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Copyright January 1, 1970 12:00 AM CST

By Dr. Michael J. Bisconti




The S&D Greek New Testament was produced as an initial step in computer and supercomputer analysis.



The S&D Greek New Testament was produced by:


1.      First, creating an electronic version of the Greek New Testament (the Textus Receptus CSR9/the KJV Greek New Testament).


2.      Next, the electronic version was fed to a computer program that sorted all of the words in the file and produced a new file in the form of a Greek New Testament Word List.


3.      Finally, the Greek New Testament Word List was fed to another computer program that eliminated all duplicate occurrences of every word in the Greek New Testament.



Note that the S&D Greek New Testament does NOT simply contain the root of every Greek word.  It contains every root and derivative of every Greek word EXACTLY AS IT APPEARS in the Greek New Testament.  For example, it doesn’t just contain the word “love.”  It also contains the derivatives of the word “love”:  “loved” and “loving.”






17,236 Root & Derivative Words


A Aarwn Abaddwn Abarh Abba Abel Abia Abiaqar Abilhnhj Abioud Abraam Abusson Abussou Acei Acia Acinh Acioi Acioj Acion Aciouj Acioumen Aciousqwsan Aciwj Aciwqhsetai Aciwsh Acwn Adam Adapanon Addi Adelfai Adelfaj Adelfe Adelfh Adelfhj Adelfhn Adelfoi Adelfoij Adelfoj Adelfon Adelfothta Adelfothti Adelfou Adelfouj Adelfw Adelfwn Adh Adhj Adhla Adhlon Adhlothti Adhlwj Adhmonein Adhmonwn Adiafqorian Adiakritoj Adialeiptoj Adialeipton Adialeiptwj Adikeisqe Adikeite Adikhma Adikhmata Adikhqentoj Adikhqh Adikhsai Adikhsantoj Adikhsatw Adikhsei Adikhshj Adikhshte Adikhswsin Adikia Adikiaij Adikiaj Adikian Adikoi Adikoj Adikouj Adikoumenon Adikousin Adikw Adikwj Adikwn Adokimoi Adokimoj Adokimon Adolon Adontej Adou Adousin Adramutthnw Adria Adrothti Adunata Adunathsei Adunatoj Adunaton Adunatwn Aei Aera Aeroj Aetoi Aetou Aetw Af afa Afairein Afaireitai Afaireqhsetai Afairh Afairhsei afaj afan Afanhj Afanismou Afanisqhte Afanizei Afanizomenh Afanizousin Afantoj Afedrwna Afeidia Afeij Afeilen Afej Afelein Afelothti Afelwmai Afentej Afeqh Afeqhsan Afeqhsetai Afesei Afesij Afesin Afete Afewntai Afh Afhj Afhka Afhkaj Afhkamen Afhkan Afhkate Afhken Afhsei Afhseij Afhsousin Afhsw Afhte Aficin Afiemen Afienai Afientai Afietai Afiete Afietw Afihmi Afihsin Afiketo Afilagaqoi Afilarguroj Afilarguron Afistantai Afistaso Afistato Afnw Afobwj Aforiei Aforiousin Aforisaj Aforisate Aforisqhte Aforiswsin Aforizei Aformhn Aforwntej Afqarsia Afqarsian Afqartoi Afqarton Afqartou Afqartw Afrizei Afrizwn Afron Afrona Afronej Afronwn Afrosunh Afrou Afrwn Afupnwsen Afwmen Afwmoiwmenoj Afwn Afwna Afwnoj Afwnon Afwrisen Afwrismenoj Afwrizen Agaboj Agagein Agagete Agagh Agagonta Agagontej Agagwsin Agalliasei Agalliasewj Agalliasij Agalliasqe Agalliasqhnai Agalliwmenoi Agalliwmeqa Agamoij Agamoj Aganaktein Aganakthsin Aganaktountej Aganaktwn Agapa Agapaij Agapaj Agapan Agapate Agapatw Agaph Agaphj Agaphn Agaphqhsetai Agaphsaj Agaphsanti Agaphsantoj Agaphsate Agaphsei Agaphseij Agaphshte Agaphsw Agaphta Agaphte Agaphth Agaphthn Agaphtoi Agaphtoij Agaphtoj Agaphton Agaphtou Agaphtw Agapw Agapwmai Agapwmen Agapwn Agapwntaj Agapwntwn Agapwsin Agaqa Agaqaj Agaqe Agaqh Agaqhj Agaqhn Agaqoergein Agaqoij Agaqoj Agaqon Agaqopoieite Agaqopoihsai Agaqopoihte Agaqopoiia Agaqopoiountaj Agaqopoiountej Agaqopoiousai Agaqopoiwn Agaqou Agaqouj Agaqw Agaqwn Agaqwsunh Agaqwsunhj Agar Age Agei Agein Agelh Agelhn Agenealoghtoj Agenh Agesqai Agesqe Aggareuousin Aggareusei Aggeia Aggeioij Aggelia Aggeloi Aggeloij Aggeloj Aggelon Aggelou Aggelouj Aggelw Aggelwn Agia Agiai Agiaij Agiaj Agian Agiasai Agiasate Agiash Agiasmoj Agiasmon Agiasmw Agiason Agiasqhtw Agiazei Agiazetai Agiazomenoi Agiazomenouj Agiazon Agiazw Agiazwn Agie Agioi Agioij Agioj Agion Agiothtoj Agiou Agiouj Agiw Agiwn Agiwsunh Agiwsunhj Agiwsunhn Agiwtath Agkalaj Agkistron Agkuraj Agkuran Agna Agnafou Agnaj Agneia Agnh Agnhn Agnisate Agnismou Agnisqeij Agnisqhti Agniswsin Agnizei Agnoei Agnoein Agnoeite Agnoeitw Agnohmatwn Agnohsantej Agnoia Agnoiaj Agnoian Agnoj Agnon Agnooumen Agnooumenoi Agnooumenoj Agnoountej Agnoousin Agnothti Agnouj Agnown Agnwj Agnwsian Agnwstw Agomena Agomenouj Agomenwn Agontai Agontej Agora Agoraij Agoraioi Agoraiwn Agoraj Agoran Agorasai Agorasaj Agorasanta Agorasate Agorasatw Agorasomen Agorason Agoraswmen Agoraswsin Agorazei Agorazontaj Agorazontej Agousin Agra Agrammatoi Agran Agraulountej Agreuswsin Agria Agrielaioj Agrielaiou Agrion Agrippa Agrippaj Agroj Agron Agrou Agrouj Agrupneite Agrupniaij Agrupnountej Agrupnousin Agrw Agw Agwgh Agwmen Agwna Agwni Agwnia Agwnizesqe Agwnizomenoj Agwnizou Ahr Ai Aidioij Aidioj Aidouj Aifnidioj Aigeioij Aigialon Aiguptioi Aiguptioj Aiguption Aiguptiwn Aiguptoj Aigupton Aiguptou Aiguptw Aij Aima Aimatekxusiaj Aimati Aimatoj Aimatwn Aimorroousa Ainea Ainean Ainein Aineite Ainesewj Ainigmati Ainon Ainounta Ainountej Ainountwn Ainwn Aiqiopwn Aiqioy Aire Airei Aireij Aireseij Airesewj Airesij Airesin Airetai Airete Airetikon Airhsomai Airomenon Airontoj Airwn Airwsin Aisqhsei Aisqhthria Aisqwntai Aisxrokerdeij Aisxrokerdh Aisxrokerdwj Aisxrologian Aisxron Aisxrothj Aisxrou Aisxunaj Aisxunesqw Aisxunh Aisxunhj Aisxunomai Aisxunqhsomai Aisxunqwmen Aiteij Aitein Aiteisqai Aiteisqe Aiteite Aiteitw Aithma Aithmata Aithsai Aithsaj Aithsei Aithsesqe Aithsh Aithshj Aithshtai Aithshte Aithsomai Aithson Aithsousin Aithswmen Aithswntai Aitia Aitiaj Aitiamata Aitian Aitinej Aitioj Aition Aitiou Aitoumai Aitoumenoi Aitoumeqa Aitounti Aitousa Aitousin Aitwmen Aitwmeqa Aitwn Aiwna Aiwnaj Aiwni Aiwnia Aiwnian Aiwnioij Aiwnioj Aiwnion Aiwniou Aiwniouj Aiwniwn Aiwnoj Aiwnwn Aiwsin Aixmalwsian Aixmalwteuontej Aixmalwtisqhsontai Aixmalwtizonta Aixmalwtizontej Aixmalwtoij Aj Akakoj Akakwn Akanqai Akanqaj Akanqinon Akanqwn Akaqarsia Akaqarsiaj Akaqarsian Akaqarta Akaqarthtoj Akaqartoij Akaqartoj Akaqarton Akaqartou Akaqartw Akaqartwn Akarpa Akarpoi Akarpoij Akarpoj Akarpouj Akatagnwston Akatakalupton Akatakaluptw Akatakriton Akatakritouj Akatalutou Akatapaustouj Akatastasia Akatastasiai Akatastasiaij Akatastasiaj Akatastatoj Akatasxeton Akeldama Akeraioi Akeraiouj Akhkoa Akhkoamen Akhkoasin Akhkoate Akhkootaj Aklinh Akmhn Akoai Akoaij Akoaj Akoh Akohj Akohn Akolouqei Akolouqeitw Akolouqhsai Akolouqhsantej Akolouqhsantwn Akolouqhsate Akolouqhseij Akolouqhsw Akolouqhswsin Akolouqounta Akolouqountaj Akolouqountej Akolouqounti Akolouqoushj Akolouqousin Akolouqwn Akoue Akouei Akoueij Akouein Akouetai Akouete Akouetw Akouomen Akouonta Akouontaj Akouontej Akouonti Akouontoj Akouontwn Akouousin Akousai Akousaj Akousantej Akousantwn Akousasa Akousasin Akousate Akousatw Akousatwsan Akousei Akousesqe Akousete Akoush Akoushte Akousomeqa Akousontai Akousousin Akousqeisin Akousqh Akousqhsetai Akousw Akouswsin Akouw Akouwn Akouwsin Akrasiaj Akrasian Akrateij Akratou Akribeian Akribestathn Akribesteron Akribwj Akridaj Akridej Akridwn Akroatai Akroathj Akroathrion Akrobustia Akrobustiaj Akrobustian Akrogwniaion Akrogwniaiou Akron Akroqiniwn Akrou Akrwn Akulaj Akulan Akuroi Akurountej Akwlutwj Akwn Alabastron Alaj Alalazon Alalazontaj Alalhtoij Alalon Alalouj Alati Alazonaj Alazoneia Alazoneiaij Alazonej Alecandreuj Alecandrewn Alecandrinon Alecandrinw Alecandroj Alecandron Alecandrou Aleiyai Aleiyantej Aleiyasa Aleiywsin Alektora Alektorofwniaj Alektwr Aleurou Alfaiou Alhqeia Alhqeiaj Alhqeian Alhqeij Alhqej Alhqeuontej Alhqeuwn Alhqh Alhqhj Alhqinai Alhqinh Alhqinhj Alhqinoi Alhqinoj Alhqinon Alhqinw Alhqinwn Alhqouj Alhqousai Alhqwj Ali Alieij Alieuein Alisghmatwn Alisqhsetai All Alla Allacai Allacei Allaghsomeqa Allaghsontai Allai Allaj Allaxoqen Allh Allhgoroumena Allhj Allhloij Allhlouia Allhlouj Allhlwn Allhn Allo Allofulw Allogenhj Alloi Alloij Alloj Allomenoj Allomenou Allon Allotria Allotriaij Allotrian Allotrioepiskopoj Allotrioij Allotrion Allotriw Allotriwn Allou Allouj Allw Allwj Allwn Aloga Alogon Alohj Alown Alownta Alukon Alupoteroj Alusei Aluseij Alusesin Alusin Alusitelej Alwna Alwpekej Alwpeki Alwsin Ama Amaqeij Amarantinon Amaranton Amartane Amartanei Amartanein Amartanete Amartanonta Amartanontaj Amartanontej Amartanontwn Amartanousin Amartanwn Amarth Amarthma Amarthmata Amarthmatwn Amarthsantaj Amarthsantoj Amarthsantwn Amarthsasin Amarthsei Amarthsh Amarthsomen Amarthte Amartia Amartiai Amartiaij Amartiaj Amartian Amartiwn Amarturon Amartwloi Amartwloij Amartwloj Amartwlon Amartwlouj Amartwlw Amartwlwn Amaxon Amaxouj Amelei Amelhsantej Amelhsw Amemptoi Amemptoj Amemptouj Amemptwj Amequstoj Amerimnouj Ametakinhtoi Ametamelhta Ametamelhton Ametanohton Ametaqeton Ametaqetwn Ametra Amfiblhstron Amfiennusin Amfipolin Amfodou Amfotera Amfoteroi Amfoteroij Amfoterouj Amhn Amhsantwn Amhtwr Amiantoj Amianton Aminadab Ammoj Ammon Amnoj Amnou Amoibaj Ampeloj Ampelon Ampelou Ampelourgon Ampelw Ampelwna Ampelwni Ampelwnoj Amplian Amwj Amwmhta Amwmhtoi Amwmoi Amwmoj Amwmon Amwmou Amwmouj Amwn An Ana Anaba Anabainei Anabainein Anabainomen Anabainon Anabainonta Anabainontaj Anabainontej Anabainontwn Anabainousin Anabainw Anabainwn Anabaj Anabanta Anabantej Anabantwn Anabaqmouj Anabaqmwn Anabebhka Anabebhken Anabhsetai Anabhte Anabibasantej Anablepousin Anableyai Anableyaj Anableyantoj Anableyasai Anableyh Anableyhj Anableyin Anableyon Anableyw Anabohsaj Anabolhn Anacioi Anaciwj Anadecamenoj Anadeicewj Anadeicon Anadontej Anafainesqai Anafanantej Anaferei Anaferein Anaferwmen Anaga Anagagein Anagagwn Anagaj Anagegennhmenoi Anagennhsaj Anagesqai Anaggeilai Anaggeilon Anaggelei Anaggellomen Anaggellontej Anaggellwn Anaggelw Anaginwskeij Anaginwsketai Anaginwskete Anaginwskomenaj Anaginwskomenh Anaginwskomenoj Anaginwskontej Anaginwskontoj Anaginwskwn Anagj Anagkason Anagkastwj Anagkazeij Anagkazousin Anagkh Anagkhj Anagkhn Anagnontej Anagnouj Anagnwnai Anagnwsei Anagnwsin Anagnwsqh Anagnwsqhnai Anagnwte Anagomenoij Anagon Anagoteron Anagouj Anaideian Anairei Anairein Anaireisqai Anaireqhnai Anairesei Anairoumenwn Anairountwn Anaitioi Anaitiouj Anakaluptomenon Anakamyai Anakamyei Anakamyw Anakefalaioutai Anakefalaiwsasqai Anakeimenoij Anakeimenoj Anakeimenon Anakeimenou Anakeimenouj Anakeimenwn Anakeitai Anakekalummenw Anaklinai Anaklinei Anakliqhnai Anakliqhsontai Anakracaj Anakrinaj Anakrinantej Anakrinei Anakrinetai Anakrinomeqa Anakrinontej Anakrinousin Anakrinw Anakrinwn Anakriqw Anakrisewj Anakuyai Anakuyaj Anakuyate Analabete Analabontej Analabwn Analambanein Analhfqeij Analhyewj Analogian Analogisasqe Analon Analusai Analusei Analusewj Analwqhte Analwsai Analwsei Anamarthtoj Anamenein Anameson Anamimnhskesqe Anamimnhskomenou Anamimnhskw Anamnhsei Anamnhsij Anamnhsin Anamnhsqeij Ananeousqai Ananhywsin Anania Ananiaj Ananian Ananizein Ananoumenon Ananoutai Anantirrhtwj Anantirrhtwn Ananwsei Ananwsewj Anapauesqe Anapauetai Anapauou Anapausin Anapauson Anapausw Anapauswntai Anapeiqei Anapepautai Anapesai Anapesein Anapeson Anapeswn Anaphrouj Anaplhroutai Anaplhrwn Anaplhrwsai Anaplhrwsate Anaplhrwsh Anapologhtoj Anapologhtouj Anaptei Anaptucaj Anaqema Anaqemati Anaqematizein Anaqewrountej Anaqewrwn Anaqhmasin Anariqmhtoj Anaseiei Anaskeuazontej Anaspasei Anasta Anastaj Anastan Anastantej Anastasa Anastasei Anastasewj Anastasij Anastasin Anastatountej Anastatwsaj Anastatwsantej Anastaurountaj Anastenacaj Anasth Anasthnai Anasthqi Anasthsaj Anasthsei Anasthsein Anasthsetai Anasthsontai Anasthsw Anastrafhte Anastrefesqai Anastrefomenouj Anastrefomenwn Anastreyantej Anastreyw Anastrofaij Anastrofh Anastrofhj Anastrofhn Anastwsin Anatacasqai Anateilantoj Anateilh Anatellei Anatellousan Anateqrammenoj Anatetalken Anatolh Anatolhj Anatolwn Anatrepousin Anaxqentej Anaxqhnai Anaxusin Anaxwreite Anaxwrhsaj Anaxwrhsantej Anaxwrhsantwn Anayantej Anayucewj Anazhthsai Anazwpurein Anazwsamenoi Andra Andraj Andrapodistaij Andrasin Andrea Andreaj Andrean Andrej Andreou Andri Andrizesqe Androfonoij Androj Andronikon Andrwn Anebainomen Anebainon Anebaleto Anebh Anebhn Anebhsan Anebleya Anebleyan Anebleyen Anebohsen Anecereunhta Anecikakon Anecixniastoi Anecixniaston Anecomai Anecontai Anedeicen Anefereto Anefwnhsen Aneginwsken Anegklhtoi Anegklhtoj Anegklhton Anegklhtouj Anegnwrisqh Anegnwsan Anegnwte Aneilej Aneilen Aneilete Aneileto Aneilon Aneixesqe Anekaqisen Anekdihghtw Anekeito Aneklalhtw Anekleipton Aneklinan Aneklinen Anekliqh Anekoyen Anekracan Anekracen Anektoteron Anelabete Anelehmonaj Anelein Anelhfqh Anelwsin Anemizomenw Anemnhsqh Anemoi Anemoij Anemoj Anemon Anemou Anemouj Anemw Anemwn Anendekton Aneneg Anenegkaj Anenegkein Anentej Anepaisxunton Anepausan Anepemya Anepemyen Anepesen Anepeson Anepilhptoi Anepilhpton Aneplhrwsan Aneqalete Aneqematisamen Aneqematisan Aneqemhn Aneqeto Aneqh Aneqreyato Aner Aneseisan Anesij Anesin Anespasqh Anesth Anesthsan Anesthsen Anestrafhmen Anestreyen Anetazein Anetazesqai Aneteilen Anetrafh Aneu Aneuqetou Aneuron Aneurontej Anewcen Anewgen Anewgmenaj Anewgmenhj Anewgmenhn Anewgmenoj Anewgmenon Anewgmenouj Anewgmenwn Anewgota Anewxqh Anewxqhnai Anewxqhsan Anexesqe Anexomenoi Anexomeqa Anexwrhsan Anexwrhsen Aneyioj Aneyucen Anezhsan Anezhsen Anezhtoun Anhfqh Anhgagon Anhggeilan Anhggeilen Anhggelh Anhken Anhkon Anhkonta Anhlqen Anhlqon Anhmeroi Anhnegken Anhqon Anhr Anhreqh Anhxqh Anhxqhmen Anhxqhsan Anientej Anilewj Aniptoij Anistamenoj Anistasqai Anistatai Anna Annaj Annan Anohtoi Anohtoij Anohtouj Anoia Anoiaj Anoicai Anoicaj Anoicantej Anoicei Anoich Anoicon Anoicw Anoicwsin Anoigei Anoigein Anoighsetai Anoigwn Anoikodomhsw Anoixqwsin Anomia Anomiai Anomiaj Anomian Anomiwn Anomoij Anomoj Anomouj Anomwj Anomwn Anorqwsate Anorqwsw Anosioi Anosioij Anoxh Anoxhj Anq Anqecetai Anqesthken Anqesthkotej Anqistantai Anqistato Anqoj Anqrakaj Anqrakian Anqrwpareskoi Anqrwpe Anqrwpinh Anqrwpinhj Anqrwpinoj Anqrwpinon Anqrwpoi Anqrwpoij Anqrwpoj Anqrwpoktonoj Anqrwpon Anqrwpou Anqrwpouj Anqrwpw Anqrwpwn Anqupateuontoj Anqupatoi Anqupatoj Anqupaton Anqupatw Anqwmologeito Antagwnizomenoi Antallagma Antanaplhrw Antapodoma Antapodoqhsetai Antapodosin Antapodounai Antapodwsw Antapokrinomenoj Antapokriqhnai Anteipein Antelabeto Antelegon Anteloidorei Antesthn Antesthsan Antexesqe Antexomenon Anti Antiballete Antidiatiqemenouj Antidikoj Antidikou Antidikw Antikaleswsin Antikatesthte Antikeimenoi Antikeimenoj Antikeimenw Antikeimenwn Antikeitai Antikru Antilambanesqai Antilambanomenoi Antilegei Antilegetai Antilegomenon Antilegonta Antilegontaj Antilegontej Antilegontwn Antilhyeij Antilogia Antilogiaj Antilogian Antilutron Antimetrhqhsetai Antimisqian Antioxea Antioxeia Antioxeiaj Antioxeian Antipaj Antiparhlqen Antipatrida Antiperan Antipiptete Antiqeseij Antisthnai Antisthte Antistrateuomenon Antitassetai Antitassomenoj Antitassomenwn Antitupa Antitupon Antixristoi Antixristoj Antixristou Antlein Antlhma Antlhsai Antlhsate Antofqalmein Anudroi Anudrwn Anupokritoj Anupokriton Anupokritou Anupokritw Anupotakta Anupotaktoi Anupotaktoij Anupotakton Anw Anwfeleij Anwfelej Anwgeon Anwqen Anwrqwqh Anwterika Anwteron Aorata Aoraton Aoratou Aoratw Ap Apac Apagage Apagagete Apagagwn Apaggeilai Apaggeilate Apaggelei Apaggellomen Apaggellontaj Apaggellontej Apaggellousa Apaggellousin Apaggellwn Apaggelw Apagomenoi Apagousa Apaideutouj Apaitei Apaitousin Apaj Apallach Apallassesqai Apaloj Apan Apanta Apantaj Apantej Apanthsai Apanthsei Apanthsin Apantwn Aparabaton Aparaskeuastouj Aparnhqhsetai Aparnhsasqw Aparnhsh Aparnhsomai Aparqh Aparti Apartismon Aparxh Aparxhn Apasan Apasin Apataij Apatatw Apath Apathj Apathqeisa Apatwn Apatwr Apaugasma Apaxqhnai Apebhsan Apeblepen Apedecato Apedeicen Apedexeto Apedexqhsan Apedhmhsen Apedidoun Apedokimasan Apedokimasqh Apedonto Apedosqe Apedoto Apedwken Apefqegcato Apeilaj Apeilh Apeilhj Apeilhn Apeilhswmeqa Apeimi Apeipameqa Apeiqeia Apeiqeiaj Apeiqeian Apeiqeij Apeiqhj Apeiqhsasin Apeiqounta Apeiqountej Apeiqountwn Apeiqousin Apeiqwn Apeirastoj Apeiroj Apekalufqh Apekaluyaj Apekaluyen Apekdexetai Apekdexomenoi Apekdexomenoij Apekdexomenouj Apekdexomeqa Apekdusamenoi Apekdusamenoj Apekdusei Apekefalisa Apekefalisen Apekoyan Apekoyen Apekrinato Apekriqh Apekriqhj Apekriqhn Apekriqhsan Apekruyaj Apekruyen Apektanqh Apektanqhsan Apekteinan Apekteinate Apekteinen Apekuhsen Apekulisen Apelabej Apelaben Apelegmon Apeleixon Apeleuqeroj Apeleusomai Apeleusomeqa Apeleusontai Apelhluqeisan Apelhluqen Apelipon Apellhn Apelogeito Apelousasqe Apelpizontej Apelqein Apelqhte Apelqontej Apelqonti Apelqontwn Apelqousa Apelqousai Apelqw Apelqwn Apelqwsin Apeluen Apeluonto Apeluqhsan Apelusan Apelusen Apenanti Apenegkein Apenexqhnai Apeniyato Apepeson Apeplanhqhsan Apepleusan Apeplunan Apepnican Apepnigh Apeqanen Apeqanete Apeqanomen Apeqanon Apeqento Apeqnhsken Aperantoij Aperispastwj Aperitmhtoi Aperxh Aperxomenwn Apespasen Apespasqh Apestalh Apestalhn Apestalka Apestalkamen Apestalkasin Apestalkate Apestalken Apestalmai Apestalmena Apestalmenoi Apestalmenoj Apestalmenouj Apestegasan Apesteila Apesteilaj Apesteilan Apesteilen Apesterhmenoj Apesterhmenwn Apesth Apesthsan Apesthsen Apestrafhsan Apestreyen Apetacato Apexei Apexesqai Apexesqe Apexete Apexhj Apexontoj Apexousan Apexousin Apexw Apexwrisqh Apfia Aphesan Aphgagen Aphgagon Aphgcato Aphggeilan Aphggeilen Aphggelh Aphggellon Aphlasen Aphlghkotej Aphllaxqai Aphllotriwmenoi Aphllotriwmenouj Aphlqen Aphlqon Aphnegkan Aphnegken Aphnthsan Aphnthsen Apidw Apisthsaj Apistia Apistiaj Apistian Apistoi Apistoij Apistoj Apiston Apistou Apistoumen Apistountwn Apistwn Aplothta Aplothti Aplothtoj Aplouj Aplwj Apo Apobalhte Apobalwn Apobantej Apobhsetai Apoblhton Apobolh Apodecamenoi Apodecasqai Apodedeigmenon Apodedokimasmenon Apodeicai Apodeicei Apodeiknunta Apodekatoun Apodekatoute Apodekatw Apodekton Apodexomeqa Apodhmoj Apodhmwn Apodidonai Apodidontej Apodidotw Apodidoun Apodidwmi Apodidwsin Apodiorizontej Apodoj Apodokimasqhnai Apodoqhnai Apodote Apodouj Apodounai Apodoxhj Apodw Apodwh Apodwj Apodwsei Apodwseij Apodwsontej Apodwsousin Apodwsw Apofortizomenon Apofqeggesqai Apofqeggomai Apofugontaj Apofugontej Apogegrammenwn Apogenomenoi Apografesqai Apografh Apografhj Apograyasqai Apokalufqh Apokalufqhnai Apokalufqhsetai Apokalufqwsin Apokaluptesqai Apokaluptetai Apokaluyai Apokaluyei Apokaluyeij Apokaluyewj Apokaluyewn Apokaluyij Apokaluyin Apokaqista Apokaqistaneij Apokaradokia Apokaradokian Apokatallacai Apokatallach Apokatastaqw Apokatastasewj Apokatasthsei Apokatestaqh Apokathllacen Apokeimenhn Apokeitai Apokekrummenhn Apokekrummenon Apokekrummenou Apokekulismenon Apokekulistai Apokleish Apokoyon Apokoyontai Apokrima Apokrinesqai Apokrinetai Apokrinh Apokriqeij Apokriqeisa Apokriqen Apokriqentej Apokriqhnai Apokriqhsetai Apokriqhsontai Apokriqhte Apokriqwsin Apokrisei Apokrisesin Apokrisin Apokrufoi Apokrufon Apoktanqeij Apoktanqhnai Apoktanqwsin Apokteinai Apokteinaj Apokteinantwn Apokteinei Apokteinesqai