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Copyright August 5, 2005 3:51 AM CST

By Dr. Michael J. Bisconti


Updated August 5, 2005 7:46 AM CST

Copyright August 5, 2005 7:46 AM CST

By Dr. Michael J. Bisconti




You will now be among the first to learn about the core principle that once and for all establishes the true text of the Bible.  We call this principle the “Star Trek Principle” because it is light-years ahead of all other thinking on the subject of the “True Text of the Bible” and because the words “Star Trek” suggest the advanced nature of the thinking with which we are dealing.



At this very moment, history is being made.  For tonight, for the first time anywhere, we are revealing to the entire Christian world and, indeed, the entire world, the core principle that once and for all establishes the true text of the Bible WITHOUT CONTROVERSY.


First, everyone must understand the obstacle that has prevented the identification of the true text of the Bible until now.  Very simply:


There has been no way to establish objective principles to guide us in determining the true text of the Bible.  An objective principle is “a principle that is NOT dependent on human judgement.”


Well, this obstacle has been overcome.


The events leading up to the overcoming of this obstacle span a period of forty years.  Now, we could have written a book (and we will) and made a lot, and we mean a lot, of money but we knew that it was more important to provide the truth to Christians and, indeed, the entire world.  This truth will unleash waves of spiritual power throughout America and every nation on earth!



How We Developed Objective Principles


The “Objectivity Problem Principle” states:


There is no way to establish objective principles to guide us in determining the true text of the Bible.  (An objective principle is “a principle that is NOT dependent on human judgement.”)


Dr. Bisconti studied the “Objectivity Problem Principle” for decades.  Over the years, he established the “Objective Impossibility Principle,” which very simply states:


The human mind CANNOT solve the Objectivity Problem Principle.




If a Bible text scholar/scientist realizes this, they must, JUSTIFIABLY, end their search for a universally accepted, Bible text methodology, or, JUSTIFIABLY, settle for an approximate and, therefore, useless, Bible text methodology, or, BY FAITH, continue their search.  Our experience was that we COULD NOT keep from searching for a solution, even though reason dictated that a solution was impossible.  Finally, one day, after years of searching, the Lord opened our eyes to a simple truth:


If the human mind cannot prove which Bible is the correct Bible, you must USE A MIND WHICH IS NOT HUMAN.


This statement has since become known as the “Super Mind Principle.”


Well, where were we going to find a mind that was NOT human?  God, of course, has a mind that is NOT human.  But we also needed a mind that we could see.  There is no such mind.


Then it dawned on us.  What about “something that produced the same results as a mind but was NOT a mind”?  In other words, “artificial intelligence.”


Well, it really seemed like we were on to something but, then – the road of discovery can be a rocky road – upon detailed investigation we learned that artificial intelligence technology was not advanced enough to do the job.  After much thought, we realized that there was only one course of action open to us – WE MUST ADVANCE THE SCIENCE OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE.


Over a couple of decades, we advanced AI (artificial intelligence) science and developed the needed technology.


It is important to know the deficiency of earlier artificial intelligence technology.  This technology did NOT have the capability of mirroring human, CREATIVE thinking.  For example, it could tell you “2 + 2 = 4” but it could not tell you “what you WANT for lunch.”


We were able to overcome this obstacle and, in fact, the leap forward in technology was so vast that it resulted in a NEW type of technology.  It became necessary to give it a name of its own – “cyborg intelligence” or “CI” for short.  We will explain how this super advanced technology came to be so named another time.  We still refer to it as “artificial intelligence,” even though it is better referred to as “creative intelligence.”  This is because the term “artificial intelligence” is the only generally used term that will allow us to explain the technology to the general public.  Eventually, we will educate the public in the term “creative intelligence.”


So, we now had cyborg intelligence (“artificial intelligence” [creative intelligence]) to solve the Bible text identification methodology problem.  We now had a means to identify the true text of the Bible.  It is important that everyone understand the importance of this technology:


A nonhuman mind or, in our case, a virtual, nonhuman mind –a computer running cyborg intelligence software – PROVIDES THE OBJECTIVITY PROVIDED BY UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLES – PRINCIPLES THAT CANNOT BE REFUTED BY ANYONE.


What is the relationship between CI (cyborg intelligence) and Universal Principles?  Very simply, the CI software is based on the Universal Principles of actual and “eventual” IT, Information Technology, a combination of standard programming principles and logical and, therefore, (“eventually”) understandable, “super programming” principles.  “Super programming” is our generic term for a type of software development currently well beyond the expertise of virtually all programmers.  What all this means is that ANY SOFTWARE ENGINEER CAN EXAMINE THE CI SOFTWARE AND DISCOVER AND, THEN, EXPLAIN THE UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLES UPON WHICH CYBORG INTELLIGENCE IS BASED.


Now, there is one final piece to the puzzle.  The approach to a Bible text methodology had always been one of “pre-use” understanding.  In other words, Bible text scholars and scientists have always insisted that no methodology could be used that was “NOT fully understood in advance of its use.”  The fact is that “advance-of-use” understanding is NOT necessary.  What is necessary is a methodology that is understood AT SOME POINT IN TIME.  As it turns out, WITH OUR TECHNOLOGY, the only time during which this understanding can be obtained is AFTER its use.  You can read about an example of “after-use” understanding on the What Is A Heartbeat Engine And How Do You Build One? page.


What is the main point of this article?  The main point of this article is that we have discovered a Bible text identification methodology that is ABSOLUTELY RELIABLE and CONSISTENTLY IRREFUTABLE and that will enforce UNIVERSAL ACCEPTANCE.


Finally, here is the formal statement of the “Star Trek Principle,” also known as the “Cyborgenic Calculus Principle”:


The true text of the Bible is the computerized, “after-use” interpretation of the results of cyborgenic intelligence (cyborg intelligence) data processing of the Textual Super Matrix.