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The background Richard Dawkins graphic represents the fact that this is a factual web page dealing with the subject of stupid people.


In our time there is a strange phenomenon – educated people with no common sense.  Such is the person appearing in the graphic for this website.  (We will be publishing refutations of all of Dawkins foolishness, over time.  We note, in passing, that Richard Dawkins is no Stephen Hawking.)  Because this is a fact site, it follows the same principles as those stated at http://lfnexus.com/indexeinstein.htm.  Over time we will be listing famous stupid people on this website.



Some Classes of Stupid People & Why They Are Stupid


·        Evolutionists because they have never evaluated the amount of information that they need in order to correctly classify evolution as to whether it is a hypothesis or a theory.  Everyone now knows that the amount of information available on the subject of evolution worldwide demands that evolution be classified as a hypothesis, which means it should never be taught in science classes.  One gross overestimate says that evolutionists have 149 SUI of the required 1,000,000,000 SUI needed to classify evolution as a theory and, remember, this is a gross overestimate.  “SUI” stands for “Statistical Units of Information” and is pronounced “soo” rhymes with “clue” – “e” rhymes with “me.”  The SUI is our innovation.  See http://lfnexus.com/ifyoubelieveinthetheoryafterthisyouaretrulyinsane.htm on our original website for additional information.


·        Atheists because in order to be an atheist you must believe that you have examined the entire universe and have done so all at once.  People who do not believe even in the possibility of God are just plain nuts.  Scientifically, a person, to be sane, must, at least, be an agnostic and, remember, science (in its most common sense of “universally accepted fruits of experimental investigation” that we are using here) does not have all the answers.


·        Some women on television because they wear clothing with low necklines.  These poor women either are dependent on the lax way they dress for their self-esteem and/or they are cowards because they do not stand up to television management, who instructs them to dress the way they do.  We have seen this problem even on the great Fox News cable channel.  C’mon Fox!  You’re better than the rest!  Set the standard for American women!


·        People who use the “F word.”  If we have to explain to you why they are stupid, you are just as stupid as they are.


·        Men who use Viagra or Cialis or Levitra and anyone of either gender who uses any personalproduct appearing in SPAM email and/or advertised on television, which targets less than 1% of 1% of 1% of the global email readership and global television viewing audience or which is so personal that it shouldn’t be advertised in any virtual or actual public forum, because….  Actually, this one is not about stupidity.  This is about the annoying advertisements; especially, the annoying television commercials.  If you were to believe certain television commercials, you would think the entire planet was suffering in horrible agony over certain personal misfortunes.  You know…maybe we need to build a new website to deal with “FACT & ANNOYING PEOPLE.”  We’ll see.  You know what would be even better…a constitutional amendment.


·        Everyone who supports Sarah Palin for president because, c’mon people, there are tens of thousands of more qualified and more naturally talented individuals.  Actually, this one is about annoyance rather than stupidity.  Note that we do generally admire Governor Palin’s values and that we do admire Governor’s Palin’s spirit.


·        Big city gangs because they are baby killers.  Actually, this one is about insanity rather than stupidity.


·        People who have read everything on our original website and think that everything they have read is fact because our original website is a mixture of fact and satire.


·        Gun control supporters because gun control violates our constitutional rights and because home invasions have increased wherever the guns have been taken away from the average person and because of many, many other reasons.


·        People who undergo sex change operations because doing so is unnatural and twisted.


·        People who encourage people to undergo sex change operations because providing such encouragement is cruel and twisted.  Such encouragement needs to be criminalized.  What a bunch of freaks!  Some of these freaks are psychiatrists.  See our psychiatric website, the Freud Fact Site.


·        Playboy Magazine because it started and was part of the pornography boom that has resulted in the slide into depravity and eternal damnation of hundreds of millions of souls around the world.  It goes without saying that this one is about cruel monstrosity rather than stupidity.


·        Rap musicians because their so-called music is not really music and because 99% of Americans and 99% of the rest of the world hate so-called rap music.  Actually, this one is about annoyance rather than stupidity.


·        Hollywood because the majority of the people in Hollywood hate America and, especially, the children of America.  Actually, this one is about treachery rather than stupidity.


·        People who use doctors of the opposite sex.  Actually, this is one about being morons (extremely extremely stupid people) rather than about being stupid people.  If we have to explain to you why they are morons, you are just as moronic as they are.


·        Nudists.  Actually, this one is about insanity rather than stupidity.  If we have to explain to you why they are insane, you are just as insane as they are.


·        PETA because they “murder” people in order to save animals.  We can hardly believe the people at PETA exist.  Talk about freaks!  Actually, this one is about insanity rather than stupidity.  If we have to explain to you why they are insane, you are just as insane as they are.








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