Apokteinontej Apokteinontwn Apokteinousa Apokteinwmen Apokteinwsin Apoktenei Apokteneite Apoktenousin Apoktenw Apokuei Apokulisei Apolabein Apolabh Apolabomenoj Apolabwmen Apolabwsin Apolambanein Apolambanomen Apolambanontej Apolausin Apoleipetai Apoleisqe Apoleitai Apolelumenhn Apolelumenon Apolelusai Apolelusqai Apolesai Apolesaj Apolesei Apolesh Apolesousin Apolesqai Apolesw Apoleswmen Apoleswsin Apolhtai Apolhyesqe Apolipontaj Apollue Apollumai Apollumenhn Apollumenoi Apollumenoij Apollumenou Apollumeqa Apolluwn Apollw Apollwj Apollwnian Apologeisqai Apologhqhnai Apologhshsqe Apologia Apologiaj Apologian Apologoumai Apologoumenou Apologoumenwn Apologoumeqa Apolomenou Apolountai Apolousai Apolueij Apoluein Apoluete Apoluqentej Apoluqhsesqe Apoluqhte Apolusai Apolusaj Apolush Apolushj Apolushte Apoluson Apolusw Apolutrwsewj Apolutrwsij Apolutrwsin Apoluwn Apolw Apolwloj Apolwlota Apolwlwj Apolwntai Apomassomeqa Aponemontej Apontej Apoplanan Apoplein Apopleusantej Apoqanein Apoqaneisqe Apoqaneitai Apoqanh Apoqanonta Apoqanonti Apoqanontoj Apoqanwmen Apoqanwn Apoqemenoi Apoqesij Apoqesqai Apoqesqe Apoqhkaj Apoqhkh Apoqhkhn Apoqhsaurizontaj Apoqlibousin Apoqnhskei Apoqnhskein Apoqnhskomen Apoqnhskontej Apoqnhskousin Apoqnhskw Apoqnhskwmen Apoqnhskwn Apoqwmeqa Aporfanisqentej Aporia Aporoumai Aporoumenoi Aporoumenoj Aporriyantaj Aposkeuasamenoi Aposkiasma Apospan Apospasqentaj Apostaj Apostalenti Apostalwsin Apostanta Apostasia Apostasian Apostasion Apostasiou Aposteilai Aposteilaj Aposteilanta Aposteilantej Aposteilh Aposteilon Apostelei Apostellei Apostellein Apostellh Apostellomena Apostellousin Apostellw Apostelw Apostereisqe Apostereite Aposterhshj Aposth Aposthnai Aposthsontai Aposthte Aposthtw Apostolhj Apostolhn Apostoloi Apostoloij Apostoloj Apostolon Apostolou Apostolouj Apostolwn Apostomatizein Apostrafhj Apostrefein Apostrefomenoi Apostrefomenwn Apostrefonta Apostreyei Apostreyon Apostreyousin Apostugountej Aposunagwgoi Aposunagwgoj Aposunagwgouj Apotacamenoj Apotacasqai Apotassetai Apotelesqeisa Apotinacaj Apotinacate Apotisw Apotolma Apotomian Apotomwj Apotrepou Apousia Apoxrhsei Apoxwrei Apoxwreite Apoxwrhsaj Apoxwrisqhnai Apoyuxontwn Appiou Aprositon Aproskopoi Aproskopon Aproswpolhptwj Aptaistouj Aptei Aptesqai Aptesqe Aptetai Apthtai Aptou Apwleia Apwleiaij Apwleiaj Apwleian Apwlesa Apwlesen Apwleto Apwlonto Apwn Apwqeisqe Apwsamenoi Apwsanto Apwsato Aqa Aqanasian Aqemitoij Aqemiton Aqeoi Aqesmwn Aqetei Aqeteite Aqethsai Aqethsaj Aqethsij Aqethsin Aqethsw Aqetousin Aqetw Aqetwn Aqhnaij Aqhnaioi Aqhnwn Aqlh Aqlhsh Aqlhsin Aqumwsin Aqwoj Aqwon Ara Arabej Arabia Arabian Arage Arai Araj Aram Arantej Arate Aratw Arcamenoi Arcamenoj Arcamenon Arcamenou Arcasqai Arcesqe Arch Archsqe Archtai Arcontai Arcwntai Areion Areiou Areopagithj Aresai Aresashj Aresei Aresh Areskeian Areskein Aresketw Areskontej Areskontwn Areskw Aresta Areston Areta Aretaj Areth Arethj Arethn Arfacad Argai Argei Argoi Argon Argouj Argura Arguria Argurion Arguriou Arguriw Arguroj Argurokopoj Arguron Argurou Argurouj Argurw Arh Arhj Arimaqaiaj Ariqmhsai Ariqmoj Ariqmon Ariqmou Ariqmw Aristarxoj Aristarxon Aristarxou Aristera Aristerwn Aristhsate Aristhsh Aristoboulou Ariston Aristou Arkei Arkeisqe Arkesh Arkesqhsomeqa Arketoj Arketon Arkoumenoi Arkoumenoj Arkousin Arktou Arma Armageddwn Armati Armatoj Armatwn Armwn Arnaj Arnhsamenoi Arnhsamenoj Arnhsasqai Arnhsetai Arnhshtai Arnhsomai Arnia Arnion Arniou Arniw Arnoumenoi Arnoumenoj Arnoumenwn Arnoumeqa Arnountai Aron Arotrian Arotriwn Arotriwnta Arotron Arousin Arpac Arpacin Arpagej Arpagenta Arpaghj Arpaghn Arpaghsomeqa Arpagmon Arpasai Arpasei Arpazei Arpazein Arpazontej Arpazousin Arqhsetai Arqhti Arqhtw Arqwsin Arrabwn Arrabwna Arrafoj Arrena Arrhta Arrwstoi Arrwstoij Arrwstouj Arsen Arsenej Arsenokoitai Arsenokoitaij Arsesin Arteman Artemidoj Artemij Artemona Arti Artigennhta Artioj Artoi Artoij Artoj Arton Artou Artouj Artuqhsetai Artusete Artw Artwn Arw Arwj Arwmata Arwmatwn Arxaggeloj Arxaggelou Arxai Arxaia Arxaij Arxaioij Arxaioj Arxaion Arxaiou Arxaiw Arxaiwn Arxaj Arxein Arxelaoj Arxh Arxhgon Arxhj Arxhn Arxieratikou Arxierea Arxierei Arxiereij Arxiereuj Arxiereusin Arxierewj Arxierewn Arxipoimenoj Arxippw Arxisunagwgoi Arxisunagwgoj Arxisunagwgon Arxisunagwgou Arxisunagwgw Arxisunagwgwn Arxitektwn Arxitelwnhj Arxitriklinoj Arxitriklinw Arxomenoj Arxomenwn Arxomeqa Arxonta Arxontaj Arxontej Arxonti Arxontoj Arxontwn Arxousin Arxwn Asa Asaleutoj Asaleuton Asbeston Asbestw Asebeiaj Asebeian Asebeij Asebein Asebeiwn Asebesin Asebh Asebhj Asebwn Aselgeia Aselgeiaij Aselgeian Asfaleia Asfaleian Asfalej Asfalh Asfalisasqe Asfalisqhnai Asfalwj Ashmou Ashr Asia Asiaj Asian Asianoi Asiarxwn Asitiaj Asitoi Askoi Askouj Askw Asmenwj Asofoi Aspasai Aspasamenoi Aspasamenoj Aspasasqe Aspashsqe Aspasmoj Aspasmon Aspasmou Aspasmouj Aspasomenoi Aspazesqai Aspazetai Aspazomai Aspazontai Aspazou Aspidwn Aspiloi Aspilon Aspilou Aspondoi Aspondouj Asqenei Asqeneia Asqeneiaij Asqeneiaj Asqeneian Asqeneij Asqeneiwn Asqenej Asqenesin Asqenestera Asqenesterw Asqenh Asqenhj Asqenhmata Asqenhsaj Asqenhsasan Asqenouj Asqenoumen Asqenounta Asqenountaj Asqenountwn Asqenousan Asqenousin Asqenw Asqenwmen Asqenwn Assariou Assariwn Asson Astatoumen Asteioj Asteion Astera Asteraj Asterej Asteroj Asterwn Asthr Asthriktoi Asthriktouj Astorgoi Astorgouj Astoxhsantej Astra Astrapai Astraph Astraphn Astraptousa Astraptousaij Astroij Astron Astrwn Asugkriton Asumfwnoi Asunetoi Asunetoj Asunetouj Asunetw Asunqetouj Aswtia Aswtiaj Aswtwj Asxhmona Asxhmonei Asxhmonein Asxhmosunhn Ataktouj Ataktwj Ateknoj Atenisai Atenisaj Atenisantej Atenisasa Atenizete Atenizontej Ater Atimasantej Atimasqhnai Atimazeij Atimazesqai Atimazete Atimia Atimiaj Atimian Atimoi Atimoj Atimotera Atina Atmida Atmij Atomw Atopon Atopwn Attaleian Aucanei Aucanein Aucanete Aucanomenhj Aucanomenoi Aucanonta Aucanwn Aucei Auchqh Auchqhte Auchsai Auchsin Auchswmen Augasai Aughj Augoustou Aulh Aulhj Aulhn Aulhtaj Aulhtwn Auloj Auloumenon Auqadeij Auqadh Auqairetoi Auqairetoj Auqentein Aurion Austhroj Auta Autai Autaij Autaj Autarkeiaj Autarkeian Autarkhj Auth Authj Authn Auto Autoi Autoij Autoj Autokatakritoj Automath Auton Autoptai Autou Autouj Autoxeirej Autw Autwn Auxmhrw Axaia Axaiaj Axaian Axaikou Axaristoi Axaristouj Axaz Axeim Axeiropoihton Axeiropoihtw Axluj Axqhnai Axqhsesqe Axreioi Axreion Axrhston Axri Axrij Axuron Ayaj Ayamenoj Ayantwn Ayeudhj Ayh Ayhtai Ayinqoj Ayinqon Ayuxa Aywmai Aywntai Azuma Azumoi Azumoij Azumwn Azwr Azwton Baal Babulwn Babulwni Babulwnoj Baia Balaam Balak Balantia Balantion Balantiou Bale Balein Balete Baletw Balh Balhte Ballei Balletai Ballh Ballomen Ballomena Ballomenon Ballontaj Ballontej Ballontwn Ballousan Ballousin Ballw Balontwn Balousa Balousin Balw Balwsin Baptisai Baptisei Baptisma Baptismati Baptismatoj Baptismoij Baptismouj Baptismwn Baptisqeij Baptisqentej Baptisqentoj Baptisqhnai Baptisqhsesqe Baptisqhtw Baptisthj Baptisthn Baptistou Baptiswntai Baptizei Baptizeij Baptizein Baptizomai Baptizomenoi Baptizontai Baptizontej Baptizw Baptizwn Baqei Baqeoj Baqh Baqmon Baqoj Baqouj Baqu Bar Barabbaj Barabban Barak Baraxiou Barbaroi Barbaroij Barbaroj Barea Barei Bareiai Bareij Bareisqw Barewj Barh Barihsouj Barnaba Barnabaj Barnaban Baroj Baroumenoi Barqolomaioj Barqolomaion Barsaban Bartimaioj Barunqwsin Barutera Barutimou Basanisai Basanishj Basanismoj Basanismon Basanismou Basanisqhsetai Basanisqhsontai Basanisqwsin Basanistaij Basanizomenh Basanizomenoj Basanizomenon Basanizomenouj Basanoij Basanou Baseij Basilea Basilei Basileia Basileiai Basileiaj Basileian Basileij Basileioij Basileion Basileu Basileuei Basileuein Basileuetw Basileuj Basileuontwn Basileusai Basileusei Basileush Basileusin Basileusomen Basileusousin Basilewj Basilewn Basilikhj Basilikhn Basilikoj Basilikon Basilissa Basilisshj Bastasai Bastasasa Bastasasin Bastasei Bastazei Bastazeij Bastazein Bastazesqai Bastazete Bastazontej Bastazontoj Bastazw Bastazwn Batou Batouj Batraxoij Battologhshte Batw Bayaj Bayh Bdelugma Bdelugmatwn Bdeluktoi Bdelussomenoj Bebaia Bebaian Bebaioj Bebaioteron Bebaioumenoi Bebaiountoj Bebaiousqai Bebaiwn Bebaiwsai Bebaiwsei Bebaiwsin Bebammenon Bebaptismenoi Bebarhmenoi Bebhloij Bebhloj Bebhlouj Bebhlousin Bebhlwsai Beblhken Beblhkotoj Beblhmenhn Beblhmenoj Beblhmenon Beblhtai Bebrwkosin Beelzeboub Beelzeboul Belh Belial Beltion Beniamin Bernikh Bernikhj Beroia Beroiaioj Beroian Bhma Bhmati Bhmatoj Bhqabara Bhqania Bhqaniaj Bhqanian Bhqesda Bhqfagh Bhqleem Bhqsaida Bhrulloj Biaiaj Biaj Bian Biastai Biazetai Biblaridion Biblia Biblioij Biblion Bibliou Bibliw Bibloj Biblou Biblouj Biblw Bion Biou Biquniaj Biqunian Biwsai Biwsin Biwtij Biwtika Blaberaj Blasfhma Blasfhmei Blasfhmeij Blasfhmein Blasfhmeisqw Blasfhmeitai Blasfhmhqhsetai Blasfhmhsai Blasfhmhsanti Blasfhmhsh Blasfhmhswsin Blasfhmhtai Blasfhmia Blasfhmiai Blasfhmiaj Blasfhmian Blasfhmoi Blasfhmon Blasfhmoumai Blasfhmoumenoi Blasfhmoumeqa Blasfhmountaj Blasfhmountej Blasfhmountwn Blasfhmousin Blastanh Blasthsasa Blaston Blayan Blayei Blemmati Blepe Blepei Blepeij Blepein Blepete Blepetw Bleph Blephj Blepomen Blepomena Blepomenh Blepomenwn Bleponta Blepontaj Blepontej Blepontwn Blepousin Blepw Blepwn Blepwsin Bleyete Bleyon Bleyousin Blhqeish Blhqh Blhqhnai Blhqhsetai Blhqhsh Blhqhti Blhteon Boai Boaj Boanergej Bohqei Bohqeiaij Bohqeian Bohqeite Bohqhsai Bohqhson Bohqoj Bohson Bolhn Bolidi Bolisantej Booz Boqunon Borborou Borra Boske Boskein Boskomenh Boskomenwn Boskontej Bosor Botanhn Botruaj Bouj Boulaj Boulei Boulesqe Bouletai Bouleuetai Bouleuomai Bouleuomenoj Bouleuthj Boulh Boulhj Boulhmati Boulhmatoj Boulhn Boulhqeij Boulhqh Boulhtai Bouloito Boulomai Boulomenoi Boulomenoj Boulomenou Boulomenouj Boulomeqa Boun Bounoij Bounoj Bown Bownta Bowntej Bowntoj Bowntwn Brabeion Brabeuetw Bradeij Braduj Bradunei Bradunw Braduploountej Braduthta Braxewn Braxioni Braxionoj Braxiwn Braxu Brecai Brefh Brefoj Brefouj Brexei Brexein Brexh Brontai Bronthj Bronthn Brontwn Broxh Broxon Bruei Brugmoj Brwma Brwmasin Brwmata Brwmati Brwmatoj Brwmatwn Brwsei Brwsewj Brwsij Brwsimon Brwsin Buqizesqai Buqizousin Buqw Bursei Bursewj Bussinon Busson Bussou Bwmon Cenaij Cenian Cenisantej Cenisqwmen Cenizesqe Cenizetai Cenizonta Cenizontai Cenoi Cenoij Cenoj Cenon Cenou Cenouj Cenwn Cestwn Chra Chrainetai Chraj Chran Chrw Chrwn Cula Culina Culon Culou Culw Culwn Curasqai Curhswntai D Dabid Daimonej Daimonia Daimonioij Daimonion Daimoniou Daimonisqeij Daimoniwdhj Daimoniwn Daimonizetai Daimonizomenoi Daimonizomenoj Daimonizomenon Daimonizomenou Daimonizomenouj Daimonizomenw Daimonizomenwn Daimonoj Daimonwn Daknete Dakruon Dakrusin Dakruwn Daktulion Daktulon Daktulou Daktulouj Daktulw Daktulwn Dalmanouqa Dalmatian Damalewj Damarij Damasai Damaskhnwn Damaskon Damaskw Damazetai Daneion Daneisasqai Daneisth Daneizete Daneizhte Daneizousin Danihl Dapanhn Dapanhsantoj Dapanhsasa Dapanhshte Dapanhson Dapanhsw Darhsesqe Darhsetai De Decai Decamenh Decamenoi Decamenoj Decasqai Decasqe Dechtai Decia Deciaj Decian Decioij Decioj Deciolabouj Decion Deciwn Decwntai Dedamastai Dedekatwken Dedekatwtai Dedektai Dedekwj Dedemai Dedemena Dedemenhn Dedemenoj Dedemenon Dedemenouj Dedesai Dedesqai Dedetai Dediwgmenoi Dediwmai Dediwmenoj Dediwtai Dedocasmai Dedocasmenh Dedocasmenon Dedocastai Dedokimasmeqa Dedomenhn Dedomenon Dedotai Dedouleukamen Dedoulwmenaj Dedoulwmenoi Dedoulwtai Dedwka Dedwkaj Dedwkei Dedwkeisan Dedwken Dedwrhmenhj Dedwrhtai Deh Dehqentwn Dehqhte Dehqhti Dehsei Dehseij Dehsesin Dehsewj Dehsij Dehsin Dei Deicai Deicatw Deicei Deicon Deicw Deigma Deiknueij Deiknuein Deiknumi Deiknuontoj Deiknusin Deiliaj Deiliatw Deiloi Deiloij Dein Deina Deinwj Deipnhsai Deipnhsw Deipnoij Deipnon Deipnou Deipnw Deirantej Deisidaimonesterouj Deisidaimoniaj Deixqenta Deka Dekaduo Dekapente Dekapolei Dekapolewj Dekataj Dekatessarej Dekatessarwn Dekath Dekathn Dekatoj Dekaton Dekthn Dektoj Dekton Dektw Deleazomenoj Deleazontej Deleazousin Dendra Dendron Dendrwn Deomai Deomenoi Deomenoj Deomeqa Deon Deonta Deqhnai Derbaioj Derbhn Derei Dereij Dermasin Dermatinhn Derontej Derwn Desma Desmaj Desmeuousin Desmeuwn Desmioi Desmioj Desmion Desmiouj Desmiwn Desmofulac Desmofulaki Desmoij Desmoj Desmou Desmouj Desmwn Desmwtaj Desmwthrion Desmwthriou Desmwthriw Despota Despotaij Despotaj Despoth Despothj Despothn Deuro Deute Deutera Deuteraioi Deuteraj Deuteran Deuteroj Deuteron Deuteroprwtw Deuterou Deuterw Dexetai Dexomenoj Dexontai Dexwntai Dh Dhloi Dhlon Dhlountoj Dhlwsaj Dhlwsei Dhmaj Dhmhtrioj Dhmhtriw Dhmiourgoj Dhmoj Dhmon Dhmosia Dhmw Dhnaria Dhnarion Dhnariou Dhnariwn Dhpote Dhpou Dhsai Dhsaj Dhsantej Dhsate Dhsh Dhshj Dhshte Dhsousin Di Dia Diabaj Diabebaiountai Diabebaiousqai Diabhnai Diableyeij Diaboloi Diaboloj Diabolon Diabolou Diabolouj Diabolw Diadecamenoi Diadhmata Diadidwsin Diadidwsousin Diadoj Diadoxon Diafanhj Diaferei Diaferete Diaferomenwn Diaferonta Diafhmizein Diafora Diaforoij Diaforwteraj Diaforwteron Diafqeirai Diafqeirei Diafqeiretai Diafqeirontaj Diafqoran Diafugoi Diafulacai Diagenomenou Diagenomenwn Diaggelh Diaggelle Diaggellwn Diaginwskein Diagnwsin Diagnwsomai Diagontej Diagrhgorhsantej Diagwmen Diai Diaireseij Diairoun Diaj Diakaqariei Diakathlegxeto Diakonei Diakonein Diakoneitwsan Diakonh Diakonhqeisa Diakonhqhnai Diakonhsai Diakonhsantej Diakonhsei Diakonia Diakoniaj Diakonian Diakoniwn Diakonoi Diakonoij Diakonoj Diakonon Diakonouj Diakonoumenh Diakonountej Diakonountwn Diakonousai Diakonwn Diakosiai Diakosiaj Diakosiouj Diakosiwn Diakousomai Diakrinai Diakrinei Diakrinein Diakrinetwsan Diakrinomenoi Diakrinomenoj Diakrinomenon Diakrinwn Diakriqh Diakriqhte Diakriseij Diakrisin Dialegetai Dialegomenoj Dialegomenon Dialegomenou Dialektw Diallaghqi Dialogismoi Dialogismoij Dialogismoj Dialogismon Dialogismou Dialogismouj Dialogismwn Dialogizesqai Dialogizesqe Dialogizomenoi Dialogizomenwn Dialogizontai Diamarturamenoi Diamarturasqai Diamarturetai Diamarturhtai Diamarturomai Diamarturomenoj Diameinh Diamemenhkotej Diamemerismenoi Diamenei Diameneij Diamerisate Diamerismon Diamerisqeisa Diamerisqhsetai Diamerizomenai Diamerizomenoi Dian Dianemhqh Dianeuwn Dianohmata Dianoia Dianoiaj Dianoian Dianoigon Dianoigwn Dianoiwn Dianoixqhti Dianuktereuwn Dianusantej Diapantoj Diaperasantej Diaperasantoj Diaperwn Diaperwsin Diapleusantej Diaponhqeij Diaponoumenoi Diaporeisqai Diaporeuesqai Diaporeuomenoj Diaporeuomenou Diaqemenoj Diaqemenou Diaqh Diaqhkh Diaqhkhj Diaqhkhn Diaqhkwn Diaqhsomai Diarpasai Diarpasei Diarrhcaj Diarrhcantej Diarrhsswn Diaseishte Diaskorpisqhsetai Diaskorpizwn Diasparentej Diaspasqh Diaspora Diasporaj Diasporan Diastashj Diastellomenon Diasthma Diasthsantej Diastolh Diastolhn Diastrefonta Diastrefwn Diastreyai Diaswqenta Diaswqentej Diaswqhnai Diaswsai Diaswsh Diaswswsin Diatacamenoj Diatacomai Diatagaj Diatageij Diatagh Diatagma Diatassomai Diatasswn Diataxqenta Diateleite Diatetagmenoj Diatetagmenon Diatetaxenai Diathrountej Diati Diatiqemai Diatribontej Diatriyaj Diatrofaj Diaugash Diaxeirisasqai Diaxwrizesqai Didacai Didacei Didach Didacon Didacwsin Didaktikon Didaktoi Didaktoij Didaskale Didaskalia Didaskaliaij Didaskaliaj Didaskalian Didaskaloi Didaskaloj Didaskalon Didaskalouj Didaskalwn Didaske Didaskei Didaskeij Didaskein Didaskh Didaskontej Didaskonti Didaskontoj Didaskw Didaskwn Didaxaij Didaxh Didaxhj Didaxhn Didomenon Didonai Didonta Didontej Didonti Didontoj Didotai Didote Didou Didouj Didraxma Didumoj Didwmi Didwsin Die Diebhsan Dieblhqh Diecodouj Diedidoto Diedwken Diefereto Diefhmisan Diefhmisqh Diefqarh Diefqarmenwn Diegeirein Diegeirousin Diegeirw Diegerqeij Diegnwrisan Diegogguzon Dieilen Diekrinen Diekrinomen Diekrinonto Diekriqh Diekriqhte Diekwluen Dielaleito Dielaloun Dielegeto Dieleusetai Dielexqh Dielexqhsan Dielhluqota Dielipen Dielogizesqe Dielogizeto Dielogizonto Dielqein Dielqonta Dielqontej Dielqw Dielqwmen Dielqwn Dieluqhsan Diemarturameqa Diemarturato Diemartureto Diemarturw Diemaxonto Diemenen Diemerisanto Diemerisqh Diemerizon Dienegkh Dieperasen Dieporeueto Dieporeuonto Diepragmateusato Dieprionto Dieqeto Diermhneuetw Diermhneuh Diermhneuomenh Diermhneuousin Diermhneuthj Dierrhcen Dierrhgnuto Dierwthsantej Dierxesqai Dierxetai Dierxomai Dierxomenoj Dierxomenon Diesafhsan Dieskorpisa Dieskorpisaj Dieskorpisen Dieskorpismena Dieskorpisqhsan Diesparhsan Diespasqai Diesteilameqa Diesteilato Diestelleto Diesth Diestrammena Diestrammenh Diestrammenhj Dieswqhsan Dietaca Dietacamhn Dietacato Dietacen Dietaraxqh Diethrei Dietiaj Dietian Dietouj Dietriben Dietribon Dietriyamen Dietriyan Diexeirisasqe Diezwsato Diezwsen Diezwsmenoj Dihgeiran Dihgeireto Dihghsanto Dihghsato Dihghsetai Dihghsin Dihghswntai Dihgou Dihgoumenon Dihkonei Dihkonhsamen Dihkonhsen Dihkonoun Dihlqen Dihlqon Dihnekej Dihnoicen Dihnoigen Dihnoixqhsan Dihporei Dihporoun Dihrmhneuen Dihrxeto Dihrxonto Diiknoumenoj Diisxurizeto Dij Dikasthn Dikh Dikhn Diktua Diktuon Dilogouj Dio Diodeusantej Dioi Dioij Dioj Diokrisiaj Dion Dionusioj Dioper Diopetouj Diorqwsewj Diorughnai Diorussousin Dioskouroij Diosunh Diosunhj Diosunhn Dioti Diotrefhj Diou Diouj Dioumenoi Dioun Diounta Diountej Diousqai Diousqe Dioutai Dipla Diplhj Diploteron Diploun Diplwsate Diqalasson Distomoj Distomon Disxilioi Diulizontej Diw Diwcatw Diwcete Diwchte Diwcousin Diwcwsin Diwdeuen Diwgmoij Diwgmoj Diwgmon Diwgmou Diwgmouj Diwgmwn Diwj Diwke Diwkeij Diwkete Diwkomai Diwkomenoi Diwkonta Diwkontaj Diwkontej Diwkontwn Diwkthn Diwkw Diwkwmen Diwkwn Diwkwntai Diwkwsin Diwma Diwmasin Diwmata Diwmatoj Diwn Diwqentej Diwqhj Diwqhnai Diwqhsetai Diwqhsh Diwqhsontai Diwqhtw Diwqwmen Diwsei Diwsin Diwxqhsontai Dixasai Dixostasiai Dixostasiaj Dixotomhsei Diya Diyei Diyhsei Diyhsh Diyhsousin Diyuxoi Diyuxoj Diyw Diywmen Diywn Diywnta Diywntej Diywnti Doca Docaj Docan Docantej Docasai Docasate Docasei Docash Docason Docasqh Docasqwsin Docasw Docaswsin Docazein Docazetai Docazetw Docazhtai Docazhte Docazomenoj Docazontej Docazw Docazwn Doch Dochj Dochte Docw Dogma Dogmasin Dogmata Dogmatizesqe Dogmatwn Doj Dokei Dokeij Dokein Dokeite Dokh Dokimasai Dokimasei Dokimashte Dokimazei Dokimazeij Dokimazein Dokimazesqwsan Dokimazete Dokimazetw Dokimazomenou Dokimazontej Dokimazonti Dokimazwn Dokimh Dokimhj Dokimhn Dokimion Dokimoi Dokimoj Dokimon Dokoj Dokon Dokoumen Dokoun Dokounta Dokountej Dokountwn Dokousa Dokousin Dokw Dokwn Dolioi Doloj Dolon Dolou Dolountej Dolw Doma Domata Donta Dontoj Doqeih Doqeisa Doqeisan Doqeish Doqeishj Doqentoj Doqh Doqhnai Doqhsetai Dorkaj Dosewj Dosij Dote Dothn Dotw Douj Doula Doulagwgw Doulaj Doule Douleiaj Douleian Douleuei Douleuein Douleuete Douleuetwsan Douleuontej Douleuousin Douleusei Douleuswsin Douleuw Douleuwn Doulh Doulhj Douloi Douloij Douloj Doulon Doulou Doulouj Doulw Doulwn Doulwqentej Doulwsousin Dounai Doxhn Drakonta Drakontoj Drakwn Dramwn Drassomenoj Draxmaj Draxmhn Drepanon Dromon