence”?  The detected rules of probabilistic evidence are patterns in this probabilistic evidence that pervade this evidence.





The probabilistic evidence consists of a flood of propositions whose truth individually is irrefutable and accepted by all.





The detected rules, the patterns, cannot be seen, cannot be deduced, and cannot be induced (“inductively deduced”).  They can only be “generated by a reliable engine of truth.”  What is this “reliable engine of truth”?  Cyborgenic intelligence.  What does cyborgenic intelligence provide?  The “pervasive patterns in the probabilistic evidence.”  What are these “pervasive patterns”?  There are many.  One type of pattern is referred to as a “heartbeat engine.”





Here is a sequence of data:
















What would be the next number in the sequence?









If you said “1.99999999,” you are correct.


Now, we can look at this data and determine (“make up”) a rule.  The rule would be:


To find the next number in the series attach a “9” to the end of the last number in the series.


Now, answering in less than 30 seconds, what is the 100th number in the sequence?









If you answered “1.9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999,” you are correct.  Now, we were able to answer the question in less than 2 seconds?  How?  We developed a MORE COMPLEX RULE.  Our more complex rule is:


To find any number in the series, write “1.,” then, attach the number of 9’s equal to the position of the number in the series.


Now, if you find this discussion difficult, we must tell you that this discussion is of infinite simplicity compared to what cyborgenic intelligence must accomplish.





Cyborgenic intelligence takes data (probabilistic evidence), determines its patterns (pervasive patterns in the data), and, then, extrapolates the truth.


Now, how do we know that the truth that cyborgenic intelligence is reporting to us is, indeed, the truth?  We look at the rules (patterns) devised by cyborgenic intelligence and determine if they are true.  This is done by testing samples, both manually and via computer, to see if the rules hold up.  If they hold up, we extrapolate, manually and via computer, to see if our manual and computer extrapolations AGREE WITH THE EXTRAPOLATIONS PRODUCED BY CYBORGENIC INTELLIGENCE.  The very last step is to see that an infinite extrapolation, by cold, hard logic, yields the same type of extrapolation as any finite extrapolation.





So, there you have it in a nutshell.  All that is left is to “fill in the holes” in the explanation/model that we have provided.  By the way, as we’re sure you know, there are a lot of holes to fill in.