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Copyright Saturday, August 05, 2006 6:57:07 AM CST (GMT – 5)

By Dr. Michael J. Bisconti & The L. F. Nexus Research Group




Today, Saturday, August 05, 2006, 6:57:07 AM CST (GMT – 5), the L. F. Nexus announced the publication of The “Standard Bible” Defended.



The “Standard Bible” Defended is the first King James Bible defense book that:


1.      Agrees completely with the King James Bible.


2.      Agrees completely with the original language texts employed by the King James Bible translators.


3.      Is prefaced with the following statements:


a.      The King James Bible needs no defense because it is self-defending.


b.      The reader is to compare The “Standard Bible” Defended to the King James Bible to be sure that they are in complete agreement.


4.      Reflects all ancient manuscripts, including those discovered since the King James Bible was translated.


5.      Reflects all manuscript families, including Textus Receptus, Byzantine, Alexandrian, and the rest.


6.      Is accepted by both KJV supporters and KJV critics.


7.      Involved the participation of independent church scholars and denominational church scholars.


8.      Involved the participation of scholars from all major independent fellowships.


9.      Involved the participation of scholars from all major denominations.


10.  Is virtually free.  We say “virtually” because the purchaser must pay for the paper, ink, and labor necessary to produce their copy of The “Standard Bible” Defended.  This is in sharp contrast to the producers of the (error-containing) The King James Version Defended and (error-containing) New Age Bible Versions, which tack on a huge profit for their publishers.  To give you a clearer idea (these aren’t actual figures since we are stilling working on our pricing):



King James Bible Defense Books


The King James Version Defended

$30.00 (paper, ink, labor,

 publisher’s pocket )



New Age Bible Versions

$25.00 (paper, ink, labor,

 publisher’s pocket )



The “Standard Bible” Defended

$10.00 (paper, ink, labor)



11.  There is no copyright except for prohibiting anyone from making a profit off of the sales of The “Standard Bible” Defended.  This prohibition includes requirements that publishers be monitored for compliance with this prohibition.  This book is, thus, virtually in the public domain from its first date of publication.  Additionally, because of the fifty years it took to produce The “Standard Bible” Defended, for a time, yet to be determined, the L. F. Nexus will strictly control who gets to publish The “Standard Bible” Defended.  We want to be absolutely sure that no one turns The “Standard Bible” Defended into a moneymaking venture.


12.  A special edition of The “Standard Bible” Defended, called The “Standard Bible” Defended – Scholars Edition, will include a section titled “Systematic Refutation of All Supposed Errors in the King James Bible,” based on the contents of the L. F. Nexus’ “Systematic Refutation of All Supposed KJV Errors” database.