Drousillh Dunaimhn Dunainto Dunamai Dunamei Dunameij Dunamena Dunamenai Dunamenh Dunamenoi Dunamenoj Dunamenon Dunamenou Dunamenouj Dunamenw Dunamenwn Dunameqa Dunamesin Dunamewj Dunamewn Dunamij Dunamin Dunamoumenoi Dunantai Dunasai Dunasqai Dunasqe Dunastaj Dunasthj Dunata Dunatai Dunatei Dunatoi Dunatoj Dunaton Dunh Dunhqhte Dunhsesqe Dunhsetai Dunhsh Dunhsomeqa Dunhsontai Dunhtai Dunontoj Dunwntai Duo Dusbastakta Dusenteria Dusermhneutoj Dusfhmiaj Dusi Dusin Duskolon Duskolwj Dusmwn Dusnohta Dw Dwdeka Dwdekafulon Dwdekatoj Dwh Dwj Dwma Dwmatoj Dwmatwn Dwmen Dwra Dwrea Dwreaj Dwrean Dwrhma Dwroij Dwron Dwrw Dwsei Dwseij Dwsh Dwsin Dwsousin Dwsw Dwte Ea Eaj Ean Eanper Easantej Easate Easei Eate Eautaij Eautaj Eauth Eauthj Eauthn Eauto Eautoij Eauton Eautou Eautouj Eautw Eautwn Ebalen Eballon Ebalon Ebaptisa Ebaptisanto Ebaptisen Ebaptisqh Ebaptisqhmen Ebaptisqhsan Ebaptisqhte Ebaptizen Ebaptizonto Ebaqunen Ebarhqhmen Ebasanisan Ebasanizen Ebasileusaj Ebasileusan Ebasileusate Ebasileusen Ebaskanen Ebastasaj Ebastasan Ebastasen Ebastazen Ebastazeto Ebdelugmenoij Ebdomh Ebdomhj Ebdomhkonta Ebdomhkontaec Ebdomhkontakij Ebdomhn Ebdomoj Ebdomou Ebebaiwqh Ebeblhto Eber Eblasfhmei Eblasfhmhsan Eblasfhmhsen Eblasfhmoun Eblasthsen Eblepen Eblepon Ebleya Eblhqh Eblhqhsan Ebohqhsa Ebohqhsen Ebohsen Ebouleuonto Ebouleusanto Ebouleusato Eboulhqh Eboulomhn Eboulonto Ebown Ebraidi Ebraikoij Ebraioi Ebraioj Ebraiouj Ebraisti Ebraiwn Ebrecen Ebruxon Ec Ecagagein Ecagagetwsan Ecagagontej Ecagagwn Ecagei Ecaggeilhte Ecagorash Ecagorazomenoi Ecagousin Ecaifnhj Ecairoumenoj Ecakolouqhsantej Ecakolouqhsousin Ecakosiwn Ecaleifqhnai Ecaleiyaj Ecaleiyei Ecaleiyw Ecallomenoj Ecanastasin Ecanasthsh Ecanesthsan Ecaneteilen Ecapatatw Ecapathsh Ecapatwsin Ecapesteilan Ecapesteilen Ecapina Ecaporhqhnai Ecaporoumenoi Ecapostelw Ecareite Ecarqh Ecartisai Ecastraptwn Ecauthj Ecebalen Eceballon Ecebalomen Ecebalon Eceblhqh Ecedexeto Ecedikhsen Ecedoto Ecedusan Ecefugon Ecegamizonto Ecegerei Ecei Eceij Eceileto Eceilomhn Ecekauqhsan Ecekenthsan Eceklasqhsan Ecekleisqh Eceklinan Ecekomizeto Ecekophj Ecekremato Ecele Ecelecamhn Ecelecanto Ecelecasqe Ecelecato Ecelecw Ecelegcai Ecelegonto Ecelesqai Eceleusetai Eceleusontai Ecelhluqa Ecelhluqasin Ecelhluqate Ecelhluqei Ecelhluqen Ecelhluqoj Ecelhluqotaj Ecelhtai Ecelkomenoj Ecelqe Ecelqein Ecelqete Ecelqh Ecelqhj Ecelqhte Ecelqonta Ecelqontej Ecelqonti Ecelqontoj Ecelqontwn Ecelqousa Ecelqousai Ecelqousan Ecelqwn Ecemacen Ecemassen Ecemukthrizon Ecenegkantej Ecenegkate Ecenegkein Eceneusen Ecenisen Ecenodoxhsen Ecepemyan Ecepesate Ecepesen Ecepeson Ecepetasa Eceplaghsan Eceplei Ecepleusamen Eceplhsseto Eceplhssonto Ecepneusen Eceporeueto Eceptusate Eceqambhqh Eceqambhqhsan Eceqento Ecerama Ecerxesqai Ecerxesqe Ecerxetai Ecerxomenoi Ecerxomenoj Ecerxomenwn Ecerxontai Ecerxwmeqa Ecestakenai Ecesth Ecesthmen Ecesthsan Ecestin Ecestraptai Ecetasai Ecetasate Ecete Eceteinate Eceteinen Ecetiqeto Ecetraphsan Ecexean Ecexeen Ecexeito Ecexuqh Ecexuqhsan Eceyucen Ecezhthsan Echesan Echgagen Echgeira Echgeito Echghsamenoj Echghsato Echgorasen Echgoumenwn Echgounto Echj Echkonta Echlqej Echlqen Echlqete Echlqomen Echlqon Echpathsen Echrammenhn Echranen Echranqh Echrantai Echreunhsan Echrtismenoj Echrxeto Echrxonto Echthsato Echxhtai Ecienai Ecin Eciontwn Ecistanto Ecistasqai Ecistato Ecistwn Ecisxushte Ecodon Ecodou Ecoisousin Ecoloqreuqhsetai Ecomologeisqe Ecomologhsetai Ecomologhshtai Ecomologhsomai Ecomologoumai Ecomologoumenoi Econ Ecorkistwn Ecorkizw Ecorucantej Ecoudenwqh Ecouqeneij Ecouqeneite Ecouqeneitw Ecouqenhmena Ecouqenhmenoj Ecouqenhmenouj Ecouqenhqeij Ecouqenhsaj Ecouqenhsate Ecouqenhsh Ecouqenountaj Ecousia Ecousiai Ecousiaij Ecousiaj Ecousian Ecousiasqhsomai Ecousiazei Ecousiazontej Ecousin Ecousiwn Ecoxhn Ecupnisw Ecupnoj Ecurhmenh Ecw Ecwmologhsen Ecwqen Ecwsai Ecwsen Ecwteron Edafiousin Edafoj Edakrusen Edecameqa Edecanto Edecasqe Edecato Edeeto Edehqh Edehqhn Edei Edeica Edeicen Edeigmatisen Edeiran Edesmeito Edhlou Edhlwqh Edhlwsen Edhmhgorei Edhsan Edhsen Edidaca Edidacaj Edidacan Edidacen Edidasken Edidaskon Edidaxqhn Edidaxqhsan Edidaxqhte Edidou Edidoun Edistasaj Edistasan Ediwca Ediwcan Ediwcen Ediwken Ediwkon Ediwqh Ediwqhte Ediwsan Ediwsen Ediyhsa Edoca Edocan Edocasa Edocasan Edocasen Edocasqh Edocazen Edocazon Edocen Edokei Edokimasamen Edokimasan Edokoun Edoliousan Edoqh Edoqhsan Edouleusate Edouleusen Edoulwqhte Edoulwsa Edraioi Edraioj Edraiwma Edramen Edramon Edu Edunato Edwka Edwkaj Edwkamen Edwkan Edwkate Edwken Edwrhsato Ef Efagen Efagete Efagomen Efagon Efallomenoj Efanerwqh Efanerwqhsan Efanerwsa Efanerwsen Efanh Efanhsan Efapac Efasken Efeisato Eferen Eferomeqa Eferon Eferonto Efesinhj Efesioi Efesion Efesiwn Efeson Efesou Efesthken Efestwj Efestwta Efesw Efeuretaj Effaqa Efh Efhmeriaj Efhmerou Efikesqai Efiknoumenoi Efilei Efimwqh Efimwsen Efistatai Efobeito Efobhqh Efobhqhsan Efoboumhn Efobounto Efoneusate Eforesamen Efqasamen Efqasen Efqeiramen Efqeiren Efracan Efraim Efroneite Efronoun Efrourei Efrouroumeqa Efruacan Efugen Efugon Efulaca Efulacamhn Efulacate Efulacen Efusiwqhsan Efuteuon Efuteusa Efuteusen Efwnei Efwnhsan Efwnhsen Efwtisen Efwtisqh Egamhsen Egamoun Egegonei Egeirai Egeiraj Egeiranta Egeirantoj Egeirei Egeirein Egeiresqe Egeiretai Egeirete Egeirhtai Egeiromai Egeirontai Egeironti Egeirou Egemisan Egemisen Egemisqh Egenesqe Egeneto Egenhqh Egenhqhmen Egenhqhsan Egenhqhte Egennhqh Egennhqhj Egennhqhmen Egennhqhsan Egennhsa Egennhsan Egennhsen Egenomhn Egenonto Egenou Egerei Egereij Egerqeij Egerqenti Egerqh Egerqhnai Egerqhsetai Egerqhsontai Egerqhte Egerqhti Egersin Egerw Egeusasqe Egeusato Eggegrammenh Eggiei Eggisai Eggisaj Eggisantoj Eggisate Eggizei Eggizein Eggizomen Eggizontej Eggizonti Eggizontoj Eggizontwn Eggizousan Eggizousin Egguj Egguoj Egguteron Eghgermenon Eghgertai Eghma Egineto Eginwsken Eginwskon Egkaleisqai Egkaleitwsan Egkalesei Egkaloumai Egkaloumenon Egkaqetouj Egkataleipomenoi Egkataleipontej Egkataleiyeij Egkatalipw Egkatelipej Egkatelipen Egkatelipon Egkatoikwn Egkenistai Egkentrisai Egkentrisqhsontai Egkentrisqw Egklhma Egklhmatoj Egkombwsasqe Egkophn Egkoptw Egkrateia Egkrateiaj Egkrateian Egkrateuetai Egkrateuontai Egkrath Egkrinai Egkuw Egnia Egnw Egnwj Egnwka Egnwkaj Egnwkamen Egnwkan Egnwkate Egnwkeite Egnwken Egnwkotej Egnwn Egnwrisa Egnwrisaj Egnwrisamen Egnwrisen Egnwrisqh Egnwsan Egnwsqh Egnwstai Egoggusan Egogguzon Egrafen Egrafh Egraya Egrayan Egrayate Egrayen Egrhgorhsen Egw Egxrison Ei Eia Eiasan Eiasen Eicamen Eide Eidei Eidej Eiden Eidenai Eidete Eidhj Eidhsousin Eidhte Eidoj Eidomen Eidon Eidosin Eidota Eidotaj Eidotej Eidoti Eidouj Eiduia Eidw Eidwj Eidwla Eidwleiw Eidwlolatrai Eidwlolatraij Eidwlolatreia Eidwlolatreiaij Eidwlolatreiaj Eidwlolatrhj Eidwlon Eidwloquta Eidwloquton Eidwloqutwn Eidwlou Eidwlw Eidwlwn Eidwmen Eige Eih Eihj Eij Eikh Eikona Eikoni Eikonoj Eikosi Eikosin Eikosipente Eikositessarej Eikositreij Eikwn Eileto Eilhfa Eilhfaj Eilhfen Eilhfwj Eilikrineia Eilikrineiaj Eilikrineij Eilikrinh Eilissomenon Eilkon Eilkusan Eilkusen Eimi Einai Eineken Eipa Eipaj Eipate Eipatw Eipatwsan Eipe Eipein Eipen Eiper Eiph Eiphj Eiphte Eipon Eiponta Eipontej Eiponti Eipontoj Eipousa Eipw Eipwj Eipwmen Eipwn Eipwsin Eiqismenon Eirgasameqa Eirgasanto Eirgasato Eirgasmena Eirgazeto Eirhka Eirhkaj Eirhkan Eirhkasin Eirhkate Eirhkei Eirhken Eirhkotoj Eirhmenon Eirhneuete Eirhneuontej Eirhnh Eirhnhj Eirhnhn Eirhnikh Eirhnikon Eirhnopoihsaj Eirhnopoioi Eirhtai Eisagage Eisagagein Eisagagh Eisagesqai Eisakousontai Eisakousqeij Eisakousqhsontai Eisdecomai Eisdramousa Eiseleusesqai Eiseleusetai Eiseleusomai Eiseleusontai Eiselhluqasin Eiselhluqate Eiselqe Eiselqein Eiselqete Eiselqetw Eiselqh Eiselqhj Eiselqhte Eiselqonta Eiselqontej Eiselqonti Eiselqontoj Eiselqontwn Eiselqousa Eiselqousai Eiselqoushj Eiselqwmen Eiselqwn Eiselqwsin Eisenegkein Eisenegkhj Eisenegkwsin Eisephdhsan Eisephdhsen Eiseporeueto Eiserxesqe Eiserxesqwsan Eiserxetai Eiserxhsqe Eiserxomenhn Eiserxomenoi Eiserxomenoj Eiserxomenon Eiserxomenou Eiserxomenouj Eiserxomeqa Eisfereij Eisferetai Eishei Eishgagen Eishgagon Eishkousqh Eishlqej Eishlqen Eishlqete Eishlqomen Eishlqon Eishnegkamen Eisiasin Eisienai Eisin Eiskalesamenoj Eisodoj Eisodon Eisodou Eisporeuetai Eisporeuomenai Eisporeuomenoi Eisporeuomenoj Eisporeuomenon Eisporeuomenouj Eisporeuomenwn Eisporeuontai Eisthkei Eisthkeisan Eita Eite Eiwn Eiwqei Eiwqoj Eixe Eixej Eixen Eixete Eixomen Eixon Ek Ekakwsan Ekakwsen Ekalesa Ekalesan Ekalesen Ekaloun Ekammusan Ekamyan Ekaqarisen Ekaqarisqh Ekaqarisqhsan Ekaqeuden Ekaqeudon Ekaqezeto Ekaqezomhn Ekaqhto Ekaqisa Ekaqisan Ekaqisen Ekarterhsen Ekasth Ekasthn Ekastoij Ekastoj Ekaston Ekastote Ekastou Ekastw Ekaton Ekatontaethj Ekatontaplasiona Ekatontarxh Ekatontarxhj Ekatontarxoj Ekatontarxon Ekatontarxou Ekatontarxouj Ekatontarxw Ekatontarxwn Ekaumatisqh Ekaumatisqhsan Ekbale Ekbalein Ekbalete Ekbalh Ekballei Ekballeij Ekballein Ekballetai Ekballete Ekballh Ekballomenoi Ekballomenouj Ekballonta Ekballousin Ekballw Ekballwn Ekballwsin Ekbalontej Ekbalousa Ekbalousin Ekbalw Ekbalwn Ekbalwsin Ekbasin Ekbeblhkei Ekblhqentoj Ekblhqhsetai Ekblhqhsontai Ekbolhn Ekdapanhqhsomai Ekdexesqe Ekdexetai Ekdexomai Ekdexomenoj Ekdexomenou Ekdexomenwn Ekdhloj Ekdhmhsai Ekdhmoumen Ekdhmountej Ekdihghtai Ekdihgoumenoi Ekdikeij Ekdikhsai Ekdikhsewj Ekdikhsij Ekdikhsin Ekdikhson Ekdikhsw Ekdikoj Ekdikountej Ekdiwcantwn Ekdiwcousin Ekdosetai Ekdoton Ekdoxh Ekdusantej Ekdusasqai Ekefalaiwsan Ekei Ekeina Ekeinai Ekeinaij Ekeinaj Ekeinh Ekeinhj Ekeinhn Ekeino Ekeinoi Ekeinoij Ekeinoj Ekeinon Ekeinou Ekeinouj Ekeinw Ekeinwn Ekeiqen Ekeise Ekeito Ekeleuon Ekeleusa Ekeleusen Ekenwsen Ekerasen Ekerdhsa Ekerdhsaj Ekerdhsen Ekferein Ekferousa Ekfeuch Ekfeucomeqa Ekfobein Ekfoboi Ekfoboj Ekfugein Ekfugwsin Ekfuh Ekgamiskontai Ekgamizontai Ekgamizontej Ekgamizwn Ekgona Ekhrucamen Ekhrucan Ekhrucen Ekhrussen Ekhrusson Ekhruxqh Ekinduneuon Ekinhqh Ekinhqhsan Ekkakein Ekkakhshte Ekkakoumen Ekkakwmen Ekkaqarate Ekkaqarh Ekkexutai Ekkleisai Ekklhsia Ekklhsiai Ekklhsiaij Ekklhsiaj Ekklhsian Ekklhsiwn Ekklinate Ekklinatw Ekkolumbhsaj Ekkophsh Ekkoptesqai Ekkoptetai Ekkoyeij Ekkoyon Ekkoyw Eklaien Eklaion Eklalhsai Eklamyousin Eklasa Eklasen Eklausate Eklausen Eklecamenoj Eklecamenouj Ekleiph Ekleisen Ekleisqh Ekleisqhsan Ekleiyousin Eklekth Eklekthj Eklektoi Eklektoij Eklektoj Eklekton Eklektouj Eklektwn Eklelhsqe Eklelumenoi Ekleyan Eklhqh Eklhqhj Eklhqhte Eklhrwqhmen Eklinan Ekliphte Eklogh Ekloghj Ekloghn Ekluomenoi Ekluou Ekluqhsontai Ekluqwsin Ekmacasa Ekmassein Eknhyate Ekoimhqh Ekoimhqhsan Ekoinwnhsan Ekoinwnhsen Ekolafisan Ekollhqh Ekollhqhsan Ekolobwqhsan Ekolobwsen Ekomisamhn Ekomisanto Ekomisato Ekopasen Ekopiasa Ekopiasen Ekopton Ekoptonto Ekosmhsan Ekosmoun Ekoufizon Ekousa Ekousion Ekousiwj Ekoyasqe Ekpalai Ekpefeugenai Ekpeiraseij Ekpeirazwmen Ekpeirazwn Ekpemfqentej Ekpeplhrwken Ekpeptwkaj Ekpeptwken Ekperissou Ekpesein Ekpeshte Ekpeswmen Ekpeswsin Ekpiptei Ekpiptontej Ekpleusai Ekplhrwsin Ekplhssomenoj Ekplhttesqai Ekporeuesqai Ekporeuesqw Ekporeuetai Ekporeuomena Ekporeuomenh Ekporeuomenoi Ekporeuomenoij Ekporeuomenoj Ekporeuomenon Ekporeuomenou Ekporeuomenw Ekporeuomenwn Ekporeuontai Ekporeusontai Ekporneusasai Ekqambeisqai Ekqambeisqe Ekqamboi Ekqeta Ekraca Ekracan Ekracen Ekrataiouto Ekrathsamen Ekrathsan Ekrathsate Ekrathsen Ekratounto Ekraugasan Ekraugasen Ekrazen Ekrazon Ekrina Ekrinaj Ekrinen Ekrinomeqa Ekriqh Ekriqhsan Ekrizwqenta Ekrizwqhsetai Ekrizwqhti Ekrizwshte Ekrubh Ekruya Ekruyan Ekruyen Ekstasei Ekstasewj Ekstasij Ektarassousin Ekteinaj Ekteinein Ekteinon Ektelesai Ekteneia Ekteneij Ektenesteron Ektenh Ektenhj Ektenwj Ekteqenta Ekth Ekthj Ekthn Ekthsamhn Ekthsato Ektinacamenoi Ektinacamenoj Ektinacate Ektisaj Ektisen Ektisqh Ektisqhsan Ektistai Ektoj Ektraph Ektraphsontai Ektrefei Ektrefete Ektrepomenoj Ektrwmati Ektw Ekuklwsan Ekulieto Ekwluqhn Ekwlusamen Ekwlusate Ekwlusen Ekwn Ekxeai Ekxeate Ekxeitai Ekxew Ekxunomenon Ekxuqhsetai Ekxwreitwsan Ekzhthqh Ekzhthqhsetai Ekzhthsaj Ekzhthswsin Ekzhtousin Ekzhtwn Elabej Elaben Elabete Elabomen Elabon Elafria Elafron Elaia Elaiai Elaiaj Elaion Elaiou Elaiw Elaiwn Elaiwnoj Elakhsen Elalei Elalhqh Elalhsa Elalhsamen Elalhsan Elalhsate Elalhsen Elaloumen Elaloun Elambanon Elamitai Elamyen Elaqen Elaqon Elassoni Elassw Elatomhsen Elatreusan Elatton Elattousqai Elaunein Elaunomena Elaunomenai Elaxen Elaxisth Elaxistoj Elaxiston Elaxistoterw Elaxistou Elaxistw Elaxistwn Eleazar Eleei Eleeinoj Eleeinoteroi Eleeite Elefantinon Elegcei Elegcin Elegcon Elegen Elegete Elegon Elegxe Elegxei Elegxein Elegxetai Elegxete Elegxoj Elegxomena Elegxomenoi Elegxomenoj Elegxon Elegxqh Elegxw Elehmonej Elehmosunai Elehmosunaj Elehmosunh Elehmosunhn Elehmosunwn Elehmwn Elehqentej Elehqhsontai Elehqwsin Elehsai Elehsh Elehson Elehsw Eleoj Eleon Eleouj Eleountoj Eleukanan Eleuqera Eleuqeraj Eleuqeria Eleuqeriaj Eleuqerian Eleuqeroi Eleuqeroj Eleuqerouj Eleuqerwn Eleuqerwqentej Eleuqerwqhsetai Eleuqerwsei Eleuqerwsh Eleusetai Eleusewj Eleusomai Eleusomeqa Eleusontai Elew Elewn Elhlakotej Elhluqa Elhluqaj Elhluqei Elhluqeisan Elhluqen Elhluqota Elhluqotej Elhluquian Eliakeim Eliceij Eliezer Elioud Eliqasqhn Eliqasqhsan Eliqobolhsan Eliqoboloun Elisabet Elissaiou Elkh Elkoj Elkousin Elkusai Elkush Elkusw Elkwn Ellada Ellhn Ellhnaj Ellhnej Ellhni Ellhnidwn Ellhnij Ellhnikh Ellhnikoij Ellhnistaj Ellhnisti Ellhnistwn Ellhnoj Ellhnwn Ellhsin Ellogei Ellogeitai Elmwdam Elogisqh Elogisqhmen Elogizomhn Elogizonto Eloidorhsan Elomenoj Elousen Elpida Elpidi Elpidoj Elpij Elpiousin Elpisate Elpizei Elpizete Elpizomen Elpizomenwn Elpizousai Elpizw Elpizwn Elqe Elqein Elqetw Elqh Elqhj Elqon Elqonta Elqontaj Elqontej Elqonti Elqontoj Elqontwn Elqousa Elqousai Elqoushj Elqw Elqwn Elqwsin Eluen Elueto Elumaineto Elumaj Eluphqh Eluphqhsan Eluphqhte Eluphsa Eluphsen Eluqh Eluqhsan Elusen Elutrwqhte Elwi Ema Emaj Emaqej Emaqen Emaqete Emaqhteusen Emaqon Emarturei Emartureito Emarturhqh Emarturhqhsan Emarturhsamen Emarturhsan Emarturhsen Emarturoun Emasswnto Emastigwsen Emataiwqhsan Emauton Emautou Emautw Emaxonto Embaj Embalein Embanta Embantej Embanti Embantoj Embantwn Embaptomenoj Embateuwn Embayaj Embhnai Emblepontej Embleyaj Embleyasa Embleyate Embrimhsamenoj Embrimwmenoj Eme Emegalunen Emegaluneto Emeinamen Emeinan Emeinen Emelen Emelethsan Emellen Emellon Ememyanto Emenen Emenon Emequsqhsan Emerisen Emerisqh Emesai Emesiteusen Emetrhsen Emfanh Emfanhj Emfanisate Emfanisqhnai Emfanisw Emfanizein Emfanizousin Emfoboi Emfoboj Emfobwn Emfuton Emh Emhj Emhn Emhnusen Emicen Emishsa Emishsaj Emishsan Emishsen Emisoun Emisqwsato Emmainomenoj Emmanouhl Emmaouj Emmenei Emmenein Emnhmoneuon Emnhmoneusen Emnhsqh Emnhsqhmen Emnhsqhn Emnhsqhsan Emoi Emoij Emoixeusen Emoj Emolunan Emolunqhsan Emon Emor Emosxopoihsan Emou Emouj Empaicai Empaicaj Empaicousin Empaigmwn Empaiktai Empaixqhsetai Empaizein Empaizontej Empeplhsmenoi Emperipathsw Empesein Empeseitai Empesh Empesontoj Empiplwn Empiptousin Emplakentej Empleketai Emplhsqw Emplokhj Empnewn Emporeusomeqa Emporeusontai Emporian Emporiou Emporoi Emporw Emprosqen Emptuein Emptusantej Emptusousin Emptusqhsetai Emw Emwn Emwranen Emwranqhsan En Ena Enagkalisamenoj Enaliwn Enanti Enantia Enantiaj Enantioj Enantion Enantiouj Enantiwn Enarcamenoi Enarcamenoj Enauaghsa Enauaghsan Endedumenoi Endedumenoj Endedumenon Endehj Endeicasqai Endeicasqe Endeichtai Endeicij Endeicin Endeicwmai Endeigma Endeiknumenouj Endeiknuntai Endeiknusqai Endeka Endekathn Endekatoj Endexetai Endhmhsai Endhmountej Endikon Endocasqh Endocasqhnai Endocoi Endocoij Endocon Endocw Endomhsij Enduma Endumasin Endumatoj Endunamou Endunamounti Endunamousqe Endunamwsanti Endunontej Enduousin Endusamenoi Endusamenoj Endusasqai Endusasqe Endusate Endusewj Endushsqe Endushtai Enduswmeqa Enebh Enebhsan Enebibasen Eneblepon Enebleyen Enebrimhsato Enebrimwnto Enedeicato Enedidusketo Enedran Enedreuontej Enedreuousin Enedunamouto Enedunamwqh Enedunamwqhsan Enedunamwsen Enedusan Enedusasqe Enefanisaj Enefanisan Enefanisqhsan Enefushsen Enegkaj Enegkantej Enegkate Eneilhsen Eneixen Eneka Enekaloun Eneken Enekentrisqhj Enekoptomhn Enekoyen Enekruyen Enemeinan Eneneuon Enenisen Enepaican Enepaixqh Enepaizon Eneplhsen Eneplhsqhsan Eneprhsen Eneptuon Eneptusan Energei Energeiaj Energeian Energein Energeitai Energhj Energhmata Energhmatwn Energhsaj Energoumenh Energoumenhj Energoumenhn Energountoj Energousin Energwn Enesthken Enesthkota Enestwsan Enestwta Enestwtoj Eneteilamhn Eneteilato Enetrepomeqa Enetulicen Enetuxon Eneuloghqhsontai Enexein Enexesqe Enexqeisan Enexqeishj Enexqhnai Enhrgeito Enhrghsen Eni Eniauton Eniautou Eniautouj Enikhsa Enikhsan Enikhsen Enisxusen Enisxuwn Eniya Eniyamhn Eniyato Eniyen Ennath Ennathj Ennathn Ennatoj Ennea Ennenhkontaennea Enneoi Ennoian Ennoiwn Ennomoj Ennomw Ennuxon Enoikeitw Enoikhsw Enoikountoj Enoj Enomisaj Enomisan Enomizen Enomizeto Enomizon Enonta Enosfisato Enothta Enoxlh Enoxoi Enoxoj Enoxon Enqade Enqumeisqe Enqumhqentoj Enqumhseij Enqumhsewj Enqumhsewn Enqumoumenou Ensthsontai Entafiasai Entafiasmon Entafiasmou Entafiazein Entalmata Enteilamenoj Enteleitai Entellomai Entetaltai Entetuligmenon Entetupwmenh Enteuceij Enteucewj Enteuqen Entimoj Entimon Entimoteroj Entimouj Entoj Entolai Entolaij Entolaj Entolh Entolhj Entolhn Entolwn Entopioi Entraph Entraphsontai Entrefomenoj Entrepomai Entrepomenoj Entrepwn Entromoj Entrophn Entrufwntej Entugxanei Entugxanein Enubrisaj Enucen Enupnia Enupniasqhsontai Enupniazomenoi Enustacan Enwj Enwkhsen Enwpion Enwtisasqe Enwx Eoiken Eortazwmen Eorth Eorthj Eorthn Ep Epacaj Epafra Epafraj Epafrizonta Epafroditon Epafroditou Epagagein Epaggeilamenoj Epaggeilamenon Epaggelia Epaggeliai Epaggeliaij Epaggeliaj Epaggelian Epaggeliwn Epaggellomenaij Epaggellomenoi Epaggelma Epaggelmata Epagontej Epagwnizesqai Epaideuon Epaideuqh Epainesate Epainesw Epaineton Epainoj Epainon Epainw Epairetai Epairomenon Epairontaj Epaisen Epaisxunesqe Epaisxunetai Epaisxunomai Epaisxunqh Epaisxunqhj Epaisxunqhsetai Epaitein Epakolouqhshte Epakolouqountwn Epakolouqousin Epan Epanagage Epanagagein Epanagkej Epanagwn Epanamimnhskwn Epanapauh Epanapausetai Epanasthsontai Epanelqein Epanerxesqai Epanorqwsin Epanw Epaqen Epaqete Epaqon Epaqroizomenwn Eparai Eparaj Eparantej Eparasa Eparate Eparkeitw Eparkesh Eparrhsiasameqa Eparrhsiasato Eparrhsiazeto Eparxia Eparxiaj Epatacen Epathqh Epaulij Epauonto Epaurion Epausamhn Epausanto Epausato Epautofwrw Epaxunqh Epebalen Epeballen Epebalon Epebhmen Epebhn Epebibasan Epebleyen Epedeicen Epedidou Epedoqh Epedwkan Epefanh Epeferon Epefwnei Epefwnoun Epefwsken Epegegrapto Epeginwskon Epegnwkenai Epegnwkosin Epegnwsan Epegnwsqhn Epegnwte Epei Epeiden Epeidh Epeidhper Epeinasa Epeinasan Epeinasen Epeiper Epeiqen Epeiqeto Epeiqon Epeiqonto Epeirasan Epeirasen Epeirasqhsan Epeirasw Epeirato Epeirazon Epeirwnto Epeisagwgh Epeisan Epeisqhsan Epeita Epeixen Epekalufqhsan Epekaqisan Epekeina Epekeinto Epekeito Epekeklhto Epeklhqh Epekrinen Epekteinomenoj Epelabeto Epelaqeto Epelaqonto Epeleusetai Epelqh Epelqontoj Epelqwn Epeluen Epemeina Epemeinamen Epemelhqh Epemenen Epemenon Epemfqh Epemya Epemyamen Epemyate Epemyen Ependusasqai Ependuthn Epenegkein Epeneusen Epenqhsate Epepesen Epepeson Epepoiqei Epeqento Epeqhkan Epeqhken Epequmei Epequmhsa Epequmhsan Eperisseuon Eperisseusen Eperwtaj Eperwtan Eperwtatwsan Eperwthma Eperwthqeij Eperwthsai Eperwthsaj Eperwthson Eperwthsw Eperwtwnta Eperwtwsin Eperxomenaij Eperxomenoij Eperxomenwn Epesa Epesan Epesen Epeskeyasqe Epeskeyato Epeskiasen Epeson Epesteila Epesteilamen Epesth Epesthrican Epesthsan Epestrafhte Epestreya Epestreyan Epestreyate Epestreyen Epesxen Epetacaj Epetacen Epetima Epetimhsan Epetimhsen Epetimwn Epetiqoun Epetraph Epetreyen Epetuxen Epetuxon Epexe Epexeirhsan Epexeiroun Epexontej Epexrisen Epexwn Epezhthsen Ephcen Ephgeiran Ephggeilanto Ephggeilato Ephggeltai Ephkolouqhsen Ephkousa Ephkrownto Ephlqon Ephnesen Ephran Ephreazontej Ephreazontwn Ephren Ephrkesen Ephrqh Ephrwta Ephrwthsan Ephrwthsen Ephrwtwn Ephsxunqh Epi Epiasan Epiasate Epiasen Epiasqh Epibaj Epibalein Epiballei Epiballon Epibalousin Epibalw Epibalwn Epibantej Epibarhsai Epibarw Epibebhkwj Epibibasaj Epibibasantej Epibleyhte Epibleyon Epiblhma Epiboulaij Epiboulh Epiboulhj Epibowntej Epide Epideicai Epideicate Epideiknuj Epideiknumenai Epidexetai Epidhmountej Epidiatassetai Epidiorqwsh Epidontej Epiduetw Epidwsei Epidwsw Epieikeia Epieikeiaj Epieikeij Epieikej Epieikesin Epieikh Epieikhj Epien Epifainontwn Epifanai Epifaneia Epifaneiaj Epifaneian Epifanh Epifausei Epiferein Epiferesqai Epiferwn Epifwskoush Epigambreusei Epigegrammena Epigegrammenh Epigeia Epigeioj Epigeiwn Epigenomenou Epiginwskei Epiginwskeij Epiginwskete Epiginwsketw Epiginwskomenoi Epignontej Epignontwn Epignouj Epignousa Epignousin Epignw Epignwj Epignwnai Epignwsei Epignwsesqe Epignwsewj Epignwsij Epignwsin Epignwsomai Epigrafh Epigrafhn Epigrayw Epikaleisqai Epikaleisqe Epikaleitai Epikalesamenoj Epikalesamenou Epikalesasqai Epikaleshtai Epikalesontai Epikaloumai Epikaloumenoij Epikaloumenoj Epikaloumenon Epikaloumenou Epikaloumenouj Epikaloumenwn Epikalumma Epikataratoi Epikataratoj Epikeimena Epikeimenon Epikeimenou Epikeisqai Epikeitai Epikeklhsai Epikeklhtai Epiklhqeij Epiklhqen Epiklhqenta Epikoureiwn Epikouriaj Epikranqh Epikranqhsan Epilabesqai Epilabomenoi Epilabomenoj Epilabomenou Epilabou Epilabwntai Epilambanetai Epilanqanesqe Epilanqanomenoj Epilaqesqai Epilecamenoj Epilegomenh Epileiyei Epilelhsmenon Epilhsmonhj Epiloipon Epiluqhsetai Epilusewj Epimarturwn Epimeinai Epimeinhj Epimeinwsin Epimeleiaj Epimelhqhti Epimelhsetai Epimelwj Epimene Epimenein Epimenete Epimenontwn Epimenoumen Epimenw Epinoia Epinon Epiomen Epion Epiorkhseij Epiorkoij Epioush Epiousion Epipeptwkoj Epipesontej Epipeswn Epipiptein Epiplhchj Epipoqei Epipoqhsate Epipoqhsin Epipoqhtoi Epipoqian Epipoqountej Epipoqountwn Epipoqw Epipoqwn Epiporeuomenwn Epipraskon Epiqanatiouj Epiqeij Epiqeinai Epiqej Epiqenta Epiqentej Epiqentoj Epiqesewj Epiqh Epiqhj Epiqhsei Epiqhsetai Epiqhsousin Epiqumei Epiqumeite Epiqumhsai Epiqumhseij Epiqumhsete Epiqumhsousin Epiqumhtaj Epiqumia Epiqumiai Epiqumiaij Epiqumiaj Epiqumian Epiqumiwn Epiqumoumen Epiqumousin Epiqumwn Epiqw Epirraptei Epirriyantej Episfalouj Epishmoi Epishmon Episitismon Episkeptesqai Episkepth Episkeyasqai Episkeyasqe Episkeywmeqa Episkhnwsh Episkiasei Episkiash Episkiazousa Episkophj Episkophn Episkopoij Episkopon Episkopouj Episkopountej Epispasqw Epistaj Epistamai Epistamenoj Epistantai Epistantej Epistasa Epistasqe Epistata Epistatai Episteilai Episteuen Episteuete Episteuon Episteuqh Episteuqhn Episteuqhsan Episteusa Episteusaj Episteusamen Episteusan Episteusate Episteusen Episth Episthmwn Episthqi Episthrizontej Episthrizwn Epistolai Epistolaij Epistolaj Epistolh Epistolhj Epistolhn Epistolwn Epistomizein Epistrafeij Epistrafhtw Epistrafwsin Epistrefein Epistrefete Epistrefousin Epistreyai Epistreyaj Epistreyantej Epistreyate Epistreyatw Epistreyei Epistreyh Epistreyw Epistreywsin Epistrofhn Epistwqhj Episunacai Episunacei Episunacousin Episunagagein Episunagei Episunagwghj Episunagwghn Episunaxqeiswn Episunhgmenh Episuntrexei Episustasij Episustasin Episwreusousin Episxuon Epitach Epitaghj Epitaghn Epitassei Epitassein Epitassw Epitelein Epiteleisqai Epiteleisqe Epitelesai Epitelesaj Epitelesate Epitelesei Epitelesh Epitelountej Epitelw Epiteqh Epitetraptai Epithdeia Epitiman Epitimhsai Epitimhsaj Epitimhson Epitimia Epitimwn Epitiqeasin Epitiqei Epitiqesqai Epitiqh Epitiqhsin Epitrepetai Epitreph Epitrepw Epitreyantoj Epitreyh Epitreyon Epitrophj Epitropou Epitropouj Epitropw Epituxein Epixewn Epixorhghqhsetai Epixorhghsate Epixorhgiaj Epixorhgoumenon Epixorhgwn Epizhtei Epizhteite Epizhthsaj Epizhtoumen Epizhtousin Epizhtw Eplanhqhsan Eplanhsen Eplasqh Epleomen Epleonasen Epleonekthsa Epleonekthsamen Epleonekthsen Eplhgh Eplhquneto Eplhqunonto Eplhqunqh Eplhrou Eplhrounto Eplhrouto Eplhrwqh Eplhrwsan Eplhrwsen Eplhsan Eplhsqh Eplhsqhsan Eplouthsan Eplouthsate Eploutisqhte Eplunan Epneusan Epnigen Epnigonto Epoiei Epoieite Epoihsa Epoihsaj Epoihsamen Epoihsamhn Epoihsan Epoihsanto Epoihsate Epoihsen Epoikodomei Epoikodomhqentej Epoikodomhsai Epoikodomoumenoi Epoikodomountej Epoioun Epoiounto Epoj Epolemhsan Epolemhsen Eponomazh Epoptai Epopteusantej Eporeueto Eporeuomeqa Eporeuomhn Eporeuonto Eporeuqh Eporeuqhsan Eporneusan Eporqei Eporqoun Epotisa Epotisamen Epotisate Epotisen Epotisqhmen Epotizen Epourania Epouranioi Epouranioij Epouranioj Epouranion Epouraniou Epouraniw Epouraniwn Epraca Epracamen Epracan Epracate Epracen Epraqh Eprepen Eprisqhsan Epta Eptaisan Eptakij Eptakisxiliouj Eptusen Eptwxeusen Epunqaneto Epunqanonto Epuqeto Epwkeilan Epwkodomhsen Epwlhsen Epwloun Epwrwqh Epwrwqhsan Eqambhqhsan Eqambounto Eqanatwqhte Eqaumasa Eqaumasaj Eqaumasan Eqaumasen Eqaumazen Eqaumazon Eqayan Eqeaqh Eqeasameqa Eqeasanto Eqeasasqe Eqeasato Eqei Eqeloqrhskeia Eqemeliwsaj Eqento Eqerapeuon Eqerapeuonto Eqerapeuqh Eqerapeuqhsan Eqerapeusen Eqerisqh Eqermainonto Eqesin Eqesqe Eqeto Eqewrei Eqewrhsan Eqewroun Eqh Eqhka Eqhkaj Eqhkan Eqhken Eqhlasaj Eqhlasan Eqhriomaxhsa Eqhsaurisate Eqnarxhj Eqnei Eqnesin Eqnh Eqnikoi Eqnikoj Eqnikwj Eqnoj Eqnouj Eqnwn Eqoj Eqoruboun Eqou Eqreyamen Eqreyate Eqrhnhsamen Eqrhnoun Equmwqh Equon Equqh Equsaj Equsen Eqwn Erastoj Eraston Erei Ereij Ereisasa Ereite Ereqizete Ereucomai Ereuna Ereunate Ereunhson Ereunwn Ereunwntej Erga Ergash Ergasiaj Ergasian Ergatai Ergataj Ergathj Ergathn Ergatwn Ergazesqai Ergazesqe Ergazetai Ergazh Ergazomai Ergazomenoi Ergazomenoj Ergazomenouj Ergazomenw Ergazontai Ergazou Ergazwmeqa Ergoij Ergon Ergou Ergw Ergwn Erhmia Erhmiaij Erhmiaj Erhmoij Erhmoj Erhmon Erhmou Erhmouj Erhmoutai Erhmw Erhmwsewj Erhmwsij Eridej Eridi Eridoj Erifia Erifon Erifwn Erij Erin Erion Eriou Eriqeia Eriqeiai Eriqeiaj Eriqeian Erisei Erman Ermhn Ermhneia Ermhneian Ermhneuetai Ermhneuomenoj Ermhneuomenon Ermogenhj Eroumen Erousin Erpeta Erpetwn Errabdisqhn Errantisen Errantismenoi Errapisan Erreqh Errhcen Errhqh Errhqhsan Errimmenoi Erriptai Erriyamen Erriyan Errizwmenoi Errusato Errusqhn Errwso Errwsqe Eruqra Eruqran Erw Erwta Erwtan Erwthsai Erwthsate Erwthsete Erwthsh Erwthsw Erwthswsin Erwtw Erwtwmen Erwtwn Erwtwntej Erwtwntwn Erxesqai Erxesqe Erxesqw Erxetai Erxh Erxhtai Erxomai Erxomena Erxomenh Erxomenhj Erxomenhn Erxomenoi Erxomenoj Erxomenon Erxomenou Erxomenouj Erxomenw Erxomenwn Erxomeqa Erxontai Erxou Erxwmai Esaleuqh Esaleusen Esalpisen Esbesan Esebasqhsan Eseisqh Eseisqhsan Esesqai Esesqe Esfacen Esfaghj Esfagmenhn Esfagmenon Esfagmenou Esfagmenwn Esfragisen Esfragismenoi Esfragismenwn Esfragisqhte Esh Eshmanen Esighsan Esighsen Esiwpa Esiwpwn Eskandalisqhsan Eskandalizonto Eskayen Eskhnwsen Eskirthsen Esklhrunonto Eskorpisen Eskotismenoi Eskotisqh Eskotwmenh Esli Esmen Esmurnismenon Esomai Esomenoj Esomenon Esomeqa Esontai Esoptrou Esoptrw Esparacen Esparganwmenon Esparganwsen Esparmenon Espatalhsate Espeira Espeiraj Espeiramen Espeiren Espera Esperaj Esperan Espeuden Espilwmenon Esplagxnisqh Espoudasa Espoudasamen Esqhsesin Esqhta Esqhti Esqiei Esqiein Esqiete Esqietw Esqih Esqihte Esqionta Esqiontaj Esqiontej Esqionti Esqiontwn Esqiousin Esqiwn Esqiwsin Esrwm Estai Estanai Estaqh Estaqhn Estaurwmenoj Estaurwmenon Estaurwqh Estaurwsan Estaurwsate Estaurwtai Este Estefanwmenon Estefanwsaj Estenacen Estereounto Esterewqhsan Esterewsen Esth Esthka Esthkaj Esthkamen Esthkasin Esthkate Esthken Esthkesan Esthkoj Esthkotej Esthkotwn Esthkwj Esthricen Esthrigmenouj Esthriktai Esthsan Esthsen Estin Estrafh Estrafhsan Estreyen Estrhniasen Estrwmenon Estrwnnuon Estrwsan Estw Estwj Estwsa Estwsai Estwsan Estwta Estwtaj Estwtej Estwtoj Estwtwn Esukofanthsa Esulhsa Esuron Esw Eswqen Eswqh Eswqhmen Eswsen Eswteran Eswteron Eswzonto Esxata Esxataij Esxataj Esxath Esxatoi Esxatoj Esxaton Esxatou Esxatouj Esxatw Esxatwj Esxatwn Esxej Esxen Esxhka Esxhkamen Esxhken Esxhkota Esxisqh Esxisqhsan Esxomen Esxon Etacan Etacato Etafh etai Etaire Etairoij Etapeinwsen Etaracan Etaracen Etarassen Etaraxqh Etaraxqhsan Etei Eteken Eteknotrofhsen Eteleiwqh Eteleiwsa Eteleiwsen Etelesan Etelesen Etelesqh Eteleuthsen Eteqh Eteqhn Eteqhsan Eteqnhkei Etera Eterai Eteraij Eteraj Eteran Eterodidaskalei Eterodidaskalein Eteroglwssoij Eteroi Eteroij Eteroj Eteron Eterou Eterouj Eterozugountej Eterw Eterwj Eterwn Etesin Etexqh Eth Ethreito Ethrhsa Ethrhsaj Ethrhsan Ethroun Eti Etillon Etimhsan Etimhsanto Etiqei Etiqoun Etoima Etoimasai Etoimasaj Etoimasate Etoimasia Etoimason Etoimasqh Etoimasw Etoimaswmen Etoimaze Etoimhn Etoimoi Etoimoj Etoimon Etoimouj Etoimw Etoimwj Etoj Etolma Etolmhsen Etolmwn Etrexete Etrexon Etropoforhsen Etrufhsate Etrughsen Etuflwsen Etumpanisqhsan Etupten Etupton Etwn Eu Eua Euaggelion Euaggeliou Euaggelisai Euaggelisamenoi Euaggelisamenou Euaggelisamenwn Euaggelisasqai Euaggelisqen Euaggelisqentej Euaggelistaj Euaggelistou Euaggeliw Euaggelizesqai Euaggelizetai Euaggelizhtai Euaggelizomai Euaggelizomenoi Euaggelizomenoj Euaggelizomenou Euaggelizomenw Euaggelizomenwn Euaggelizomeqa Euaggelizontai Euaggelizwmai Euan Euaresteitai Euaresthsai Euarestoi Euarestoj Euareston Euarestouj Euarestwj Eubouloj Eucaimhn Eudia Eudokei Eudokhsa Eudokhsaj Eudokhsamen Eudokhsan Eudokhsantej Eudokhsen Eudokia Eudokiaj Eudokian Eudokoumen Eudokw Euergesia Euergesiaj Euergetai Euergetwn Eufhma Eufhmiaj Euforhsen Eufrainesqai Eufrainesqe Eufrainomenoj Eufrainonto Eufrainou Eufrainwn Eufranqh Eufranqhnai Eufranqhsontai Eufranqhte Eufranqhti Eufranqw Eufranqwmen Eufrath Eufrathn Eufrosunhj Eugeneij Eugenesteroi Eugenhj Euhggelisameqa Euhggelisamhn Euhggelisanto Euhggelisato Euhggelisen Euhggelismenoi Euhggelisqh Euhggelizeto Euhresthkenai Eukopwteron Eulabeiaj Eulabeij Eulabhj Eulabhqeij Eulogein Eulogeitai Eulogeite Euloghken Euloghmenh Euloghmenoi Euloghmenoj Euloghqhsontai Euloghsaj Euloghsen Euloghshj Euloghsw Euloghtoj Euloghtou Eulogia Eulogiaij Eulogiaj Eulogian Eulogoumen Eulogounta Eulogountai Eulogountej Eulogwn Eumetadotouj Eunikh Eunoiaj Eunoian Eunouxisan Eunouxisqhsan Eunouxoi Eunouxoj Eunown Euodian Euodousqai Euodoutai Euodwqhsomai Euodwtai Eupeiqhj Euperistaton Eupoiiaj Euporia Euprepeia Euprosdektoj Euprosdektouj Euprosedron Euproswphsai Euqeia Euqeiaj Euqeian Euqetoj Euqeton Euqewj Euqudromhsamen Euqudromhsantej Euquj Euqumei Euqumein Euqumeite Euqumoi Euqumoteron Euqunate Euqunontoj Euquthtoj Euramenoj Eurein Eurej Euren Eureqeij Eureqh Eureqhmen Eureqhn Eureqhnai Eureqhsan Eureqhsomeqa Eureqhte Eureqw Eureqwsin Eurh Eurhka Eurhkamen Eurhkenai Eurhsei Eurhseij Eurhsete Eurhsh Eurhshj Eurhsomen Eurhsousin Eurhte Eurian Euriskei Eurisketo Euriskomen Euriskomeqa Euriskon Euriskontej Euriskw Euroien Eurokludwn Euromen Euron Eurontej Eurou Euroun Eurousa Eurousai Euruxwroj Eurw Eurwj Eurwmen Eurwn Eurwsin Eusebeia Eusebeiaij Eusebeiaj Eusebeian Eusebeij Eusebein Eusebeite Eusebh Eusebhj Eusebwj Eushmon Eusplagxnoi Eusxhmon Eusxhmona Eusxhmonaj Eusxhmonwj Eusxhmonwn Eusxhmosunhn Eusxhmwn Eutonwj Eutrapelia Eutuxoj Euwdia Euwdiaj Euwnumon Euwnumwn Euxaristei Euxaristeij Euxaristein Euxaristeite Euxaristhqh Euxaristhsaj Euxaristhsan Euxaristhsantoj Euxaristhsen Euxaristia Euxaristiaj Euxaristian Euxaristiwn Euxaristoi Euxaristoumen Euxaristountej Euxaristw Euxaristwn Euxesqe Euxh Euxhn Euxomai Euxomeqa Euxrhstoj Euxrhston Euyuxw Ewj Ewraka Ewrakaj Ewrakamen Ewrakasin Ewrakate Ewrakei Ewraken Ewrakenai Ewrakotej Ewrakwj Ewrwn Exairen Exairon Exalasqhn Exarh Exarhmen Exarhn Exarhsan Exarhte Exarisato Exarisqh Exaritwsen Exe Exei Exeij Exein Exete Exetw Exh Exhte Exidna Exidnwn Exleuazon Exoi Exoien Exomen Exomena Exomenaj Exomenh Exon Exonta Exontaj Exontej Exonti Exontoj Exontwn Exortasqhsan Exortasqhte Exousa Exousai Exousaij Exousan Exoush Exoushj Exousin Exqra Exqrai Exqran Exqre Exqroi Exqroj Exqron Exqrou Exqrouj Exqrwn Exrhmatisqh Exrhsameqa Exrhsamhn Exrisaj Exrisen Exrwnto Exw Exwmen Exwn Exwrisqh Exwsin Eyeudomarturoun Eyeusw Eyhlafhsan Ezekiaj Ezekian Ezhmiwqhn Ezhsa Ezhsan Ezhsen Ezhte Ezhtei Ezhteite Ezhteito Ezhthsamen Ezhthsan Ezhthsen Ezhtoumen Ezhtoun Ezumwqh Ezwgrhmenoi Ezwn Ezwnnuej Fage Fagein Fagesai Fagetai Fagete Fagh Faghj Faghte Fagoi Fagoj Fagontai Fagontej Fagw Fagwmen Fagwsin Fainei Fainesqe Fainetai Fainh Fainomenh Fainomenou Fainomenwn Fainontai Fainonti Fainwn Fainwsin Falek Faneitai Fanera Faneroi Faneron Fanerouj Faneroumenoi Faneroumenon Fanerounti Faneroutai Fanerw Fanerwj Fanerwqeisan Fanerwqentej Fanerwqentoj Fanerwqh Fanerwqhnai Fanerwqhsesqe Fanerwqwsin Fanerwsei Fanerwsij Fanerwson Fanerwsw Fanh Fanhj Fanhsetai Fanouhl Fantasiaj Fantasma Fantazomenon Fanwmen Fanwn Fanwsin Faragc Faraw Farej Farisaie Farisaioi Farisaioij Farisaioj Farisaiou Farisaiouj Farisaiwn Farmakeia Farmakeiwn Farmakeusin Farmakoi Fasij Fasin Faskontaj Faskontej Fatnh Fatnhj Faula Faulon Feggoj Feidomai Feidomenoi Feidomenoj Feidomenwj Feishtai Feisomai Felonhn Fere Ferei Ferein Feresqai Ferete Ferh Ferhte Feromenhj Feromenhn Feromenoi Feron Ferontej Ferousai Ferousan Ferousin Ferwmeqa Ferwn Feucetai Feucontai Feuge Feugei Feugete Feugetwsan Fhlic Fhlika Fhliki Fhlikoj Fhmh Fhmi Fhsin Fhste Fhstoj Fhston Fhstou Fhstw Fialaj Fialhn Filadelfeia Filadelfeian Filadelfia Filadelfiaj Filadelfian Filadelfoi Filagaqon Filaj Filandrouj Filanqrwpia Filanqrwpian Filanqrwpwj Filarguria Filarguroi Filautoi File Filei Fileij Filhdonoi Filhma Filhmati Filhmoni Filhsai Filhsw Filhtoj Filia Filippe Filipphsioi Filippoij Filippoj Filippon Filippou Filippouj Filippw Filippwn Filoceniaj Filocenian Filocenoi Filocenon Filofronej Filofronwj Filoi Filoij Filoj Filologon Filon Filoneikia Filoneikoj Filoprwteuwn Filoqeoi Filosofiaj Filosofwn Filostorgoi Filoteknouj Filotimeisqai Filotimoumenon Filotimoumeqa Filouj Filountaj Filountwn Filousin Filw Filwn Fimoun Fimwqhti Fimwseij Flegonta Floc Floga Flogi Flogizomenh Flogizousa Flogoj Fluaroi Fluarwn Fobeisqai Fobeisqe Fobera Foberon Fobh Fobhqeij Fobhqeisa Fobhqentej Fobhqh Fobhqhj Fobhqhsomai Fobhqhte Fobhqwmen Fobhtai Fobhtra Foboi Foboj Fobon Fobou Foboumai Foboumenai Foboumenoi Foboumenoij Foboumenoj Foboumeqa Fobw Foibhn Foinika Foinikej Foinikhj Foinikhn Foinikwn Fonea Foneij Foneuete Foneuj Foneusantwn Foneuseij Foneush Foneushj Foneusin Fonoi Fonon Fonou Fonw Fonwn Forei Foresomen Foron Forou Forouj Forounta Forountej Fortia Fortioij Fortion Fortizete Fortou Forwn Fourtounatou Fqarh Fqarthj Fqartoij Fqarton Fqartou Fqaswmen Fqegcamenon Fqeggesqai Fqeggomenoi Fqeirei Fqeiromenon Fqeirontai Fqeirousin Fqerei Fqinopwrina Fqoggoij Fqoggoj Fqonoi Fqonoj Fqonon Fqonou Fqonouj Fqonountej Fqonw Fqora Fqoraj Fqoran Fragellion Fragellwsaj Fragh Fraghsetai Fragmon Fragmou Fragmouj Frason Frear Freatoj Frenapata Frenapatai Fresin Frissousin Fronei Froneij Fronein Froneisqw Froneite Fronhma Fronhsei Fronhsete Fronhte Fronimoi Fronimoij Fronimoj Fronimw Fronimwj Fronimwteroi Fronountej Fronousin Frontizwsin Fronwmen Fronwn Frourhsei Frouroumenouj Fruganwn Frugian Fuen Fugein Fugelloj Fugh Fughte Fulacai Fulacate Fulacei Fulachj Fulacon Fulai Fulaij Fulaj Fulakaj Fulakej Fulakh Fulakhj Fulakhn Fulakizwn Fulakthria Fulassein Fulassesqai Fulassesqe Fulassh Fulassomenoj Fulassontej Fulassonti Fulassou Fulassousin Fulasswn Fulhj Fulhn Fulla Fulwn Fuousa Furama Furamatoj Fusei Fusewj Fusij Fusika Fusikhn Fusikwj Fusin Fusioi Fusioumenoj Fusiousqe Fusioutai Fusiwseij Futeia Futeuei Futeuqhti Futeuwn Fwj Fwleouj Fwnai Fwnaij Fwnaj Fwnei Fwneite Fwnh Fwnhj Fwnhn Fwnhqhnai Fwnhsai Fwnhsaj Fwnhsantej Fwnhsei Fwnhson Fwnountej Fwnousin Fwnwn Fwsforoj Fwsthr Fwsthrej Fwta Fwteinh Fwteinon Fwti Fwtisai Fwtisantoj Fwtisei Fwtismon Fwtisqentaj Fwtisqentej Fwtizei Fwtizh Fwtoj Fwtwn Gabbaqa Gabrihl Gad Gadarhnwn Gaggraina Gaioj Gaion Gaiw Gala Galaktoj Galatai Galatiaj Galatian Galatikhn Galhnh Galilaia Galilaiaj Galilaian Galilaioi Galilaioj Galilaiou Galilaiouj Galilaiwn Galliwn Galliwni Galliwnoj Gamalihl Gamein Gameitwsan Gamhqh Gamhqhnai Gamhsai Gamhsaj Gamhsasa Gamhsatwsan Gamhsh Gamiskontai Gamoj Gamon Gamou Gamouj Gamountej Gamousin Gamwn Gar Gasterej Gastri Gazan Gazhj Gazofulakion Gazofulakiou Gazofulakiw Ge Gedewn Geennan Geennh Geennhj Gegamhkosin Gegenhmena Gegenhmenon Gegenhsqai Gegenhsqe Gegennhka Gegennhmai Gegennhmenoj Gegennhmenon Gegennhmenou Gegennhmeqa Gegennhtai Gegona Gegonaj Gegonamen Gegonasin Gegonate Gegonen Gegonenai Gegonoj Gegonotaj Gegonotej Gegonoti Gegonuia Gegonwj Gegrafa Gegrammena Gegrammenaj Gegrammenh Gegrammenhn Gegrammenoi Gegrammenoij Gegrammenoj Gegrammenon Gegrammenwn Gegraptai Gegumnasmena Gegumnasmenhn Gegumnasmenoij Geitonaj Geitonej Gelasete Gelwj Gelwntej Gemei Gemisai Gemisaj Gemisate Gemisqh Gemizesqai Gemon Gemonta Gemousaj Gemousin Genea Geneai Geneaij Geneaj Genealogiaij Genealogiaj Genealogoumenoj Genean Genei Genesewj Genesioij Genesiwn Genesqai Genesqe Genesqw Genethj Genewn Genh Genhmata Genhqentaj Genhqentej Genhqentwn Genhqhnai Genhqhte Genhqhtw Genhsesqe Genhsetai Genhsomenon Genhsqe Genhtai Gennatai Gennhmata Gennhmatoj Gennhqeij Gennhqen Gennhqentoj Gennhqentwn Gennhqh Gennhqhnai Gennhsanta Gennhsaret Gennhsei Gennhsh Gennhsij Gennhtoij Gennwmenon Gennwsa Gennwsin Genoito Genoj Genomena Genomenai Genomenhj Genomenhn Genomenoi Genomenoij Genomenoj Genomenon Genomenou Genomenwn Genouj Genwmai Genwmeqa Genwntai Geqshmanh Gergeshnwn Gerousian Gerwn Geusamenoj Geusamenouj Geusasqai Geusetai Geush Geushtai Geusontai Geuswntai Gewrgeitai Gewrgion Gewrgoi Gewrgoij Gewrgoj Gewrgon Gewrgouj Gewrgwn Gh Ghj Ghmh Ghmhj Ghn Ghra Ghrashj Ghraskon Ginesqai Ginesqe Ginesqw Ginetai Ginomena Ginomenh Ginomenoi Ginomenoij Ginomenon Ginomenwn Ginontai Ginou Ginwmeqa Ginwntai Ginwske Ginwskei Ginwskeij Ginwskein Ginwsketai Ginwskete Ginwsketw Ginwskh Ginwskomai Ginwskomen Ginwskomenh Ginwskontej Ginwskousin Ginwskw Ginwskwmen Ginwskwn Ginwskwsin Gleukouj Gluku Glwssa Glwssai Glwssaij Glwssaj Glwssan Glwssh Glwsshj Glwssokomon Glwsswn Gnafeuj Gnhsie Gnhsion Gnhsiw Gnhsiwj Gnofw Gnonta Gnontej Gnouj Gnw Gnwj Gnwmh Gnwmhj Gnwmhn Gnwnai Gnwqi Gnwriousin Gnwrisai Gnwrisaj Gnwrisei Gnwrish Gnwrisqentoj Gnwrisqh Gnwrisw Gnwrizesqw Gnwrizomen Gnwrizw Gnwsei Gnwsesqe Gnwsetai Gnwsewj Gnwsh Gnwsij Gnwsin Gnwsomai Gnwsontai Gnwsqentej Gnwsqhsetai Gnwsqhtw Gnwsta Gnwsthn Gnwstoi Gnwstoij Gnwstoj Gnwston Gnwte Gnwtw Goggusmoj Goggusmwn Goggustai Gogguzete Gogguzontoj Gogguzousin Gohtej Golgoqa Gomon Gomorra Gomorraj Gomorroij Gomorrwn Gonasin Gonata Goneij Goneusin Gonewn Gonu Gonupethsaj Gonupethsantej Gonupetwn Grafai Grafaij Grafaj Grafe Grafei Grafein Grafesqai Grafh Grafhj Grafhn Grafhtai Grafomen Grafomena Grafw Grafwn Gramma Grammasin Grammata Grammateij Grammateuj Grammateusin Grammatewn Grammati Grammatoj Grapton Grawdeij Grayai Grayaj Grayantej Grayhj Grayon Grayw Grhgoreite Grhgorh Grhgorhsai Grhgorhsate Grhgorhshj Grhgorountaj Grhgorountej Grhgorwmen Grhgorwn Gumna Gumnasia Gumnaze Gumnhn Gumnhteuomen Gumnoi Gumnoj Gumnon Gumnothj Gumnothti Gumnothtoj Gumnou Gumnouj Gunai Gunaicin Gunaika Gunaikaj Gunaikaria Gunaikeiw Gunaikej Gunaiki Gunaikoj Gunaikwn Gunh Gwg Gwnia Gwniaij Gwniaj H Hboulhqhn Hcei Hch Hciou Hciwsa Hciwtai Hcousin Hcw Hcwsin Hdei Hdeij Hdein Hdeisan Hdeite Hdewj Hdh Hdikhsa Hdikhsamen Hdikhsate Hdikhsen Hdista Hdonaij Hdonhn Hdonwn Hdunanto Hdunasqe Hdunato Hdunhqh Hdunhqhmen Hdunhqhn Hdunhqhsan Hdunhqhte Hduosmon Hfien Hgagen Hgagete Hgagon Hgalliasato Hgalliasen Hganakthsan Hganakthsen Hgapa Hgapate Hgaphkosin Hgaphmenhn Hgaphmenoi Hgaphmenw Hgaphsa Hgaphsaj Hgaphsamen Hgaphsan Hgaphsen Hgeiran Hgeiren Hgeisqai Hgeisqe Hgeisqwsan Hgemona Hgemonaj Hgemoneuontoj Hgemoni Hgemoniaj Hgemonoj Hgemonwn Hgemosin Hgemwn Hgerqh Hgerqhsan Hgesqe Hgeto Hggareusan Hggiken Hggisan Hggisen Hggizen Hghmai Hghsamenoj Hghsamhn Hghsasqe Hghsato Hgiasen Hgiasmenh Hgiasmenoi Hgiasmenoij Hgiasmenon Hgiasqh Hgiasqhte Hgiastai Hgnikotej Hgnismenon Hgnooun Hgonto Hgorasa Hgorasaj Hgorasan Hgorasen Hgorasmenoi Hgorasqhsan Hgorasqhte Hgorazon Hgoumai Hgoumenoi Hgoumenoij Hgoumenoj Hgoumenon Hgoumenouj Hgoumenwn Hgountai Hgwnismai Hgwnizonto Hj Hkasin Hkei Hkmasan Hkolouqei Hkolouqhsamen Hkolouqhsan Hkolouqhsen Hkolouqoun Hkon Hkouen Hkouon Hkousa Hkousaj Hkousamen Hkousan Hkousate Hkousen Hkousqh Hkribwsen Hkurwsate Hkw Hlattonhsen Hlattwmenon Hlattwsaj Hlauneto Hlehmenoi Hlehmenoj Hlehqhmen Hlehqhn Hlehqhte Hlehsa Hlehsen Hleifen Hleifon Hleiyaj Hleiyen Hleuqerwsen Hli Hlia Hliaj Hlian Hlikhn Hlikia Hlikiaj Hlikian Hlikon Hlioj Hlion Hliou Hliw Hlkwmenoj Hllacan Hlleto Hlpikamen Hlpikate Hlpiken Hlpikenai Hlpikotej Hlpisamen Hlpizen Hlpizomen Hlqej Hlqen Hlqete Hlqomen Hlqon Hlwn Hmaj Hmartej Hmarten Hmarthkamen Hmarton Hmeij Hmelhsa Hmellen Hmen Hmera Hmerai Hmeraij Hmeraj Hmeran Hmerwn Hmetera Hmeteraij Hmeteraj Hmeteran Hmeteroi Hmeteroij Hmeteron Hmeterwn Hmfiesmenon Hmhn Hmin Hmiqanh Hmish Hmisouj Hmisu Hmiwrion Hmunato Hmwn Hn Hnagkasate Hnagkasen Hnagkasqh Hnagkasqhn Hnagkazon Hnegka Hnegkan Hnegken Hneixesqe Hnesxomhn Hnewgmenh Hnewgmenon Hnewxqh Hnewxqhsan Hnexqh Hnika Hnoicen Hnoigh Hnoixqh Hntlhkotej Hpathqh Hpeilei Hpeiqhsan Hpeiqhsate Hpeiqoun Hper Hpioi Hpion Hpisthsan Hpistoun Hptonto Hqelej Hqelen Hqelhsa Hqelhsaj Hqelhsamen Hqelhsan Hqelhsate Hqelhsen Hqelon Hqethsan Hqh Hr Hran Hrate Hrcanto Hrcato Hreisqe Hremon Hren Hreqisen Hresen Hreskon Hretisa Hrhmwmenhn Hrhmwqh Hriqmhmenai Hriqmhntai Hristhsan Hrken Hrmenon Hrmosamhn Hrneito Hrnhmenoi Hrnhsanto Hrnhsasqe Hrnhsato Hrnhsw Hrnhtai Hrodiwna Hrpagh Hrpasen Hrpasqh Hrqh Hrtumenoj Hrwdh Hrwdhj Hrwdhn Hrwdiada Hrwdiadoj Hrwdiaj Hrwdianwn Hrwdou Hrwta Hrwthsan Hrwthsen Hrwtwn Hrxeto Hrxonto Hrxou Hsaiaj Hsaian Hsaiou Hsan Hsau Hsebhsan Hsfalisanto Hsfalisato Hspasato Hspazonto Hsqa Hsqenei Hsqenhsa Hsqenhsamen Hsqenhsen Hsqion Hstoxhsan Hsuxasamen Hsuxasan Hsuxazein Hsuxia Hsuxiaj Hsuxian Hsuxion Hsuxiou Htakthsamen Hte Hthkamen Hthsaj Hthsanto Hthsasqe Hthsate Hthsato Htij Htimasate Htimwmenon Htoi Htoimasa Htoimasaj Htoimasan Htoimasen Htoimasmenhn Htoimasmenoi Htoimasmenoij Htoimasmenon Htoimastai Htounto Htthma Htthqhte Htthtai Htton Httwntai Htw Hucanen Huchsen Hudokhsa Hulhsamen Hulisqh Hulizeto Hulogei Huporeito Huroun Huxomhn Huxonto Hxmalwteusen Hxoj Hxoushj Hxqh Hxreiwqhsan Hxw Hxwn Hyanto Hyato Iaeiroj Iakwb Iakwboj Iakwbon Iakwbou Iakwbw Iamatwn Iambrhj Ianna Iannhj Iaqeij Iaqentoj Iaqh Iaqhnai Iaqhsetai Iaqhte Iared Iasasqai Iasato Iaseij Iasewj Iashtai Iasin Iasona Iasonoj Iaspidi Iaspij Iasqai Iaswmai Iaswn Iatai Iato Iatre Iatroj Iatrou Iatrouj Iatrwn Ib Ide Idea Idein Idete Idh Idhj Idhte Idia Idiaij Idiaj Idian Idioi Idioij Idioj Idion Idiou Idiouj Idiw Idiwn Idiwtai Idiwthj Idiwtou Idontej Idou Idoumaiaj Idousa Idrwj Idw Idwmen Idwn Idwsin Iefqae Iera Ierapolei Ierateiaj Ierateian Ierateuein Ierateuma Ierea Ierei Iereij Ieremian Ieremiou Iereuj Iereusin Ierewn Ierixw Ieron Ieroprepeij Ierosoluma Ierosolumitai Ierosolumitwn Ierosolumoij Ierosolumwn Ierosuleij Ierosulouj Ierou Ierourgounta Ierousalhm Ierw Ierwsunhj Ierwsunhn Iessai Iexoniaj Iexonian Iezabhl Ihsou Ihsouj Ihsoun Ikana Ikanai Ikanaij Ikanaj Ikanoi Ikanoij Ikanoj Ikanon Ikanothj Ikanou Ikanouj Ikanw Ikanwn Ikanwsanti Ikanwsen Ikethriaj Ikmada Ikonion Ikoniou Ikoniw Ilaron Ilarothti Ilaskesqai Ilasmoj Ilasmon Ilasqhti Ilasthrion Ilewj Illurikou Imanta Imasin Imatia Imatioij Imation Imatiou Imatismenon Imatismoj Imatismon Imatismou Imatismw Imatiw Imatiwn Imeiromenoi Ina Inati Ioj Iopph Iopphj Iopphn Iordanh Iordanhn Iordanou Iou Iouda Ioudaia Ioudaiaj Ioudaian Ioudaikoij Ioudaikwj Ioudaioi Ioudaioij Ioudaioj Ioudaion Ioudaiou Ioudaiouj Ioudaismw Ioudaiw Ioudaiwn Ioudaizein Ioudaj Ioudan Ioulian Ioulioj Iouliw Iounian Ioustoj Ioustou Ippeij Ippikou Ippoij Ippoj Ippou Ippouj Ippwn Irij Isa Isaak Isaggeloi Isai Isasin Isaxar Ish Ishn Iskariwth Iskariwthj Iskariwthn Iskariwtou Ison Isothj Isothta Isothtoj Isotimon Isouj Isoyuxon Isqi Israhl Israhlitai Israhlithj Iste Isthsin Istorhsai Istwmen Iswj Isxuei Isxuein Isxuen Isxui Isxuj Isxun Isxuoj Isxuon Isxuontej Isxuontoj Isxura Isxurai Isxuraj Isxuran Isxuroi Isxuroj Isxuron Isxuroteroi Isxuroteroj Isxuroteron Isxurou Isxurwn Isxusaj Isxusamen Isxusan Isxusate Isxusen Isxusousin Isxuw Italiaj Italian Italikhj Itouraiaj Iwanna Iwannh Iwannhj Iwannhn Iwannou Iwaqam Iwb Iwhl Iwmenoj Iwna Iwnaj Iwnan Iwram Iwreim Iwsafat Iwsh Iwshf Iwshj Iwsiaj Iwsian Iwta Ixnesin Ixquaj Ixqudia Ixquej Ixqun Ixquoj Ixquwn Ka Kagw Kai Kaka Kakei Kakeina Kakeinoi Kakeinoij Kakeinoj Kakeinon Kakeinouj Kakeiqen Kakhn Kakia Kakiaj Kakian Kakohqeiaj Kakoi Kakoj Kakologhsai Kakologountej Kakologwn Kakon Kakopaqei Kakopaqeiaj Kakopaqhson Kakopaqw Kakopoihsai Kakopoioj Kakopoiountaj Kakopoiwn Kakou Kakouj Kakourgoi Kakourgoj Kakourgouj Kakourgwn Kakouxoumenoi Kakouxoumenwn Kakwj Kakwn Kakwsai Kakwsin Kakwsousin Kakwswn Kala Kalamhn Kalamoj Kalamon Kalamou Kalamw Kalei Kalein Kaleisqai Kaleitai Kaleite Kalesai Kalesaj Kalesanta Kalesantej Kalesantoj Kalesate Kaleseij Kaleshte Kaleson Kalesousin Kalesw Kalh Kalhj Kalhn Kallielaion Kallion Kalodidaskalouj Kaloi Kaloij Kaloj Kalon Kalopoiountej Kalou Kalouj Kaloumenh Kaloumenhj Kaloumenhn Kaloumenoj Kaloumenon Kaloumenou Kalountai Kalountoj Kalousa Kalumma Kaluptei Kaluptesqai Kaluyate Kaluyei Kalw Kalwj Kalwn Kame Kamhlon Kamhlou Kamhte Kaminon Kaminou Kaminw Kamnonta Kamoi Kamptw Kamyei Kamyh Kan Kana Kananithj Kananithn Kandakhj Kanona Kanoni Kanonoj Kapernaoum Kaphleuontej Kapnoj Kapnon Kapnou Kappadokiaj Kappadokian Kaq Kaqa Kaqairei Kaqaireisqai Kaqairesin Kaqairountej Kaqaper Kaqara Kaqaraj Kaqariei Kaqarisai Kaqarisaj Kaqarisate Kaqarish Kaqarismon Kaqarismou Kaqarison Kaqarisqhti Kaqariswmen Kaqarizei Kaqarizesqai Kaqarizetai Kaqarizete Kaqarizon Kaqarizontai Kaqaroi Kaqaroij Kaqaroj Kaqaron Kaqarothta Kaqarw Kaqechj Kaqedraj Kaqeilen Kaqelein Kaqelontej Kaqelw Kaqelwn Kaqeudei Kaqeudeij Kaqeudein Kaqeudete Kaqeudh Kaqeudontaj Kaqeudontej Kaqeudousin Kaqeudwmen Kaqeudwn Kaqezomenoi Kaqezomenon Kaqezomenouj Kaqh Kaqhghtai Kaqhghthj Kaqhkan Kaqhkon Kaqhkonta Kaqhmai Kaqhmenai Kaqhmenhj Kaqhmenhn Kaqhmenoi Kaqhmenoij Kaqhmenoj Kaqhmenon Kaqhmenou Kaqhmenouj Kaqhmenw Kaqhmenwn Kaqhmerinh Kaqhsqai Kaqhtai Kaqhyen Kaqiemenhn Kaqiemenon Kaqisai Kaqisaj Kaqisantej Kaqisantoj Kaqisate Kaqisei Kaqisesqe Kaqish Kaqishsqe Kaqistatai Kaqisthsin Kaqistwntej Kaqiswmen Kaqiswsin Kaqizete Kaqo Kaqolou Kaqoratai Kaqoti Kaqou Kaqwj Kaqwplismenoj Kardia Kardiai Kardiaij Kardiaj Kardian Kardiognwsta Kardiognwsthj Kardiwn Karfoj Karpoforei Karpoforhsai Karpoforhswmen Karpoforouj Karpoforoumenon Karpoforountej Karpoforousin Karpoj Karpon Karpou Karpouj Karpw Karpwn Kat Kata Kataba Katabainei Katabainein Katabainetw Katabainon Katabainonta Katabainontaj Katabainontej Katabainontoj Katabainontwn Katabainousan Katabainwn Katabaj Kataballomenoi Kataban Katabantej Katabanti Katabasei Katabatw Katabebhka Katabebhkotej Katabh Katabhnai Katabhqi Katabhsetai Katabibasqhsh Katabolhj Katabolhn Katabrabeuetw Kataciwqentej Kataciwqhnai Kataciwqhte Katadhlon Katadikasqhsh Katadikasqhte Katadikazete Katadouloi Katadoulwswntai Katadunasteuomenouj Katadunasteuousin Kataetai Katafage Katafagh Katafagwn Kataferomenoj Katafilousa Katafqarhsontai Katafroneij Katafroneite Katafroneitw Katafroneitwsan Katafronhsaj Katafronhsei Katafronhshte Katafronhtai Katafronountaj Katafugontej Katagagein Katagagh Katagaghj Katagagontej Katagagwn Kataggeleuj Kataggellein Kataggelletai Kataggellete Kataggellomen Kataggellousin Kataggellw Kataggellwn Kataginwskh Kataisxunei Kataisxunete Kataisxunh Kataisxunqh Kataisxunqhsetai Kataisxunqwmen Kataisxunqwsin Katakahsetai Katakaluptesqai Katakaluptesqw Katakaluptetai Katakauqhsetai Katakausai Katakausei Katakausousin Katakauxasai Katakauxasqe Katakauxatai Katakauxw Katakeimenoi Katakeimenon Katakeimenou Katakeisqai Katakekritai Kataklinate Katakliqhj Katakliqhnai Kataklusmoj Kataklusmon Kataklusmou Kataklusqeij Katakolouqhsasa Katakolouqhsasai Katakoptwn Katakrhmnisai Katakrima Katakrinei Katakrineij Katakrinousin Katakrinw Katakrinwn Katakriqhsetai Katakriqhte Katakriqwmen Katakrisewj Katakrisin Katakurieuontej Katakurieuousin Katakurieusaj Katalabesqai Katalabh Katalabhte Katalabomenoi Katalabomenoj Katalabw Katalalei Katalaleite Katalaliai Katalaliaj Katalalouj Katalalousin Katalalwn Katalalwsin Katalambanomai Katalegesqw Kataleifqhnai Kataleimma Kataleipei Kataleipomenhj Kataleiyantaj Kataleiyei Kataleleimmenoj Kataliph Katalipontej Katalipwn Kataliqasei Katallacantoj Katallagentej Katallagh Katallaghj Katallaghn Katallaghte Katallaghtw Katallasswn Kataloipoi Katalue Kataluma Katalumati Kataluqh Kataluqhsetai Katalusai Katalusei Katalusw Kataluswsin Kataluwn Katamaqete Katamarturousin Katamenontej Katamonaj Katanaliskon Katanaqema Katanaqematizein Katanarkhsw Katanoeij Katanohsai Katanohsaj Katanohsate Katanoounti Katanowmen Katanthsai Katanthsantej Katanthsw Katanthswmen Katanucewj Katapatein Katapateisqai Katapathsaj Katapathswsin Katapausewj Katapausin Katapesontwn Katapetasma Katapetasmatoj Katapih Katapinontej Katapiptein Kataponoumenon Kataponoumenw Katapontisqh Katapontizesqai Katapoqh Kataqesqai Katara Kataraj Kataran Katarasqe Katargei Katargeitai Katarghqh Katarghqhsetai Katarghqhsontai Katarghsai Katarghsaj Katarghsantoj Katarghsei Katarghsh Katargoumen Katargoumenhn Katargoumenon Katargoumenou Katargoumenwn Katartisai Katartisin Katartismon Katartizesqe Katartizete Katartizontaj Katarwmenouj Katarwmeqa Kataseisaj Katasfacate Kataskeuasaj Kataskeuasei Kataskeuazetai Kataskeuazomenhj Kataskhnoun Kataskhnwsei Kataskhnwseij Kataskiazonta Kataskophsai Kataskopouj Katasofisamenoj Katastaqhsontai Katasteilaj Katasthmati Katasthsei Katasthshj Katasthsomen Katasthsw Katastolh Katastrhniaswsin Katastrofh Katasurh Katasxesei Katasxesin Katasxwmen Katatoceuqhsetai Katatomhn Kataxqentej Kataxqoniwn Kataxrhsasqai Kataxrwmenoi Katayuch Kateacan Kateacei Kateagwsin Katebainen Katebarhsa Katebh Katebhn Katebhsan Kateblhqh Katecousiazousin Katedhsen Katedikasate Katediwcan Katedramen Katefagen Katefagon Katefilei Katefilhsen Katefiloun Katefqarmenoi Katefugon Kategelwn Kategnwsmenoj Kateidwlon Kateilhfenai Kateilhfqh Kateilhmmenhn Kateirgasato Kateirgasqh Kateixeto Kateixomeqa Kateixon Katekah Katekeito Kateklasen Katekleisa Katekleisen Kateklhrodothsen Katekrinan Katekrinen Katekriqh Katelaben Kateleifqh Katelhfqhn Katelipen Katelipon Katelqein Katelqontej Katelqontwn Katelqwn Katelusa Katenanti Katenarkhsa Kateneusan Katenexqeij Katenohsen Katenooun Katenughsan Katenwpion Kateon Katepathqh Katepausan Katepausen Katepesthsan Katepien Katepleusan Katepoqh Katepoqhsan Kateqhken Katergasamenoi Katergasamenoj Katergasamenon Katergasasqai Katergazesqai Katergazesqe Katergazetai Katergazomai Katergazomenh Katergazomenoi Katergazomenou Katerxomenh Kateseisen Katesfragismenon Kateskammena Kateskayan Kateskeuasen Kateskeuasmenon Kateskeuasmenwn Kateskeuasqh Kateskhnwsen Katesqiei Katesqiete Katesqiontej Katesqiousin Katestalmenouj Katestaqhsan Katesthsaj Katesthsen Katestreyen Katestrwqhsan Kateuqunai Katexeen Katexein Katexete Katexon Katexontej Katexontwn Katexousin Katexwmen Katexwn Kathciwqhsan Kathfeian Kathgagon Kathggeilamen Kathggelh Kathggellon Kathgorein Kathgoreisqai Kathgoreitai Kathgoreite Kathgoreitwsan Kathgorhsai Kathgorhsw Kathgorhswsin Kathgoria Kathgorian Kathgoroi Kathgoroij Kathgoroj Kathgorouj Kathgoroumen Kathgoroumenoj Kathgoroun Kathgorountej Kathgorountwn Kathgorousin Kathgorwn Kathgwnisanto Kathllaghmen Kathlqen Kathlqomen Kathlqon Kathnegka Kathnthsamen Kathnthsan Kathnthsen Kathramenoi Kathrasw Kathrghka Kathrghqhmen Kathrghqhte Kathrghtai Kathriqmhmenoj Kathrtismena Kathrtismenoi Kathrtismenoj Kathrtisqai Kathrtisw Kathsxunonto Kathsxunqhn Kathxhmenoj Kathxhntai Kathxhqhj Kathxhqhsan Kathxhsw Kathxoumenoj Kathxounti Kathxqhmen Katisxuon Katisxusousin Katiwtai Katoikei Katoikeij Katoikein Katoikeite Katoikhsai Katoikhsaj Katoikhsin Katoikhthrion Katoikiaj Katoikountaj Katoikountej Katoikounti Katoikountwn Katoikousin Katoikwn Katoptrizomenoi Katorqwmatwn Katw Katwkhsen Katwtera Katwterw Kauma Kaumatisai Kauqhswmai Kausin Kausoumena Kauswn Kauswna Kauswni Kauxasai Kauxasqai Kauxasqe Kauxasqw Kauxhma Kauxhmatoj Kauxhsasqai Kauxhsewj Kauxhshtai Kauxhsij Kauxhsin Kauxhsomai Kauxhsomeqa Kauxhswmai Kauxhswntai Kauxwmai Kauxwmenoi Kauxwmenoj Kauxwmenouj Kauxwmeqa Kauxwntai Kedrwn Kefalai Kefalaion Kefalaiou Kefalaj Kefalh Kefalhj Kefalhn Kefalidi Kefalwn Kegxreaij Keimai Keimena Keimenai Keimenh Keimenhn Keimenoj Keimenon Keimeqa Keiramenoj Keirasqai Keirasqw Keiriaij Keirontoj Keitai Kekalummenon Kekaqarmenouj Kekaqiken Kekaumenw Kekauthriasmenwn Kekauxhmai Kekenwtai Kekerasmenou Kekleismenon Kekleismenwn Kekleistai Keklhken Keklhkoti Keklhkwj Keklhmenoi Keklhmenoij Keklhmenoj Keklhmenouj Keklhmenwn Keklhronomhken Kekliken Kekmhkaj Kekoimhmenwn Kekoimhtai Kekoinwken Kekoinwmenouj Kekoinwnhken Kekoniamene Kekoniamenoij Kekopiaka Kekopiakaj Kekopiakasin Kekopiakate Kekopiakwj Kekoresmenoi Kekosmhmenhn Kekosmhmenoi Kekosmhmenon Kekosmhtai Kekracontai Kekragen Kekrathkenai Kekrathntai Kekrika Kekrikate Kekriken Kekrimena Kekritai Kekrummena Kekrummenoj Kekrummenon Kekrummenou Kekrummenw Kekruptai Kekurwmenhn Keleueij Keleusaj Keleusantej Keleusantoj Keleusmati Keleuson Kena Kene Kenh Kenhj Kenodocian Kenodocoi Kenofwniaj Kenoij Kenoj Kenon Kenouj Kentra Kentron Kenturiwn Kenturiwna Kenturiwnoj Kenwj Kenwqh Kenwsh Keraia Keraian Keraj Kerameuj Keramewj Keramika Keramion Keramwn Kerasate Kerata Keratiwn Keratwn Kerdh Kerdhqhswntai Kerdhsai Kerdhsaj Kerdhsh Kerdhsomen Kerdhsw Kerdoj Kerdouj Kerma Kermatistaj Kexarismai Kexaristai Kexaritwmenh Kexrhmatismenon Kexrhmatistai Kexruswmenh Kexwrismenoj Khfa Khfaj Khnson Khnsou Khpoj Khpon Khpouroj Khpw Khriou Khruc Khrucai Khrucaj Khrucate Khrucon Khrucousin Khrucw Khrugma Khrugmati Khrugmatoj Khruka Khrussei Khrussein Khrussetai Khrussete Khrussomen Khrussonta Khrussontaj Khrussontoj Khrussousin Khrussw Khrusswn Khruxqeij Khruxqentoj Khruxqh Khruxqhnai Khruxqhsetai Khtouj Kibwtoj Kibwton Kibwtou Kij Kilikiaj Kilikian Kinamwmon Kinduneuei Kinduneuomen Kindunoij Kindunoj Kinhsai Kinhsin Kinhsw Kinoumeqa Kinounta Kinountej Kiqara Kiqaraij Kiqaraj Kiqarizomenon Kiqarizontwn Kiqarwdwn Kladoi Kladoij Kladoj Kladouj Kladwn Klaie Klaieij Klaiein Klaiete Klaiontaj Klaiontej Klaiontwn Klaiousa Klaiousai Klaiousan Klaiousin Klaiwn Klasai Klasaj Klasei Klasmata Klasmatwn Klaudhn Klaudia Klaudioj Klaudion Klaudiou Klauqmoj Klausate Klausete Klaush Klausontai Kleida Kleiei Kleiete Kleij Kleisai Kleisaj Kleish Kleisqwsin Klemmatwn Kleoj Kleopaj Kleptai Klepteij Kleptein Kleptetw Klepthj Kleptousin Kleptwn Kleyeij Kleyh Kleyhj Kleywsin Klhma Klhmata Klhmentoj Klhqeij Klhqen Klhqentoj Klhqhj Klhqhnai Klhqhsetai Klhqhsh Klhqhsontai Klhqhte Klhqwmen Klhroj Klhron Klhronomei Klhronomein Klhronomhsai Klhronomhsate Klhronomhsei Klhronomhsh Klhronomhshte Klhronomhsousin Klhronomhsw Klhronomia Klhronomiaj Klhronomian Klhronomoi Klhronomoij Klhronomoj Klhronomon Klhronomouj Klhronomountwn Klhrou Klhrouj Klhrwn Klhsei Klhsewj Klhsij Klhsin Klhtoi Klhtoij Klhtoj Klibanon Klimasin Klimata Klinaj Klinein Klinh Klinhj Klinhn Klinidion Klinidiw Klinouswn Klinwn Klisiaj Klopai Kludwni Kludwnizomenoi Klwmen Klwmenon Klwntej Klwpa Knhqomenoi Knidon Kodranthj Kodranthn Kofinoi Kofinouj Koilia Koiliai Koiliaj Koilian Koimhqentaj Koimhqentej Koimhqh Koimhqhsomeqa Koimhsewj Koimwmenoj Koimwmenouj Koimwmenwn Koimwntai Koina Koinaij Koinhj Koinhn Koinoi Koinon Koinou Koinoun Koinounta Koinwnei Koinwneite Koinwneitw Koinwnia Koinwniaj Koinwnian Koinwnikouj Koinwnoi Koinwnoj Koinwnon Koinwnouj Koinwnountej Koinwsai Koitaij Koith Koithn Koitwnoj Kokkinhn Kokkinon Kokkinou Kokkinw Kokkoj Kokkon Kokkw Kolafizein Kolafizh Kolafizomenoi Kolafizomeqa Kolakeiaj Kolasin Kolaswntai Kolazomenouj Kollasqai Kollhqenta Kollhqentej Kollhqhti Kollourion Kollubistwn Kollwmenoi Kollwmenoj Kolobwqhsontai Kolossaij Kolpoij Kolpon Kolpw Kolumban Kolumbhqra Kolumbhqran Kolwnia Koma Komh Komieisqe Komieitai Komioumenoi Komisasa Komishsqe Komishtai Komizomenoi Komyoteron Koniorton Kopeton Kophj Kopia Kopiasantej Kopiatw Kopiw Kopiwmen Kopiwnta Kopiwntaj Kopiwntej Kopiwnti Kopiwsaj Kopoij Kopoj Kopon Kopou Kopouj Koprian Kopw Kopwn Korakaj Korasion Korasiw Korban Korbanan Kore Koresqentej Korinqioi Korinqiwn Korinqon Korinqw Kornhlie Kornhlioj Kornhliou Kornhliw Korouj Kosmein Kosmeite Kosmikaj Kosmikon Kosmion Kosmiw Kosmoj Kosmokratoraj Kosmon Kosmou Kosmw Kosmwsin Kouartoj Koumi Koustwdiaj Koustwdian Koyontai Krabbatoij Krabbaton Krabbatw Krabbatwn Kracaj Kracan Kracantej Kraipalh Kranion Kraniou Kraspeda Kraspedou Krataian Krataiousqe Krataiwqhnai Kratei Krateij Kratein Krateisqai Krateite Krathsai Krathsaj Krathsantej Krathsate Krathsei Krathswsin Krathte Kratiste Kratistw Kratoj Kratouj Kratountaj Kratountej Kratountoj Kratousin Kratwmen Kratwn Kraugasei Kraugazontwn Kraugh Kraughj Krazei Krazein Krazomen Krazon Krazonta Krazontaj Krazontej Krazontwn Krazwn Krea Kreisson Kreitton Kreittona Kreittonoj Kreittosin Kreittwn Kremamenoj Kremamenon Kremantai Kremasantej Kremasqentwn Kremasqh Krhmnou Krhskhj Krhtej Krhth Krhthj Krhthn Krima Krimata Krimati Krimatoj Krina Krinai Krinantaj Krinantej Krinantoj Krinate Krinei Krineij Krinein Krinesqai Krinetai Krinete Krinetw Krinh Krinomai Krinomenoi Krinomenoj Krinonta Krinontej Krinonti Krinoumen Krinousin Krinw Krinwmen Krinwn Kriqhj Kriqhnai Kriqhsesqe Kriqhsontai Kriqhte Kriqinouj Kriqinwn Kriqwsin Krisei Kriseij Krisewj Krisij Krisin Krispoj Krispon Kritai Kritaj Krith Krithj Krithn Krithria Krithriwn Kritikoj Krouein Krouete Krouonti Krousantoj Krouw Krouwn Krubhnai Krufh Krupta Kruptoj Krupton Kruptw Krustallizonti Krustallon Krustallw Kruyate Ktasqai Kthma Kthmata Kthnh Kthnoj Kthnwn Kthsasqe Kthshsqe Kthtorej Ktisanta Ktisanti Ktisantoj Ktisei Ktisewj Ktish Ktisij Ktisma Ktismatwn Ktisqenta Ktisqentej Ktisth Ktwmai Kubeia Kubernhseij Kubernhth Kubernhthj Kukloqen Kukloumenhn Kuklw Kuklwqenta Kuklwsantwn Kulisma Kullon Kullouj Kumata Kumatwn Kumbalon Kuminon Kunaj Kunaria Kunarioij Kunej Kuprioi Kuprioj Kupriw Kupron Kuprou Kurhnaioi Kurhnaioj Kurhnaion Kurhnaiou Kurhnaiwn Kurhnhn Kurhniou Kuria Kuriakh Kuriakon Kurie Kurieuei Kurieuomen Kurieuontwn Kurieuousin Kurieusei Kurieush Kurioi Kurioij Kurioj Kurion Kuriothta Kuriothtej Kuriothtoj Kuriou Kuriw Kuriwn Kurwsai Kusin Kuwn Kuyaj Kwfoi Kwfoj Kwfon Kwfouj Kwla Kwluei Kwluein Kwluesqai Kwluete Kwluonta Kwluontwn Kwluqentej Kwlusai Kwlushj Kwmaj Kwmh Kwmhj Kwmhn Kwmoi Kwmoij Kwmopoleij Kwn Kwnwpa Kwsam Labe Labein Labete Labh Labhte Laboi Labonta Labontaj Labontej Labousa Labousai Labw Labwmen Labwn Labwsin Laceutw Lailapoj Lailay Laktizein Lalei Laleij Lalein Laleisqai Laleite Laleitw Laleitwsan Lalh Lalhqeij Lalhqeishj Lalhqentoj Lalhqentwn Lalhqhnai Lalhqhsetai Lalhqhsomenwn Lalhsai Lalhsaj Lalhsantej Lalhsantoj Lalhsei Lalhsete Lalhsh Lalhshte Lalhsomen Lalhsousin Lalhsw Lalhswsin Lalia Lalian Laloumen Laloumenh Laloumenoij Laloumenon Laloun Lalounta Lalountaj Lalountej Lalounti Lalountoj Lalountwn Lalousa Lalousai Lalousan Laloushj Lalousin Lalw Lalwn Lalwsin Lama Lambanei Lambaneij Lambanein Lambanete Lambanetw Lambanh Lambanomen Lambanomenoj Lambanomenon Lambanontej Lambanousin Lambanw Lambanwn Lamex Lamma Lampadaj Lampadej Lampadwn Lampaj Lampei Lampra Lampran Lamproj Lampron Lamprothta Lamprwj Lamyai Lamyatw Lanqanei Lanqanein Lanqanetw Laodikeia Laodikeiaj Laodikeian Laodikewn Laoi Laoij Laoj Laon Laou Laqein Laqra Larugc Lasaia Latreia Latreiaj Latreian Latreuein Latreuon Latreuonta Latreuontaj Latreuontej Latreuousa Latreuousin Latreuseij Latreusousin Latreuw Latreuwmen Law Lawn Laxana Laxanon Laxanwn Laxousin Laxwmen Lazare Lazaroj Lazaron Lebbaioj Lege Legei Legeij Legein Legesqai Legetai Legete Legetw Legewn Legewna Legewnaj Legh Leghte Legomen Legomena Legomenh Legomenhj Legomenhn Legomenoi Legomenoij Legomenoj Legomenon Legomenou Legon Legonta Legontaj Legontej Legontoj Legontwn Legousa Legousai Legousan Legoushj Legousin Legw Legwmen Legwn Legwsin Leiaj Leimma Leipei Leipetai Leiph Leipomenoi Leiponta Leitourghsai Leitourgia Leitourgiaj Leitourgika Leitourgoi Leitourgoj Leitourgon Leitourgouj Leitourgountwn Leitourgwn Lelalhka Lelalhken Lelalhmenoij Lelalhtai Lelatomhmenon Leloumenoi Leloumenoj Lelumena Lelumenon Leluphken Lelusai Lention Lentiw Leonti Leontoj Leontwn Lepidej Lepra Lepraj Leproi Leproj Leprou Leprouj Lepta Lepton Leu Leui Leuij Leuin Leuitaj Leuithj Leuitikhj Leuka Leukaj Leukanai Leukh Leukhn Leukoij Leukoj Leukon Lewn Lhnoj Lhnon Lhnou Lhqhn Lhroj Lhstai Lhstaij Lhstaj Lhsthj Lhsthn Lhstwn Lhyesqe Lhyetai Lhyewj Lhyomeqa Lhyontai Lian Liba Libanon Libanwton Libertinwn Libuhj Likmhsei Limena Limenaj Limenoj Limnh Limnhj Limnhn Limoi Limoj Limon Limw Linoj Linon Lipara Liqasai Liqasantej Liqasqwsin Liqaswsin Liqazete Liqazomen Liqina Liqinai Liqinaij Liqoboleisqai Liqobolhqhsetai Liqobolhsai Liqobolhsantej Liqobolousa Liqoi Liqoij Liqoj Liqon Liqostrwton Liqou Liqouj Liqw Liqwn Litraj Litran Logia Logiai Logiaj Logikhn Logikon Logioj Logisamenoj Logisasqai Logishtai Logismouj Logismwn Logisqeih Logisqhnai Logisqhsetai Logiwn Logizesqai Logizesqe Logizesqw Logizetai Logizh Logizomai Logizomenoj Logizomenouj Logizomenw Logizomeqa Logoi Logoij Logoj Logomaxein Logomaxiaj Logon Logou Logouj Logw Logwn Logxh Loidoreij Loidoriaj Loidorian Loidoroi Loidoroj Loidoroumenoi Loidoroumenoj Loimoi Loimon Loipa Loipai Loipaj Loipoi Loipoij Loipon Loipou Loipouj Loipwn Loukaj Loukioj Lousamenh Lousantej Lousanti Loutrou Loutrw Luddan Luddhj Ludia Ludian Luei Luete Lukaoniaj Lukaonisti Lukiaj Lukoi Lukoj Lukon Lukwn Luomenwn Luontej Luontwn Luousin Lupaj Lupeisqai Lupeitai Lupeite Luph Luphj Luphn Luphqentej Luphqhnai Luphqhsesqe Luphqhte Luphsqe Lupoumenoi Lupoumenoj Lupw Luqeishj Luqh Luqhnai Luqhsetai Luqhsontai Lusai Lusaj Lusaniou Lusantej Lusate Lush Lushj Lushte Lusiaj Lusin Lusitelei Luson Lustran Lustroij Lusw Lutron Lutrousqai Lutrwshtai Lutrwsin Lutrwthn Luxnia Luxniai Luxniaj Luxnian Luxniwn Luxnoi Luxnoj Luxnon Luxnou Luxnw Lwidi Lwt Maaq Madiam Magdala Magdalhnh Mageiaij Mageuwn Magoi Magoj Magon Magouj Magwg Magwn Mainesqe Mainetai Mainh Mainomai Makaria Makariai Makarian Makarioi Makarioj Makarion Makariou Makariousin Makarismoj Makarismon Makariwtera Makarizomen Makedonaj Makedonej Makedonia Makedoniaj Makedonian Makedonoj Makedosin Makedwn Makellw Makra Makran Makroqen Makroqumei Makroqumeite Makroqumhsaj Makroqumhsate Makroqumhson Makroqumia Makroqumiaj Makroqumian Makroqumwj Makroqumwn Makroxronioj Malaka Malakian Malakoi Malakoij Malelehl Malista Mallon Malxoj Mammh Mammwna Mamwna Manahn Manassh Manasshj Manian Manna Manqanetw Manqanetwsan Manqanonta Manqanousin Manqanwsin Manteuomenh Maqein Maqete Maqhtai Maqhtaij Maqhtaj Maqhte Maqhteuqeij Maqhteusantej Maqhteusate Maqhth Maqhthj Maqhthn Maqhtou Maqhtria Maqhtwn Maqousala Maqwn Maran Maranqhsetai Margaritai Margaritaij Margaritaj Margarithn Margaritou Maria Mariaj Mariam Marian Markoj Markon Markou Marmarou Marqa Marqaj Marqan Martuj Martura Marturaj Marturei Martureij Marturein Martureite Marturej Marturhqentej Marturhsai Marturhsaj Marturhsantoj Marturhsei Marturhsh Marturhson Marturhsw Marturia Marturiai Marturiaj Marturian Marturion Marturiou Marturoj Marturomai Marturoumen Marturoumenh Marturoumenoi Marturoumenoj Marturoumenouj Marturoun Marturountej Marturounti Marturountoj Marturountwn Marturousai Marturoushj Marturousin Marturw Marturwn Martusin Masticin Mastigaj Mastigoi Mastigoj Mastigwn Mastigwsai Mastigwsantej Mastigwsete Mastigwsousin Mastizein Mastoi Mastoij Mataia Mataiaj Mataioi Mataioj Mataiologian Mataiologoi Mataiothti Mataiothtoj Mataiwn Mathn Matqaioj Matqaion Matqan Matqat Matqian Mattaqa Mattaqiou Maxai Maxaira Maxairai Maxairaj Maxairan Maxairwn Maxaj Maxesqai Maxesqe Maxomenoij Me Mega Megaj Megala Megalai Megalaij Megalaj Megalauxei Megaleia Megaleiothta Megaleiothti Megaleiothtoj Megalh Megalhj Megalhn Megaloi Megaloij Megaloprepouj Megalou Megalouj Megalunei Megalunontwn Megalunousin Megalunqhnai Megalunqhsetai Megalw Megalwj Megalwn Megalwsunh Megalwsunhj Megan Megeqoj Megista Megistanej Megistasin Meinai Meinantej Meinate Meinh Meinhte Meinon Meinwsin Meizon Meizona Meizonaj Meizonej Meizonoj Meizoteran Meizw Meizwn Melainan Melaj Melani Melanoj Melea Melei Melesin Meleta Meletate Meletw Melh Meli Melissiou Melith Mellei Melleij Mellein Mellete Mellh Mellhsete Mellomen Mellon Mellonta Mellontaj Mellontej Mellonti Mellontoj Mellontwn Mellousan Melloushj Mellousin Mellw Mellwn Meloj Melwn Melxi Melxisedek Memaqhkwj Memarturhka Memarturhkaj Memarturhken Memarturhtai Membranaj Memenhkeisan Memeristai Memestwmenoi Memfetai Memfomenoj Memiantai Memiasmenoij Memigmena Memigmenhn Memigmenon Memishkasin Memishken Memishmenou Memnhmenoj Memnhsqe Memnhsteumenh Memnhsteumenhn Memonwmenh Memuhmai Memyimoiroi Men Menam Mene Menei Meneij Menein Meneite Menete Menetw Menh Menomen Menon Menonta Menontoj Menounge Menousan Menousin Mentoi Menw Menwn Meq Meqai Meqaij Meqermhneuetai Meqermhneuomenon Meqh Meqistanein Meqodeiaj Meqodeian Meqoria Mequei Mequontwn Mequousan Mequousin Mequskesqai Mequskesqe Mequskomenoi Mequsoi Mequsoj Mequsqwsin Merei Merh Merida Meridoj Merij Merimna Merimnai Merimnaij Merimnaj Merimnan Merimnate Merimnhsei Merimnhshte Merimnwn Merimnwsin Merisasqai Merismoij Merismou Merisqeisa Merisqh Meristhn Meroj Merouj Meshj Meshmbrian Mesith Mesithj Mesitou Mesoj Meson Mesonuktion Mesonuktiou Mesopotamia Mesopotamian Mesotoixon Mesou Mesouranhmati Mesoushj Messiaj Messian Mesth Mestoi Meston Mestouj Mesw Met Meta Metabainete Metabaj Metaballomenoi Metabebhkamen Metabebhken Metabh Metabhqi Metabhsetai Metacu Metadidonai Metadidouj Metadotw Metadounai Metadw Metagetai Metagomen Metakalesai Metakalesomai Metakinoumenoi Metalabein Metalabwn Metalambanei Metalambanein Metalhyin Metamelhqeij Metamelhqhsetai Metamelomai Metamorfoumeqa Metamorfousqe Metanoein Metanoeite Metanohsantwn Metanohsate Metanohsh Metanohshj Metanohson Metanohsousin Metanohswsin Metanohte Metanoiaj Metanoian Metanoounti Metanow Metapemfqeij Metapempomenoj Metapemyai Metapemyasqai Metapemyhtai Metaqesewj Metaqesij Metaqesin Metastaqw Metasthsaj Metastrafhsetai Metastrafhtw Metastreyai Metasxhmatisei Metasxhmatizetai Metasxhmatizomenoi Metasxhmatizontai Metatiqemenhj Metatiqentej Metatiqesqe Metebh Metekalesato Metelambanon Metemelhqhte Metemelomhn Metemorfwqh Metenohsan Metenohsen Metepeita Metepemyasqe Metepemyato Meteqhken Metesthsen Metesxen Metesxhken Metesxhmatisa Meteteqh Meteteqhsan Metewrizesqe Metexein Metexomen Metexousin Metexw Metexwn Methllacan Methren Metoikesiaj Metoikesian Metoikiw Metoxh Metoxoi Metoxoij Metoxouj Metreite Metrhqhsetai Metrhsh Metrhshj Metrhson Metrhtaj Metriopaqein Metriwj Metron Metrou Metrountej Metrw Metwkisen Metwpon Metwpou Metwpwn Mexri Mexrij Mh Mhd Mhdamwj Mhde Mhdeij Mhdemian Mhden Mhdena Mhdeni Mhdenoj Mhdepote Mhdepw Mhdoi Mhge Mhketi Mhkoj Mhkunhtai Mhlwtaij Mhn Mhna Mhnaj Mhni Mhnuqeishj Mhnusanta Mhnush Mhpote Mhpw Mhpwj Mhron Mhte Mhtera Mhteraj Mhthr Mhti Mhtij Mhtraj Mhtralwaij Mhtran Mhtri Mhtroj Mia Miainousin Miaj Mian Mianqwsin Miasmata Miasmou Migma Mikra Mikran Mikroi Mikroij Mikroj Mikron Mikroteroj Mikroteron Mikrou Mikrouj Mikrw Mikrwn Milhton Milhtou Milhtw Milion Mimeisqai Mimeisqe Mimhtai Mimnhskesqe Mimnhskh Mimou Misei Miseij Misein Mish Mishsei Mishseij Mishsousin Mishswsin Misoumenoi Misountaj Misountej Misountwn Misousin Misqapodosian Misqapodothj Misqioi Misqiwn Misqoj Misqon Misqou Misqwmati Misqwsasqai Misqwtoj Misqwtwn Misw Miswn Mitulhnhn Mixahl Mna Mnaj Mnan Mnaswni Mneia Mneian Mnhma Mnhmasin Mnhmata Mnhmati Mnhmeia Mnhmeioij Mnhmeion Mnhmeiou Mnhmeiw Mnhmeiwn Mnhmhn Mnhmoneue Mnhmoneuei Mnhmoneuein Mnhmoneuete Mnhmoneuhte Mnhmoneuontej Mnhmoneuwmen Mnhmosunon Mnhsqhj Mnhsqhnai Mnhsqhte Mnhsqhti Mnhsqw Mnhsteuqeishj Modion Mogij Mogilalon Moi Moixalida Moixalidej Moixalidi Moixalidoj Moixalij Moixasqai Moixatai Moixeia Moixeiai Moixeuei Moixeueij Moixeuein Moixeuomenh Moixeuontaj Moixeuseij Moixeushj Moixoi Moixouj Molij Molox Molunetai Molusmou Momfhn Mona Monai Monhn Monofqalmon Monogenh Monogenhj Monogenouj Monoi Monoij Monoj Monon Monou Monouj Monw Morfh Morfhn Morfwqh Morfwsin Mosxon Mosxw Mosxwn Mou Mousikwn Moxqon Moxqw Muelwn Mukatai Mukthrizetai Mulikoj Muloj Mulon Mulou Mulwni Muqoij Muqouj Mura Muriadaj Muriadej Muriadwn Muriasin Muriouj Murisai Muriwn Muron Murou Murw Musian Musthria Musthrion Musthriou Musthriw Musthriwn Muwpazwn Mwlwpi Mwmhqh Mwmhshtai Mwmoi Mwra Mwrai Mwraj Mwranqh Mwre Mwria Mwriaj Mwrian Mwroi Mwroj Mwrologia Mwron Mwrw Mwsea Mwsei Mwsewj Mwsh Mwshj Mwshn Mwusei Mwusewj Mwushj Mwushn n na Naasswn Naggai Nai naij Nain nan Naoij Naoj Naon Naou Naouj Naoum Naqan Naqanahl Nardou Narkissou Nauklhrw Naun Nautai Nautwn Naw Naxwr Nazareq Nazarhne Nazarhnon Nazarhnou Nazwraioj Nazwraion Nazwraiou Nazwraiwn Neaj Neaniaj Neanian Neaniou Neaniske Neaniskoi Neaniskoj Neaniskon Neapolin Neeman Nefelai Nefelaij Nefelh Nefelhj Nefelhn Nefelwn Nefoj Nefqaleim Nefrouj Nekra Nekran Nekroi Nekroij Nekroj Nekron Nekrou Nekrouj Nekrwn Nekrwsate Nekrwsin Nenekrwmenon Nenekrwmenou Nenikhka Nenikhkate Nenomoqethtai Nenomoqethto Neofuton Neoj Neon Neossouj Neothtoj Neuei Neusantoj Newkoron Newteraj Newterikaj Newteroi Newteroj Newterouj Nh Nhfalion Nhfaliouj Nhfe Nhfontej Nhfwmen nhj nhn Nhpiazete Nhpioi Nhpioij Nhpioj Nhpiou Nhpiwn Nhqei Nhrea Nhri Nhsion Nhsoj Nhson Nhsou Nhsteia Nhsteiaij Nhsteian Nhsteij Nhsteiwn Nhsteuein Nhsteuhte Nhsteuomen Nhsteuontej Nhsteuontwn Nhsteuousin Nhsteusaj Nhsteusantej Nhsteusousin Nhsteuw Nhsteuwn Nhsw Nhyate Niger Nika Nikanora Nikh Nikhsai Nikhsasa Nikhsei Nikhsh Nikhshj Nikodhmoj Nikoj Nikolaitwn Nikolaon Nikopolin Nikw Nikwn Nikwntaj Nikwnti Nineui Nineuitai Nineuitaij Nipteij Niptein Nipthra Niptontai Niyai Niyamenoj Niyasqai Niyhj Niyw Niywntai Noei Noeite Noeitw Nohma Nohmata Nohsai Nohswsin Noi Nomhn Nomikaj Nomikoi Nomikoij Nomikoj Nomikon Nomikouj Nomikwn Nomimwj Nomisantej Nomishte Nomisma Nomizei Nomizein Nomizontwn Nomizw Nomizwn Nomodidaskaloi Nomodidaskaloj Nomoj Nomon Nomoqesia Nomoqethj Nomou Nomouj Nomw non Nooj Nooumen Nooumena Noountej Noqoi Nosfisasqai Nosfizomenouj Noshmati Nosoij Noson Nosouj Nossia Nossian Noswn noteron nothti Noton Notou nou nouj Noumhniaj Noun Nounexwj Nouqesia Nouqesian Nouqetein Nouqeteite Nouqetountaj Nouqetountej Nouqetw Nouqetwn Nuc Nukta Nuktaj Nukti Nuktoj Numfan Numfh Numfhj Numfhn Numfioj Numfion Numfiou Numfwnoj Nun Nuni Nustazei Nuxqhmeron nw Nwe Nwqroi Nwton O Oceia Oceian Oceij Ocoj Ocouj Ocu Ode Odeuwn Odhgein Odhgh Odhghsei Odhghsh Odhgoi Odhgon Odhgou Odoi Odoij Odoiporiaij Odoiporiaj Odoiporountwn Odoj Odon Odonta Odontaj Odontej Odontoj Odontwn Odou Odouj Odunaij Odunasai Odunh Odunwmai Odunwmenoi Odurmoj Odurmon Odw Odwn Ofeij Ofeilaj Ofeilei Ofeileij Ofeiletai Ofeiletaij Ofeilete Ofeilethj Ofeilhma Ofeilhmata Ofeilhn Ofeilomen Ofeilomenhn Ofeilomenon Ofeilontej Ofeilonti Ofeilousin Ofeloj Ofelon Ofesin Ofewj Ofewn Ofij Ofin Ofqalmodouleiaij Ofqalmodouleian Ofqalmoi Ofqalmoij Ofqalmoj Ofqalmon Ofqalmou Ofqalmouj Ofqalmw Ofqalmwn Ofqeij Ofqentej Ofqentoj Ofqhsetai Ofqhsomai Ofruoj Ogdoh Ogdohkonta Ogdohkontatessarwn Ogdooj Ogdoon Ogkon Oi Oia Oida Oidaj Oidamen Oidasin Oidate Oiden Oiesqw Oij Oikei Oikein Oikeioi Oikeiouj Oikeiwn Oiketai Oikethj Oikethn Oiketwn Oikhmati Oikhthrion Oikia Oikiaj Oikiakoi Oikiakouj Oikian Oikiwn Oikodespotein Oikodespoth Oikodespothj Oikodespothn Oikodespotou Oikodomai Oikodomaj Oikodomei Oikodomein Oikodomeisqe Oikodomeitai Oikodomeite Oikodomh Oikodomhj Oikodomhn Oikodomhqhsetai Oikodomhsai Oikodomhsanti Oikodomhsete Oikodomhsw Oikodomian Oikodomoumenai Oikodomountej Oikodomounti Oikodomountwn Oikodomw Oikodomwn Oikoij Oikoj Oikon Oikonomein Oikonomiaj Oikonomian Oikonomoi Oikonomoij Oikonomoj Oikonomon Oikonomouj Oikou Oikouj Oikoumenh Oikoumenhj Oikoumenhn Oikourouj Oikousa Oikteirhsw Oikteirw Oiktirmoi Oiktirmonej Oiktirmwn Oikw Oikwn Oimai Oinoflugiaij Oinoj Oinon Oinopothj Oinou Oinw Oioi Oioj Oiomenoi Oion Oiou Oiouj Oisei Oisousin Oitinej Oj Oknhre Oknhroi Oknhron Oknhsai Oktahmeroj Oktw Oleqroj Oleqron Olh Olhj Olhn Oliga Oligai Oligaj Olighj Olighn Oligoi Oligoij Oligoj Oligon Oligopiste Oligopistoi Oligou Oligoyuxouj Oligw Oligwn Oligwrei Oloj Olokautwmata Olokautwmatwn Oloklhrian Oloklhroi Oloklhron Ololuzontej Olon Oloqreutou Oloqreuwn Oloteleij Olou Olouj Olumpan Olunqouj Olw Olwj Ombroj omenai omenh omenhn omenoi omenoj omenon Omilein Omilhsaj Omiliai Omiloj Ommata Omnuei Omnuein Omnuete Omnuousin Omofronej Omoia Omoiai Omoiaj Omoiazei Omoioi Omoioj Omoion Omoiopaqeij Omoiopaqhj Omoiothta Omoiwj Omoiwmata Omoiwmati Omoiwqentej Omoiwqhnai Omoiwqhsetai Omoiwqhte Omoiwsin Omoiwsw Omoiwswmen Omologei Omologeitai Omologhsantej Omologhsei Omologhsh Omologhshj Omologhsw Omologiaj Omologian Omologoumenwj Omologountej Omologountwn Omologousin Omologw Omologwmen Omologwn Omoqumadon Omosai Omosaj Omosh Omoshj Omotexnon Omou Omwj On Onaimhn Onar Onarion Oneidismoi Oneidismoij Oneidismon Oneidiswsin Oneidizein Oneidizesqe Oneidizomeqa Oneidizontoj Oneidizontwn Oneidoj Onhsiforou Onhsimon Onhsimw Onikoj Onoj Onoma Onomata Onomati Onomatoj Onomatwn Onomazein Onomazesqw Onomazetai Onomazomenoj Onomazomenou Onomazwn Onon Onou Onper Onta Ontaj Ontej Onti Ontoj Ontwj Ontwn Opaij Ophj Opisqen Opisw Opla Oplisasqe Oplwn Opoian Opoioi Opoioj Opoion Opote Opou Optanomenoj Optasia Optasiaj Optasian Optou Opwj Opwra Oqen Oqonhn Oqonia Oqonioij Oqoniwn Ora Orama Oramati Oramatoj Orasei Oraseij Orata Orate Orecei Oregetai Oregomenoi Oregontai Orei Oreinh Oreinhn Oresin Orewn Orfanouj Orgh Orghj Orghn Orgilon Orgisqeij Orgizesqe Orgizomenoj Orguiaj Orh Oria Orioij Orisaj Orisqentoj Oriwn Orizei Orkizomen Orkizw Orkoj Orkon Orkou Orkouj Orkw Orkwmosiaj Ormh Ormhmati Ornea Orneoij Orneou Ornij Oroj Oroqesiaj Orouj Orqaj Orqoj Orqopodousin Orqotomounta Orqriai Orqrinoj Orqron Orqrou Orqwj Orw Orwmen Orwn Orwntej Orwsai Orxhsamenhj Osa Osai Osaj Osakij Osfrhsij Osfuaj Osfuej Osfui Osfun Osfuoj Osia Osioj Osion Osiothti Osiouj Osiwj Osmh Osmhj Osmhn Osoi Oson Osouj Ostea Ostewn Ostij Ostoun Ostrakina Ostrakinoij Osw Oswn Otan Ote Oti Otou Ou Oua Ouai Oud Oudamwj Oude Oudeij Oudemia Oudemian Ouden Oudena Oudeni Oudenoj Oudepote Oudepw Ouj Ouk Ouketi Oukoun Oun Oupw Oura Ourai Ouraij Ouraj Ourane Ouranioj Ouraniou Ouraniw Ouranoi Ouranoij Ouranoj Ouranon Ouranoqen Ouranou Ouranouj Ouranw Ouranwn Ourbanon Ouriou Ousa Ousai Ousan Oush Oushj Ousiaj Ousian ousin Ouswn Oute Outoi Outoj Outwj Oux Ouxi Oxloi Oxloij Oxloj Oxlon Oxlopoihsantej Oxlou Oxlouj Oxloumenoi Oxloumenouj Oxlw Oxlwn Oxurwmatwn Oyaria Oyarion Oyariwn Oye Oyei Oyesqe Oyetai Oyhsqe Oyia Oyiaj Oyij Oyimon Oyin Oyomai Oyomeqa Oyontai Oywnia Oywnioij Oywnion Ozei Oziaj Ozian Pafou Pagida Pagideuswsin Pagidoj Pagij Pagon Pagou Paida Paidagwgoj Paidagwgon Paidagwgouj Paidaj Paidarioij Paidarion Paideia Paideiaj Paideian Paideuei Paideuomenoi Paideuomeqa Paideuonta Paideuousa Paideuqwsin Paideusaj Paideutaj Paideuthn Paideuw Paidia Paidioij Paidion Paidioqen Paidiou Paidiskaj Paidiskh Paidiskhj Paidiskhn Paidiskwn Paidiwn Paidoj Paidwn Paij Paisaj Paish Paisin Paizein Paj Palai Palaia Palaiaj Palaian Palaioj Palaion Palaiothti Palaiou Palaiouj Palaioumena Palaioumenon Palaiw Palaiwqhsontai Palh Paliggenesia Paliggenesiaj Palin Pamfuliaj Pamfulian Pamplhqei Pampollou Pan Pandoxei Pandoxeion Panhgurei Panoiki Panoplian Panourgia Panourgian Panourgoj Panta Pantaj Pantaxoqen Pantaxou Pantej Pantelej Panth Panti Pantoj Pantokratoroj Pantokratwr Pantoqen Pantote Pantwj Pantwn Paqei Paqein Paqh Paqhma Paqhmasin Paqhmata Paqhmatwn Paqhtoj Paqoj Paqontaj Paqontoj Paqousa Paqwn Par Para Parabainete Parabainousin Parabainwn Parabalwmen Parabasei Parabasewj Parabasewn Parabasij Parabatai Parabathj Parabathn Parabolaij Parabolaj Parabolh Parabolhj Parabolhn Parabouleusamenoj Paradecontai Paradedomenoi Paradedotai Paradedwkeisan Paradedwkosin Paradeigmatisai Paradeigmatizontaj Paradeison Paradeisou Paradeisw Paradexesqai Paradexetai Paradexontai Paradexou Paradiatribai Paradidomeqa Paradidonai Paradidonta Paradidontej Paradidontoj Paradidosqai Paradidotai Paradidouj Paradidwj Paradidwsin Paradoca Paradontoj Paradoqeij Paradoqeish Paradoqeishj Paradoqhnai Paradoqhsesqe Paradoqhsetai Paradoqw Paradosei Paradoseij Paradosewn Paradosin Paradouj Paradounai Paradw Paradwsei Paradwsousin Paradwsw Paradwswn Parafronian Parafronwn Paragei Paragenomenoi Paragenomenoj Paragenomenon Paragenomenou Paragenomenouj Paragenwmai Paragenwntai Paragetai Paraggeilaj Paraggeilantej Paraggeilhj Paraggelia Paraggeliaj Paraggelian Paraggelle Paraggellei Paraggellein Paraggellomen Paraggellw Paraggellwn Paraginetai Paragonta Paragonti Paragwn Parainw Paraiteisqai Paraithsamenoi Paraithshsqe Paraitou Paraitoumai Parakalei Parakalein Parakaleisqe Parakaleitai Parakaleite Parakalesai Parakalesaj Parakalesh Parakaleson Parakaloumen Parakaloumeqa Parakalountej Parakalountoj Parakalousin Parakalw Parakalwn Parakalwntai Parakaqisasa Parakataqhkhn Parakeitai Parakekalummenon Parakeklhmeqa Parakexeimakoti Paraklhqhnai Paraklhqhsontai Paraklhqwsin Paraklhsei Paraklhsewj Paraklhsij Paraklhsin Paraklhtoj Paraklhton Parakoh Parakohj Parakohn Parakolouqhsei Parakoush Parakuyai Parakuyaj Paralabe Paralabein Paralabonta Paralabontej Paralabwn Paralambanei Paralambanetai Paralambanontej Paralambanousin Paralegomenoi Paralelumena Paralelumenoi Paralelumenoj Paralelumenw Paralhfqhsetai Paralhyomai Paraliou Parallagh Paralogizhtai Paralogizomenoi Paralutikoj Paralutikon Paralutikouj Paralutikw Parameinaj Paramenein Paramenw Paramuqeisqe Paramuqhswntai Paramuqian Paramuqion Paramuqoumenoi Paranomiaj Paranomwn Parapesontaj Parapikrasmw Parapleusai Paraplhsion Paraplhsiwj Paraporeuesqai Paraporeuomenoi Paraptwma Paraptwmasin Paraptwmata Paraptwmati Paraptwmatoj Paraptwmatwn Paraqalassian Paraqeinai Paraqhkhn Paraqhsomai Paraqhsw Paraqou Paraqwsin Pararruwmen Parashmw Paraskeuasetai Paraskeuazontwn Paraskeuh Paraskeuhn Parasthnai Parasthsai Parasthsate Parasthsei Parasthsh Parasthsomeqa Parasthswmen Parasthte Parasxwn Parathreisqe Parathrhsantej Parathrhsewj Parathroumenoi Paratiqemai Paratiqemena Paratiqemenoj Paratiqemenon Paratiqenai Paratiqesqwsan Paratugxanontaj Parautika Paraxeimasai Paraxeimasian Paraxeimasw Paraxrhma Parazhloumen Parazhlwsai Parazhlwsw Pardalei Parebalomen Parebh Parebiasanto Parebiasato Parecei Paredidoto Paredidou Paredidoun Paredoqh Paredoqhn Paredoqhte Paredosan Paredwka Paredwkaj Paredwkamen Paredwkan Paredwkate Paredwken Paregeneto Paregenomhn Paregenonto Pareginonto Parei Pareimenaj Pareinai Pareisacousin Pareisaktouj Pareisedusan Pareisenegkantej Pareishlqen Pareishlqon Pareisin Pareisthkeisan Pareixen Pareixeto Pareixon Parekalei Parekalesa Parekalesaj Parekalesan Parekalesen Parekaloumen Parekaloun Pareklhqh Pareklhqhmen Pareklhqhsan Parektoj Parekuyen Parelabej Parelaben Parelabete Parelabon Parelegonto Pareleusetai Pareleusontai Parelhluqenai Parelhluqwj Parelqein Parelqetw Parelqh Parelqontej Parelqwn Parelqwsin Parembolaj Parembolhj Parembolhn Parenegke Parenoxlein Parepidhmoi Parepidhmoij Parepidhmouj Parepikranan Pareporeuonto Pareqento Pareqewrounto Pareqhkan Pareqhken Parerxesqe Parerxetai Paresin Pareskeuasmenoi Pareskeuastai Paresmen Pareste Paresth Paresthken Paresthkosin Paresthkotwn Paresthkwj Paresthsan Paresthsate Paresthsen Parestin Parestwsin Parestwta Parestwtej Paresxon Pareteinen Parethroun Parexe Parexein Parexesqe Parexete Parexetw Parexomenoj Parexonti Parexousin Parhgen Parhggeilamen Parhggeilan Parhggeilen Parhggellomen Parhgoria Parhkolouqhkaj Parhkolouqhkoti Parhlqen Parhlqon Parhnei Parhsan Parhthmenon Parhthsanto Paristanete Paristhsin Parmenan Parocunetai Parocusmoj Parocusmon Parodw Paroikeij Paroikia Paroikiaj Paroikoi Paroikoj Paroikon Paroikouj Paroimiaij Paroimiaj Paroimian Paroinon Paromoia Paromoiazete Paron Parontej Parontoj Parorgismw Parorgiw Parorgizete Paroush Parousia Parousiaj Parousian Parousin Paroyidoj Parqeniaj Parqenoi Parqenoij Parqenoj Parqenon Parqenou Parqenwn Parqoi Parrhsia Parrhsiaj Parrhsian Parrhsiasamenoi Parrhsiaswmai Parrhsiazesqai Parrhsiazomenoi Parrhsiazomenoj Parwcuneto Parwkhsen Parwn Parwtrunan Parwxhmenaij Pasa Pasai Pasaij Pasaj Pasan Pash Pashj Pasin Paswn Pasxa Pasxei Pasxein Pasxete Pasxetw Pasxoite Pasxomen Pasxontej Pasxw Pasxwn Patacai Patacaj Patacomen Patacw Patara Patassh Patei Patein Pater Patera Pateraj Paterej Paterwn Pathr Pathsousin Patmw Patoumenh Patralwaij Patrasin Patri Patria Patriai Patriaj Patriarxai Patriarxaj Patriarxhj Patriarxou Patrida Patridi Patrikwn Patroban Patroj Patroparadotou Patrwoij Patrwou Patrww Pauetai Paule Pauloj Paulon Paulou Paulw Pauomai Pauomeqa Pausasqai Pausatw Paush Pausontai Pedaij Pedaj Pedinou Pefanerwmeqa Pefanerwsqai Pefanerwtai Pefilhkate Pefimwso Pefortismenoi Pefusiwmenoi Pefusiwmenwn Pefuteumenhn Pefwtismenouj Peina Peinan Peinasete Peinash Peinasousin Peinwmen Peinwnta Peinwntaj Peinwntej Peiqarxein Peiqarxhsantaj Peiqarxousin Peiqeij Peiqesqai Peiqesqe Peiqoij Peiqomai Peiqomen Peiqomenoij Peiqomenou Peiqw Peiqwn Peiran Peirasai Peirasmoij Peirasmoj Peirasmon Peirasmou Peirasmw Peirasmwn Peirasqeij Peirasqhj Peirasqhnai Peirasqhte Peirazei Peirazetai Peirazete Peirazh Peirazomai Peirazomenoij Peirazomenoj Peirazontej Peirazwn Peisaj Peisantej Peismonh Peisomen Peisqentej Peisqhj Peisqhsontai Pelagei Pelagoj Pemfqentej Pempein Pempomenoij Pemponta Pempthn Pemptoj Pempw Pemyai Pemyaj Pemyanta Pemyantej Pemyanti Pemyantoj Pemyasin Pemyei Pemyhj Pemyon Pemyousin Pemyw Penhsin Penixran Penqein Penqera Penqeraj Penqeran Penqeroj Penqhsate Penqhsete Penqhsw Penqoj Penqountej Penqousin Pentakij Pentakisxilioi Pentakisxiliouj Pentakisxiliwn Pentakosia Pentakosioij Pente Pentedekatw Penthkonta Penthkontatriwn Penthkosthj Pepaideumenoj Pepalaiwken Pepautai Pepeirasmenon Pepeismai Pepeismenoj Pepeismeqa Pepelekismenwn Pepiesmenon Pepisteuka Pepisteukaj Pepisteukamen Pepisteukate Pepisteukeisan Pepisteuken Pepisteukosin Pepisteukotaj Pepisteukotej Pepisteukotwn Pepisteukwj Pepisteumai Peplanhmenoij Peplanhsqe Peplatuntai Peplhroforhmenwn Peplhrwkate Peplhrwken Peplhrwkenai Peplhrwmai Peplhrwmena Peplhrwmenh Peplhrwmenhn Peplhrwmenoi Peplhrwmenouj Peplhrwtai Peplouthka Pepoihka Pepoihkamen Pepoihkeisan Pepoihken Pepoihkenai Pepoihkosin Pepoihkotej Pepoihkotoj Pepoihkwj Pepoihmenwn Pepoiqa Pepoiqaj Pepoiqamen Pepoiqen Pepoiqenai Pepoiqhsei Pepoiqhsin Pepoiqotaj Pepoiqotej Pepoiqwj Pepoliteumai Peponqasin Peponqen Peporeumenouj Pepotiken Pepragmenon Pepraken Pepramenoj Pepraxa Pepraxenai Peptwkota Peptwkuian Pepurwmena Pepurwmenoi Pepurwmenon Pepwken Pepwrwken Pepwrwmenh Pepwrwmenhn per Peraj Peran Perata Peratwn Pergamon Pergamw Pergh Perghj Perghn Peri Periagein Periagete Periagwn Periaireitai Periastrayai Peribaleitai Peribalh Peribalhtai Peribalou Peribalousin Peribalwmeqa Peribalwn Peribeblhmenh Peribeblhmenoi Peribeblhmenoj Peribeblhmenon Peribeblhmenouj Peribleyamenoi Peribleyamenoj Peribolaion Peribolaiou Peric Peridramontej Periebalete Periebaleto Periebalomen Periebalon Perieblepeto Periededeto Periekruben Perielamyen Perielein Perielontej Perielqontej Periepatei Periepateij Periepathsamen Periepathsate Periepathsen Periepatoun Periepeiran Periepepathkei Periepesen Periepoihsato Perieqhkan Perieqhken Perierga Periergazomenouj Periergoi Perierxomenai Perierxomenwn Periespato Periesthsan Periestwta Periesxen Perietemen Perietmhqhte Periexei Periexousan Periezwsmenai Periezwsmenoi Periezwsmenon Periferein Periferesqe Periferomenai Periferomenoi Periferontej Perifroneitw Perihgen Perihlqon Perihreito Perihstrayen Periistaso Perikaluptein Perikaluyantej Perikaqarmata Perikefalaian Perikeimai Perikeimenon Perikeitai Perikekalummenhn Perikrateij Perikuklwsousin Perilamyan Perileipomenoi Perilupoj Perilupon Perimenein Perioikoi Perioikountaj Periousion Perioxh Peripatei Peripateij Peripatein Peripateite Peripateitw Peripath Peripathsai Peripathsantej Peripathsei Peripathsousin Peripathswmen Peripathte Peripatoumen Peripatounta Peripatountaj Peripatountej Peripatounti Peripatountoj Peripatousin Peripatwmen Peripatwn Peripeshte Peripesontej Peripoihsewj Peripoihsin Peripoiountai Periqeij Periqentej Periqesewj Perirrhcantej Perisseia Perisseian Perisseuei Perisseuein Perisseuete Perisseuh Perisseuhte Perisseuma Perisseumata Perisseumatoj Perisseuomen Perisseuon Perisseuontej Perisseuontoj Perisseuousa Perisseuousin Perisseuqhsetai Perisseusai Perisseusan Perisseusanta Perisseush Perisseuw Perisson Perissotera Perissoteran Perissoteron Perissoterwj Perissou Perisswj Peristerai Peristeraj Peristeran Peristerwn Peritemein Peritemnein Peritemnesqai Peritemnesqw Peritemnete Peritemnhsqe Peritemnomenoi Peritemnomenw Peritetmhmenoj Peritiqeasin Peritiqemen Peritmhqhnai Peritomh Peritomhj Peritomhn Peritrepei Perixwroj Perixwron Perixwrou Perixwrw Periyhma Perizwsai Perizwsamenoi Perizwsamenoj Perizwsetai Perpereuetai Persida Perusi Pesein Peseitai Pesete Pesh Peshte Peson Pesonta Pesontaj Pesontej Pesountai Peswn Peswsin Peteina Peteinwn Pethtai Petra Petrai Petraij Petraj Petran Petre Petroj Petron Petrou Petrw Petrwdej Petrwdh Petwmenoij Petwmenon Petwmenou Petwmenw Pezeuein Pezh Phdaliou Phdaliwn Phgai Phgaj Phganon Phgh Phghj Phlikoij Phlikoj Phlon Phlou Phraj Phran Phxun Phxwn Piasai Piasaj Piaswsin Pie Piein Piesai Piesqe Pietai Piete Pih Pihte Pikrainesqe Pikranei Pikria Pikriaj Pikron Pikrwj Pilatoj Pilaton Pilatou Pilatw Pimprasqai Pinaki Pinakidion Pinakoj Pinei Pinein Pinete Pinetw Pinh Pinhte Pinontej Pinousin Pinw Pinwn Piothtoj Piousa Pipraskomenwn Piptei Piptontwn Piqanologia Pisidiaj Pisidian Pista Pistaj Piste Pistei Pisteue Pisteuei Pisteueij Pisteuein Pisteuetai Pisteuete Pisteuhte Pisteuomen Pisteuonta Pisteuontaj Pisteuontej Pisteuonti Pisteuontwn Pisteuousin Pisteuqhnai Pisteusai Pisteusaj Pisteusantaj Pisteusantej Pisteusantwn Pisteusasa Pisteusasin Pisteusate Pisteusei Pisteusete Pisteush Pisteushj Pisteushte Pisteusomen Pisteuson Pisteusontwn Pisteusousin Pisteusw Pisteuswmen Pisteuswsin Pisteuw Pisteuwn Pistewj Pisth Pisthj Pisthn Pistij Pistikhj Pistin Pistoi Pistoij Pistoj Piston Pistou Pistouj Pistw Pistwn Piw Piwmen Piwn Piwsin Placin Plakej Plana Planasqai Planasqe Planatw Planh Planhj Planhqh Planhqhte Planhsai Planhsh Planhsousin Planhtai Planoi Planoij Planoj Planwmen Planwmena Planwmenoi Planwmenoij Planwmenon Planwn Planwntai Planwntej Planwntwn Plasanti Plasma Plastoij Plateia Plateiaij Plateiaj Plateiwn Platoj Platunousin Platunqhte Plecantej Plegmasin Plein Pleion Pleiona Pleionaj Pleionej Pleionoj Pleionwn Pleiosin Pleiouj Pleistai Pleistoj Pleiston Pleon Pleonasai Pleonasasa Pleonash Pleonazei Pleonazonta Pleonecia Pleoneciai Pleoneciaij Pleoneciaj Pleonecian Pleonektai Pleonektaij Pleonektein Pleonekthj Pleonekthqwmen Pleontaj Pleontwn Pleuran Plhgai Plhgaij Plhgaj Plhgh Plhghj Plhghn Plhgwn Plhkthn Plhmmuraj Plhn Plhqei Plhqh Plhqoj Plhqouj Plhqunai Plhqunontwn Plhqunqeih Plhqunqhnai Plhqunw Plhqunwn Plhreij Plhrh Plhrhj Plhroforeisqw Plhroforhqeij Plhroforhqh Plhroforhson Plhroforia Plhroforiaj Plhroforian Plhroij Plhroumenon Plhroumenou Plhroun Plhrousqe Plhroutai Plhrwma Plhrwmata Plhrwmati Plhrwmatoj Plhrwqeishj Plhrwqentwn Plhrwqh Plhrwqhnai Plhrwqhsetai Plhrwqhsontai Plhrwqhte Plhrwqw Plhrwqwsin Plhrwsai Plhrwsantej Plhrwsate Plhrwsei Plhrwseij Plhrwsh Plhrwsontai Plhsaj Plhsantej Plhsion Plhsmonhn Plhsqeij Plhsqhj Plhsqhsetai Ploia Ploiaria Ploiarion Ploiariw Ploion Ploiou Ploiw Ploiwn Plooj Ploun Plousioi Plousioij Plousioj Plousion Plousiou Plousiouj Plousiwj Ploutein Plouthsantej Plouthshj Plouthshte Ploutizomenoi Ploutizontej Ploutoj Plouton Ploutou Ploutountaj Ploutwn Pneh Pnei Pneonta Pneontoj Pneoush Pneuma Pneumasin Pneumata Pneumati Pneumatij Pneumatika Pneumatikaj Pneumatikh Pneumatikhj Pneumatikoi Pneumatikoij Pneumatikoj Pneumatikon Pneumatikwj Pneumatikwn Pneumatoj Pneumatwn Pnikton Pniktou Pnohj Pnohn Poda Podaj Podej Podhrh Podoj Podwn Poia Poiaj Poian Poiei Poieij Poiein Poieisqai Poieisqe Poieitai Poieite Poieitw Poih Poihj Poihma Poihmasin Poihsai Poihsaj Poihsamenoj Poihsantej Poihsanti Poihsasan Poihsasqai Poihsate Poihsatw Poihsei Poihseian Poihseij Poihsete Poihsh Poihshj Poihshte Poihsomen Poihson Poihsousin Poihsw Poihswmen Poihswn Poihswsin Poihtai Poihte Poihthj Poihtwn Poikilaij Poikilhj Poikiloij Poimaine Poimainei Poimainein Poimainonta Poimainontej Poimanate Poimanei Poimena Poimenaj Poimenej Poimenwn Poimhn Poimnh Poimnhj Poimnhn Poimnion Poimniou Poimniw Poion Poiou Poioumai Poioumen Poioumenoi Poioumenoj Poioun Poiounta Poiountai Poiountaj Poiountej Poiounti Poiountoj Poiousin Poiw Poiwmen Poiwn Poiwsin Polei Poleij Polemei Polemeite Polemhsai Polemhsousin Polemhsw Polemoi Polemoj Polemon Polemouj Polemw Polemwn Polesin Polewj Polewn Polij Polin Politai Politarxaj Politeiaj Politeian Politeuesqe Politeuma Polithj Politwn Polla Pollai Pollaij Pollaj Pollakij Pollaplasiona Pollh Pollhj Pollhn Polloi Polloij Pollou Pollouj Pollw Pollwn Polu Poluj Polulogia Polumerwj Polun Polupoikiloj Polusplagxnoj Polutelei Polutelej Polutelouj Polutimon Polutimou Polutropwj Poma Pomasin Ponhra Ponhrai Ponhraj Ponhre Ponhria Ponhriai Ponhriaj Ponhrian Ponhriwn Ponhroi Ponhroij Ponhroj Ponhron Ponhrotera Ponhrou Ponhrouj Ponhrw Ponhrwn Ponoj Ponou Pontikon Pontioj Pontiou Pontiw Ponton Pontou Ponwn Popliou Popliw Poqen Poreiaij Poreian Poreuesqai Poreuesqe Poreuetai Poreuomai Poreuomenai Poreuomenoi Poreuomenoij Poreuomenoj Poreuomenon Poreuomenou Poreuomenouj Poreuomenw Poreuomenwn Poreuou Poreuqeij Poreuqeisa Poreuqeisai Poreuqenta Poreuqentej Poreuqh Poreuqhnai Poreuqhte Poreuqhti Poreuqw Poreuqwsin Poreusetai Poreush Poreusomai Poreusomeqa Poreusontai Poreuwmai Porfura Porfuraj Porfuran Porfuropwlij Porfuroun Porismoj Porismon Porkion Pornai Porneia Porneiai Porneiaj Porneian Porneusai Porneusantej Porneuwmen Porneuwn Pornh Pornhj Pornhn Pornoi Pornoij Pornoj Pornouj Pornwn Porqhsaj Porrw Porrwqen Porrwterw Posa Posai Posaj Posakij Posei Poshn Posij Posin Posoi Posoj Poson Posouj Posw Poswn Potamoforhton Potamoi Potamoj Potamon Potamou Potamouj Potamw Potamwn Potapai Potaph Potaphn Potapoi Potapoj Potapouj Pote Poteron Pothrion Pothriou Pothriw Pothriwn Potiolouj Potish Potize Potizei Potizwn Potoij Pou Poudhj Pouj Pracai Pracantej Pracantwn Pracei Praceij Pracesin Pracete Prachj Pracin Praeij Praeoj Pragma Pragmateiaij Pragmateusasqe Pragmati Pragmatoj Pragmatwn Praitwrion Praitwriw Praktori Praktwr Praoj Praothj Praothta Praothti Praothtoj Praqen Praqhnai Prasiai Prassei Prasseij Prassein Prassete Prasshj Prassontaj Prassontej Prassonti Prassousin Prassw Prasswn Prattein Prattousin Prauj Prauthti Prauthtoj Prepei Prepon Presbeian Presbeuomen Presbeuw Presbutaj Presbuteraj Presbuterion Presbuteriou Presbuteroi Presbuteroij Presbuteroj Presbuterou Presbuterouj Presbuterw Presbuterwn Presbuthj Presbutidaj Prhnhj Prin Priskan Priskilla Priskillan Pro Proacw Proagagwn Proagei Proagein Proagontej Proagousai Proagousaj Proagoushj Proagousin Proagwn Proaireitai Proaulion Probaj Proballontwn Probalwsin Probata Probatikh Probaton Probatou Probatwn Probebhkotej Probebhkuia Probibasqeisa Probleyamenou Prodhla Prodhloi Prodhlon Prodotai Prodothj Prodramwn Prodromoj Proebibasan Proedramen Proedwken Proefhteuon Proefhteusamen Proefhteusan Proefhteusen Proefqasen Proegnw Proegnwsmenou Proegrafh Proegraya Proeipamen Proeipen Proeipon Proeirhka Proeirhkamen Proeirhken Proeirhkenai Proeirhmenwn Proekopten Proekopton Proekoyen Proelaben Proelegomen Proeleusetai Proelqontej Proelqwn Proelqwsin Proenhrcasqe Proenhrcato Proepempon Proephggeilato Proeqemhn Proeqeto Proestwtej Proeteinan Proeuhggelisato Proewrakotej Proexeirisato Proexomeqa Profasei Profasin Proferei Profhtai Profhtaij Profhtaj Profhteia Profhteiai Profhteiaj Profhteian Profhteuein Profhteuhte Profhteuomen Profhteuousa Profhteuousai Profhteusai Profhteusantej Profhteuson Profhteusousin Profhteuwn Profhteuwsin Profhthj Profhthn Profhtij Profhtikon Profhtikwn Profhtin Profhtou Profhtwn Progegonotwn Progegrammenoi Proginwskontej Prognwsei Prognwsin Progonoij Progonwn Prohgagon Prohgen Prohgoumenoi Prohkousate Prohlpikotaj Prohlqon Prohmarthkosin Prohmarthkotwn Prohrxeto Prohtiasameqa Prohtoimasen Proidousa Proidwn Proistamenoi Proistamenoj Proistamenon Proistamenouj Proistasqai Proj Prokaloumenoi Prokataggeilantaj Prokatartiswsin Prokathggeilan Prokathggeilen Prokathggelmenhn Prokeimenhj Prokeimenon Prokeintai Prokeitai Prokekhrugmenon Prokekurwmenhn Prokexeirotonhmenoij Prokhrucantoj Prokoph Prokophn Prokoyousin Prokrimatoj Prolambanei Prolegw Prolhfqh Promarturomenon Promeletan Promerimnate Pronoei Pronoiaj Pronoian Pronooumenoi Proorisaj Proorisqentej Propaqontej Propemfqentej Propemfqhnai Propempontwn Propemyaj Propemyate Propemyhte Propemyon Propeteij Propetej Proporeush Proporeusontai Proqesei Proqesewj Proqesij Proqesin Proqesmiaj Proqumia Proqumiaj Proqumian Proqumon Proqumwj Prosabbaton Prosagage Prosagagh Prosagagontej Prosagein Prosagoreuqeij Prosagwghn Prosaitwn Prosanabhqi Prosanalwsasa Prosanaplhrousa Prosaneplhrwsan Prosaneqemhn Prosaneqento Prosapeilhsamenoi Prosdapanhshj Prosdecamenoi Prosdechsqe Prosdeomenoj Prosdexesqe Prosdexetai Prosdexomenoi Prosdexomenoij Prosdexomenoj Prosdexontai Prosdoka Prosdokiaj Prosdokwmen Prosdokwn Prosdokwntaj Prosdokwntej Prosdokwntoj Prosdokwntwn Prosdramwn Prosedecasqe Prosedexeto Prosedokwn Prosedreuontej Proseferen Proseferon Prosefwnei Prosefwnhsen Proseggisai Proseirgasato Proseixon Proseklhrwqhsan Prosekollhqh Prosekoyan Prosekulisen Prosekunei Prosekunhsan Prosekunhsen Prosekunoun Proselabeto Proselabonto Proselhluqate Proselqe Proselqontej Proselqontwn Proselqousa Proselqousai Proselqwn Prosenegkaj Prosenegke Prosenegkh Prosenexqeij Prosenhnoxen Prosepesen Prosepeson Prosepipten Prosepoieito Proseqeto Proseqhken Proserrhcen Proserxesqai Proserxetai Proserxomenoi Proserxomenon Proserxomenou Proserxomenouj Proserxontai Proserxwmeqa Prosesxhken Prosetacen Proseteqh Proseteqhsan Prosetiqei Prosetiqento Proseucai Proseucamenoi Proseucamenoj Proseucasqai Proseucasqwsan Proseuchtai Proseucomai Proseucwmai Proseucwmeqa Proseuxai Proseuxaij Proseuxaj Proseuxesqai Proseuxesqe Proseuxesqw Proseuxetai Proseuxh Proseuxhj Proseuxhn Proseuxhsqe Proseuxomai Proseuxomenh Proseuxomenoi Proseuxomenoj Proseuxomenon Proseuxomenou Proseuxomeqa Proseuxontai Proseuxwmai Proseuxwn Prosewntoj Prosexe Prosexein Prosexete Prosexontaj Prosexontej Prosfagion Prosfaton Prosfatwj Prosfere Prosferei Prosferein Prosferetai Prosferh Prosferhj Prosferomenai Prosferontai Prosferontej Prosferontwn Prosferousin Prosferwn Prosferwsin Prosfilh Prosfora Prosforaj Prosforan Prosfwnousin Proshlqen Proshlqon Proshlutoi Proshluton Proshlutwn Proshlwsaj Proshnegka Proshnegkan Proshnegkate Proshnegken Proshnexqh Proshrxonto Proshucameqa Proshucanto Proshucato Proshuxeto Proskaleitai Proskalesamenoi Proskalesamenoj Proskalesasqw Proskaleshtai Proskartereite Proskarterh Proskarterhsei Proskarterhsomen Proskarterountej Proskarterountwn Proskarterwn Proskefalaion Proskeklhmai Proskeklhtai Prosklisin Proskollhqhsetai Proskomma Proskommatoj Proskophn Proskoptei Proskoptousin Proskoyhj Proskulisaj Proskunei Proskunein Proskuneite Proskunhsai Proskunhsantej Proskunhsate Proskunhsatwsan Proskunhsei Proskunhseij Proskunhsete Proskunhshj Proskunhson Proskunhsousin Proskunhsw Proskunhswn Proskunhswsin Proskunhtai Proskunoumen Proskunountaj Proskunountej Proskunousa Proskunousin Proslabein Proslabomenoi Proslabomenoj Proslabou Proslalhsai Proslalountej Proslambanesqe Proslhyij Prosmeinai Prosmeinaj Prosmenei Prosmenein Prosmenousin Prosofeileij Prospeinoj Prospesousa Prosphcantej Prospoioumenoj Prosporeuontai Prosqeij Prosqeinai Prosqej Prosra Prosroi Prosroj Prosron Prostatij Prosteqhnai Prosteqhsetai Prostetagmena Prosthnai Prostrexontej Proswpa Proswpolhpteite Proswpolhpthj Proswpolhyia Proswpolhyiaij Proswpon Proswpou Proswpw Proswpwn Proswrmisqhsan Proswxqisa Proswxqisen Prosxusin Prosyauete Proteran Proteron Protetagmenouj Protreyamenoi Prouphrxen Prouphrxon Prowrisen Prowrwmhn Proxeirisasqai Proxoron Prumna Prumnh Prumnhj Prwi Prwia Prwiaj Prwimon Prwinon Prwra Prwraj Prwta Prwteuwn Prwth Prwthj Prwthn Prwtoi Prwtoij Prwtoj Prwtokaqedriaj Prwtokaqedrian Prwtoklisiaj Prwtoklisian Prwton Prwtostathn Prwtotoka Prwtotokia Prwtotokoj Prwtotokon Prwtotokwn Prwtou Prwtouj Prwtw Prwtwn Ptaiei Ptaiomen Ptaisei Ptaishte Pternan Pterugaj Pterugej Pterugion Pterugwn Pthnwn Ptohqentej Ptohqhte Ptohsin Ptolemaida Ptucaj Ptuon Pturomenoi Ptusaj Ptusmatoj Ptwma Ptwmata Ptwsij Ptwsin Ptwxa Ptwxeia Ptwxeian Ptwxh Ptwxoi Ptwxoij Ptwxoj Ptwxon Ptwxouj Ptwxw Ptwxwn Pugmh Pukna Puknaj Puknoteron Pukteuw Pulai Pulaj Pulh Pulhj Pulhn Pulwna Pulwnaj Pulwnej Pulwnoj Pulwnwn Pulwsin Punqanesqai Punqanomai Puqesqai Puqomenoj Puqwnoj Pur Puran Puressousa Puressousan Puretoij Puretoj Puretw Purgoj Purgon Puri Purinouj Puroj Puroumai Puroumenoi Purousqai Purrazei Purroj Purwsei Purwsewj Pwj Pwlei Pwleitai Pwlhsai Pwlhsaj Pwlhsate Pwlhsatw Pwlhson Pwlon Pwloumenon Pwlountaj Pwlountej Pwlountwn Pwlousin Pwpote Pwrwsei Pwrwsij Pwrwsin Qaddaioj Qaddaion Qalassa Qalassan Qalassh Qalasshj Qalpei Qalph Qamar Qamboj Qambouj Qambwn Qanasimon Qanate Qanathforou Qanatoij Qanatoj Qanaton Qanatou Qanatoumenoi Qanatoumeqa Qanatoute Qanatw Qanatwqeij Qanatwsai Qanatwsousin Qanatwswsin Qara Qarrhsai Qarroumen Qarrountaj Qarrountej Qarrw Qarsei Qarseite Qarsoj Qauma Qaumasai Qaumasantej Qaumasate Qaumashj Qaumasia Qaumasontai Qaumasqhnai Qaumasta Qaumasth Qaumaston Qaumazein Qaumazete Qaumazhte Qaumazontej Qaumazontwn Qaumazw Qaumazwn Qayai Qayantwn Qeaj Qean Qeaqhnai Qeasamenoi Qeasamenoij Qeasamenoj Qeasasqai Qeasasqe Qeatrizomenoi Qeatron Qee Qeiaj Qeij Qeinai Qeion Qeiothj Qeiou Qeiw Qeiwdeij Qelei Qeleij Qelein Qelete Qelh Qelhj Qelhma Qelhmata Qelhmati Qelhmatoj Qelhsantaj Qelhsh Qelhsin Qelhsw Qelhswsin Qelhte Qeloi Qelomen Qelonta Qelontaj Qelontej Qelonti Qelontoj Qelontwn Qelousin Qelw Qelwn Qelwsin Qemelia Qemelioi Qemelioj Qemelion Qemeliou Qemeliouj Qemeliw Qemeliwsai Qemenoj Qentej Qentoj Qeodidaktoi Qeofile Qeoi Qeoij Qeoj Qeomaxoi Qeomaxwmen Qeon Qeopneustoj Qeosebeian Qeosebhj Qeostugeij Qeothtoj Qeou Qeouj Qerapeiaj Qerapeian Qerapeuein Qerapeuesqai Qerapeuesqe Qerapeuetai Qerapeuete Qerapeuontej Qerapeuqhnai Qerapeusai Qerapeusei Qerapeuson Qerapeusw Qerapeuwn Qerapwn Qerisai Qerisantwn Qerisei Qerismoj Qerismon Qerismou Qerisomen Qerison Qeristai Qeristaij Qerizeij Qerizein Qerizousin Qerizw Qerizwn Qermainesqe Qermainomenoj Qermainomenon Qermhj Qeroj Qesqe Qessalonikewj Qessalonikewn Qessalonikh Qessalonikhj Qessalonikhn Qeudaj Qew Qewrei Qewreij Qewrein Qewreite Qewrh Qewrhsai Qewrhsh Qewrhswsin Qewrhte Qewrian Qewrountaj Qewrountej Qewrounti Qewrountwn Qewrousai Qewrousin Qewrw Qewrwn Qewrwsin Qh Qhkhn Qhlazontwn Qhlazousaij Qhleiai Qhleiaj Qhlu Qhran Qhreusai Qhria Qhrion Qhriou Qhriw Qhriwn Qhsaurizeij Qhsaurizein Qhsaurizete Qhsaurizwn Qhsauroi Qhsauroj Qhsauron Qhsaurou Qhsaurouj Qhsaurw Qhsaurwn Qhsei Qhseij Qhsw Qigh Qighj Qlibesqai Qlibomenoi Qlibomenoij Qlibomeqa Qlibousin Qlibwsin Qliyei Qliyeij Qliyesin Qliyewj Qliyewn Qliyij Qliyin Qnhta Qnhth Qnhton Qnhtw Qorubeisqe Qoruboj Qorubon Qorubou Qoruboumenon Qremmata Qrhnhsete Qrhnoj Qrhskeia Qrhskeiaj Qrhskoj Qriambeuonti Qriambeusaj Qric Qricin Qroeisqai Qroeisqe Qromboi Qronoi Qronoj Qronon Qronou Qronouj Qronw Qronwn Quateira Quateiroij Quateirwn Quei Quein Quellh Quesqai Qugater Qugatera Qugateraj Qugaterej Qugaterwn Qugathr Qugatri Qugatrion Qugatroj Quinon Qumiamata Qumiamatoj Qumiamatwn Qumiasai Qumiathrion Qumoi Qumoj Qumomaxwn Qumon Qumou Qura Qurai Quraij Quraj Quran Qureon Quridoj Qurwn Qurwroj Qurwrw Qusate Qush Qusia Qusiai Qusiaij Qusiaj Qusian Qusiasthria Qusiasthrion Qusiasthriou Qusiasthriw Qusiwn Quson Qw Qwma Qwmaj Qwman Qwraka Qwrakaj Raab Rabbi Rabboni Rabbouni Rabdizein Rabdoj Rabdon Rabdou Rabdouj Rabdouxoi Rabdouxouj Rabdw Radiourghma Radiourgiaj Rafidoj Ragau Raka Rakouj Rama Rantismon Rantismou Rantizousa Rapisei Rapisma Rapismasin Rapismata Raxab Raxhl Rebekka Redwn Remfan Reusousin Rhcei Rhcon Rhcwsin Rhgion Rhgma Rhgnuntai Rhma Rhmasin Rhmata Rhmati Rhmatoj Rhmatwn Rhqeij Rhqen Rhsa Rhssei Rhtoroj Rhtwj Riph Ripizomenw Riptountwn Riyaj Riyan Riyantej Riza Rizan Rizhj Rizwn Rmd Roboam Rodh Rodon roi roij Roizhdon roj Romfaia Romfaian ron rou Roubhn Roufon Roufou rouj Rouq Ruesqai Ruetai Rumaij Rumaj Rumhn Ruomenoj Ruomenon Rupara Ruparian Rupou Rupwn Rupwsatw Rusai Rusasqw Rusei Rusetai Rusij Rusqentaj Rusqw Rusqwmen Rutida rw Rwmaikoij Rwmaioi Rwmaioij Rwmaioj Rwmaion Rwmaiouj Rwmaisti Rwmaiwn Rwmh Rwmhj Rwmhn rwn Sa Sabawq Sabaxqani Sabbasin Sabbata Sabbatismoj Sabbaton Sabbatou Sabbatw Sabbatwn Saddouoi Saddououj Saddouwn Sadwk Saghnh Sainesqai Sakkoj Sakkouj Sakkw Sala Salamini Salaqihl Saleim Saleuomena Saleuomenon Saleuomenwn Saleuontej Saleuqhnai Saleuqhsontai Saleuqw Saleusai Salhm Salmwn Salmwnhn Salou Salpigc Salpigga Salpiggaj Salpiggej Salpiggi Salpiggoj Salpisei Salpishj Salpistwn Salpiswsin Salpizein Salwmh Samareia Samareiaj Samareian Samareitai Samareitaij Samareithj Samareitidoj Samareitij Samareitwn Samon Samoqrakhn Samouhl Samywn Sandalia Sanisin Saoul Sapfeirh Sapfeiroj Sapra Saproj Sapron sara Sarc Sardeij Sardesin Sardinw Sardioj Sardonuc sareia sareiaj sareian Sarepta Sarganh sari Sarka Sarkaj Sarki Sarkika Sarkikh Sarkikhj Sarkikoi Sarkikoij Sarkikoj Sarkikwn Sarkinaij Sarkoj Sarkwn Saroi saroj Saroux Sarra Sarraj Sarwna Sata Satan Satana Satanaj Satanan Sauloj Saulon Saulou Saulw Sauton Sbennuntai Sbennutai Sbennute Sbesai Sbesei Se Seauton Seautou Seautw Sebasma Sebasmata Sebasthj Sebaston Sebastou Sebesqai Sebetai Sebomenaj Sebomenh Sebomenoij Sebomenou Sebomenwn Sebontai Seiomenh Seiraij Seismoi Seismoj Seismon Seismw Seiw Sekoundoj Seleukeian Selhnh Selhnhj Selhniazetai Selhniazomenouj Semei Semidalin Semna Semnaj Semnothta Semnothti Semnothtoj Semnouj Sergiw Sesaleumenon Sesarwmenon Seshpen Sesighmenou Sesofismenoij Seswken Seswreumena Seswsmenoi Seswstai Sfacwsin Sfaghj Sfaghn Sfagia Sfodra Sfodrwj Sfragida Sfragidaj Sfragidwn Sfragij Sfragisamenoj Sfragisantej Sfragishj Sfragisin Sfragison Sfragiswmen Sfura Sh Shj Shm Shmainwn Shmanai Shmeia Shmeioij Shmeion Shmeiousqe Shmeiwn Shmeron Shn Shq Shrikou Shtobrwta Siagona Sidhra Sidhran Sidhrou Sidhrouj Sidwna Sidwni Sidwnioij Sidwnoj Sigan Sigatw Sigatwsan Sigh Sighj Sighsai Sikariwn Sikera Sila Silaj Silan Silouanoj Silouanou Silwam Simewn Simikinqia Simwn Simwna Simwni Simwnoj Sina Sinapewj Sindona Sindoni Siniasai Sita Siteuton Sitista Sitometrion Siton Sitou Siwn Siwpa Siwphsh Siwphshj Siwphswsin Siwpwn Sixem Skafhj Skafhn Skandala Skandalish Skandalisqh Skandalisqhsesqe Skandalisqhsomai Skandalisqhsontai Skandalisqhte Skandalisw Skandaliswmen Skandalizei Skandalizetai Skandalizh Skandalizontai Skandalon Skandalou Skandalwn Skaptein Skayw Skelh Skepasmata Skeua Skeuei Skeuesin Skeuh Skeuhn Skeuoj Skhnaij Skhnaj Skhnei Skhnh Skhnhj Skhnhn Skhnophgia Skhnopoioi Skhnouj Skhnountaj Skhnountej Skhnwma Skhnwmati Skhnwmatoj Skhnwsei Skia Skian Skirthsate Sklhroj Sklhrokardian Sklhron Sklhrothta Sklhrotraxhloi Sklhrunei Sklhrunhte Sklhrunqh Sklhrwn Skolia Skoliaj Skolioij Skoloy Skopei Skopein Skopeite Skopon Skopountwn Skopwn Skorpioi Skorpioij Skorpion Skorpiou Skorpisqhte Skorpiwn Skorpizei Skotei Skoteinon Skotia Skotiaj Skotisqh Skotisqhsetai Skotisqhtwsan Skotoj Skotouj Skotw Skubala Skula Skulle Skulleij Skullou Skuqhj Skuqrwpoi Skwlhc Skwlhkobrwtoj Smaragdinw Smaragdoj Smurnaiwn Smurnan Smurnhj Sodoma Sodomoij Sodomwn Sofia Sofiaj Sofian Sofisai Sofoi Sofoij Sofoj Sofouj Sofw Sofwn Sofwteron Soi Soj Solomwn Solomwnta Solomwntoj Son Sorou Sou Soudaria Soudarion Soudariw Souj Sousanna Spanian Sparacan Sparassei Spareij Sparentej Sparh Spasamenoj Spatalwsa Speira Speirai Speiraj Speiran Speiranti Speirei Speireij Speirein Speiretai Speirh Speirhj Speiromenoi Speironti Speirontoj Speirousin Speirwn Spekoulatwra Spendomai Sperma Spermasin Spermati Spermatoj Spermatwn Spermologoj Speudontaj Speusaj Speusantej Speuson Sphlaia Sphlaioij Sphlaion Spiladej Spiloi Spilon Spilousa Splagxna Splagxnisqeij Splagxnizomai Splagxnoij Spodoj Spodw Spoggon Sporaj Sporimwn Sporoj Sporon Spoudaion Spoudaioteroj Spoudaioteron Spoudaioterwj Spoudaiwj Spoudasate Spoudason Spoudasw Spoudaswmen Spoudazontej Spoudh Spoudhj Spoudhn Spuridaj Spuridi Spuridwn Sqenwsai Stadiouj Stadiw Stadiwn Stafulai Stafulhn Staj Stamnoj Stantoj Staqeij Staqenta Staqentej Staqh Staqhnai Staqhsetai Stasa Stasei Stasewj Stasij Stasin Stathra Stauroj Stauron Staurou Staurountai Staurousin Staurw Staurwqh Staurwqhnai Staurwqhtw Staurwsai Staurwsantej Staurwsate Staurwsete Staurwson Staurwsw Staurwswsin Staxuaj Staxui Staxun Stefana Stefanoi Stefanoj Stefanon Stefanou Stefanouj Stefanoutai Stefanw Stegei Steghn Stegomen Stegontej Stegwn Steira Steirai Stellesqai Stellomenoi Stemmata Stenagmoij Stenagmou Stenazete Stenazomen Stenazontej Stenh Stenhj Stenoxwreisqe Stenoxwria Stenoxwriaij Stenoxwroumenoi Sterea Stereaj Stereoi Stereoj Sterewma Sthkei Sthkete Sthkhte Sthnai Sthqh Sthqi Sthqoj Sthricai Sthricate Sthricei Sthricon Sthrigmou Sthrixqhnai Sthsai Sthsantej Sthsei Sthsh Sthshj Sthsontai Sthte Stigmata Stigmh Stilbonta Stoa Stoaj Stoibadaj Stoixeia Stoixeij Stoixein Stoixeiwn Stoixhsousin Stoixousin Stoixwmen Stolai Stolaij Stolaj Stolhn Stoma Stomata Stomati Stomatoj Stomatwn Stomaxon Strafeij Strafeisa Strafentej Strafhte Strateiaj Strateian Strateuetai Strateuh Strateuma Strateumasin Strateumata Strateumati Strateumatoj Strateumatwn Strateuomenoi Strateuomenoj Strateuomenwn Strateuomeqa Strateuontai Strathgoi Strathgoij Strathgoj Strathgouj Stratia Stratiaj Stratiwtai Stratiwtaij Stratiwtaj Stratiwth Stratiwthj Stratiwthn Stratiwtwn Stratologhsanti Stratopedarxh Stratopedwn Streblousin Strefein Strefomeqa Streyon Strhniasantej Strhnouj Strouqia Strouqiwn Strwson Stughtoi Stugnasaj Stugnazwn Stuloi Stuloj Stulon Stwikwn Su Suggeneia Suggeneiaj Suggeneian Suggeneij Suggenesin Suggenh Suggenhj Suggenwn Suggnwmhn Sugkakopaqhson Sugkakouxeisqai Sugkalei Sugkaleitai Sugkalesamenoj Sugkalesasqai Sugkalousin Sugkamyon Sugkaqhmenoi Sugkaqhmenoj Sugkaqisantwn Sugkatabantej Sugkataqesij Sugkatateqeimenoj Sugkateyhfisqh Sugkekalummenon Sugkekleismenoi Sugkekramenoj Sugkexumenh Sugkexutai Sugklhronoma Sugklhronomoi Sugklhronomwn Sugkoinwneite Sugkoinwnhsantej Sugkoinwnhshte Sugkoinwnoj Sugkoinwnouj Sugkrinai Sugkrinontej Sugkuptousa Sugkurian Sugxairei Sugxairete Sugxairw Sugxarhte Sugxrwntai Sugxusewj Suka Sukaminw Sukh Sukhj Sukhn Sukofanthshte Sukomwraian Sukwn Sulagwgwn Sullabein Sullabesqai Sullabomenoi Sullabontej Sullabousa Sullabousin Sullalhsaj Sullalountej Sullambanou Sullecate Sullecousin Sullecwmen Sullegetai Sullegontej Sullegousin Sullhfqenta Sullhfqhnai Sullhyh Sullupoumenoj Sumbainein Sumbainontoj Sumbalein Sumballousa Sumbantwn Sumbasileusomen Sumbasileuswmen Sumbebhken Sumbebhkoti Sumbebhkotwn Sumbibasei Sumbibasqentwn Sumbibazomenon Sumbibazontej Sumbibazwn Sumbouleusaj Sumbouleuw Sumboulion Sumbouliou Sumbouloj Sumewn Sumferei Sumferon Sumferontwn Sumfhmi Sumfueisai Sumfuletwn Sumfutoi Sumfwnei Sumfwnhsaj Sumfwnhsij Sumfwnhswsin Sumfwniaj Sumfwnou Sumfwnousin Summaqhtaij Summarturei Summarturoumai Summarturoushj Summerizontai Summetoxa Summetoxoi Summimhtai Summorfon Summorfouj Summorfoumenoj Sumpaqeij Sumpaqhsai Sumparagenomenoi Sumparaklhqhnai Sumparalabein Sumparalabontej Sumparalabwn Sumparamenw Sumparegeneto Sumparontej Sumpasxei Sumpasxomen Sumperilabwn Sumplhrousqai Sumpnigei Sumpnigontai Sumpnigousin Sumpolitai Sumporeuontai Sumposia Sumpresbuteroj Sumyuxoi Sun Sunacei Sunacw Sunagagein Sunagagete Sunagagh Sunagagontej Sunagagoush Sunagagwn Sunagei Sunagesqe Sunagontai Sunagousin Sunagw Sunagwgaij Sunagwgaj Sunagwgh Sunagwghj Sunagwghn Sunagwgwn Sunagwn Sunagwnisasqai Sunairei Sunairein Sunaixmalwtoj Sunaixmalwtouj Sunakolouqhsai Sunakolouqhsasai Sunalizomenoj Sunanabasai Sunanabasin Sunanakeimenoi Sunanakeimenoij Sunanakeimenouj Sunanakeimenwn Sunanamignusqai Sunanamignusqe Sunanapauswmai Sunanekeinto Sunanthsaj Sunanthsei Sunanthsin Sunanthsonta Sunantilabhtai Sunantilambanetai Sunapagomenoi Sunapaxqentej Sunapeqanomen Sunapesteila Sunaphxqh Sunapoqanein Sunapwleto Sunaqlountej Sunaqroisaj Sunarai Sunarmologoumenh Sunarmologoumenon Sunarpasantej Sunarpasqentoj Sunaucanesqai Sunaxqentej Sunaxqentwn Sunaxqhnai Sunaxqhsetai Sunaxqhsontai Sundedemenoi Sundesmoj Sundesmon Sundesmw Sundesmwn Sundocasqwmen Sundouloi Sundouloj Sundoulon Sundoulou Sundoulouj Sundoulwn Sundromh Sunebainon Sunebalen Sunebaleto Suneballon Sunebalon Sunebh Sunebouleusanto Sunecousin Sunedramen Sunedramon Sunedria Sunedrion Sunedriou Sunedriw Sunefagej Sunefagomen Sunefwnhqh Sunefwnhsaj Suneidhsei Suneidhsesin Suneidhsewj Suneidhsij Suneidhsin Suneiduiaj Suneilhfuia Suneipeto Suneishlqen Suneixeto Suneixonto Sunekalesan Sunekaqisen Sunekdhmoj Sunekdhmouj Sunekerasen Sunekinhsan Sunekleisan Sunekleisen Suneklekth Sunekomisan Sunelaben Sunelabon Sunelalhsen Sunelaloun Sunelecan Sunelhluqeisan Sunelhluqotaj Sunelhluquiai Sunelogisanto Sunelqein Sunelqh Sunelqonta Sunelqontaj Sunelqontej Sunelqontwn Sunelqousaij Sunenegkantej Sunepaqhsate Sunepemyamen Sunepesth Sunepimarturountoj Sunepiomen Suneplhrounto Sunepnican Sunepnigon Suneporeueto Suneporeuonto Suneqento Suneqlibon Sunergei Sunergoi Sunergoj Sunergon Sunergouj Sunergountej Sunergounti Sunergountoj Sunergw Sunergwn Sunerxesqe Sunerxetai Sunerxhsqe Sunerxomenoi Sunerxomenwn Sunerxontai Sunesei Sunesewj Sunesin Sunesparacen Sunesqiei Sunesqiein Sunestalmenoj Sunestaurwmai Sunestaurwmenoi Sunestaurwqh Sunesteilan Sunesthken Sunesthsate Sunestwsa Sunestwtaj Sunesxon Sunetacen Sunetafhmen Sunetelesen Suneteqeinto Sunethrei Sunetw Sunetwn Suneudokei Suneudokeite Suneudokousin Suneudokwn Suneuwxoumenoi Sunexairon Sunexei Sunexeon Sunexomai Sunexomenh Sunexomenon Sunexomenouj Sunexontej Sunexousin Sunexunen Sunexuqh Suneyhfisan Sunezeucen Sunezhtei Sunezwopoihsen Sunhdomai Sunhgagen Sunhgagete Sunhgagomen Sunhgagon Sunhgeiren Sunhgerqhte Sunhgmena Sunhgmenoi Sunhgmenwn Sunhkan Sunhkate Sunhlasen Sunhlikiwtaj Sunhlqen Sunhlqon Sunhnthsen Sunhqeia Sunhqeian Sunhqlhsan Sunhqroismenoi Sunhqroismenouj Sunhrgei Sunhrpakei Sunhrpasan Sunhrxeto Sunhrxonto Sunhsan Sunhsousin Sunhsqien Sunhte Sunhxqh Sunhxqhsan Sunidontej Sunidwn Sunienai Sunientej Sunientoj Suniete Suniontoj Suniousin Sunistanein Sunistanomen Sunistanontwn Sunistasqai Sunisthmi Sunisthsin Sunistwn Sunistwntej Suniwn Suniwsin Sunodeuontej Sunodia Sunoida Sunoikodomeisqe Sunoikountej Sunomilwn Sunomorousa Sunontwn Sunoxh Sunoxhj Sunqlasqhsetai Sunqlibonta Sunqruptontej Suntafentej Sunteleia Sunteleiaj Sunteleisqai Suntelesaj Suntelesqeiswn Suntelesw Suntelwn Suntemnwn Suntetmhmenon Suntetrifqai Suntetrimmenon Suntetrimmenouj Sunthrountai Suntomwj Suntrexontwn Suntribetai Suntribhsetai Suntribon Suntrimma Suntriyasa Suntriyei Suntrofoj Suntuxein Suntuxhn Sunupekriqhsan Sunupourgountwn Sunwdinei Sunwmosian Sunwsin Surakousaj Surei Suriaj Surian Surofoinissa Suroj Surontej Surtin Surwn Susshmon Susswma Sustasiastwn Sustatikwn Sustaurwqentej Sustaurwqentoj Sustenazei Sustoixei Sustratiwth Sustratiwthn Sustreyantoj Sustrofhj Sustrofhn Susxhmatizesqe Susxhmatizomenoi Suxar Suzhn Suzhsomen Suzhtein Suzhteite Suzhthsewj Suzhthsin Suzhththj Suzhtountaj Suzhtountej Suzhtountwn Suzuge Sw Swfrona Swfronaj Swfronein Swfronhsate Swfronismou Swfronizwsin Swfronoumen Swfronounta Swfronwj Swfrosunhj Swma Swmata Swmati Swmatikh Swmatikw Swmatikwj Swmatoj Swmatwn Swpatroj Swqh Swqhnai Swqhsetai Swqhsh Swqhsomai Swqhsomeqa Swqhte Swqw Swqwsin Swreuseij Swsai Swsaj Swsantoj Swsatw Swsei Swseij Swsipatroj Swson Swsqenhj Swsqenhn Swsw Swswn Swthr Swthra Swthri Swthria Swthriaj Swthrian Swthrioj Swthrion Swthriou Swthroj Swzei Swzein Swzesqai Swzesqe Swzetai Swzete Swzomenoi Swzomenoij Swzomenouj Swzomenwn Sxedon Sxhma Sxhmati Sxisma Sxismata Sxiswmen Sxizei Sxizomenouj Sxoinia Sxoiniwn Sxolazhte Sxolazonta Sxolh Sxw Ta Tabernwn Tabiqa Tacamenoi Tacei Tacin Tade Tafhn Tafoij Tafoj Tafon Tafou Tafouj Tagmati Taij Taj Takth Talaipwrhsate Talaipwria Talaipwriaij Talaipwroj Talanta Talantiaia Talanton Talantwn Taliqa Tameioij Tameion Tamieion Tapeinofrosunh Tapeinofrosunhj Tapeinofrosunhn Tapeinoij Tapeinoj Tapeinouj Tapeinousqai Tapeinwn Tapeinwqhsetai Tapeinwqhte Tapeinwsei Tapeinwsewj Tapeinwsh Tapeinwsin Tarassesqw Tarassontej Tarasswn Taraxai Taraxhn Taraxoj Taraxqh Taraxqhte Tarsea Tarseuj Tarson Tarsw Tartarwsaj Tassomenoj Tauroi Taurouj Taurwn Tauta Tautaij Tautaj Tauth Tauthj Tauthn Taxa Taxei Taxewj Taxinh Taxinhn Taxion Taxista Taxu Taxuj Te Tecetai Tech Tefrwsaj Teixh Teixoj Teixouj Tekein Tekh Tekmhrioij Tekna Teknia Teknogonein Teknogoniaj Teknoij Teknon Teknou Teknw Teknwn Tektonoj Tektwn Telei Teleia Teleioi Teleioij Teleioj Teleion Teleioteraj Teleiothta Teleiothtoj Teleioumai Teleioutai Teleite Teleiwj Teleiwn Teleiwqeij Teleiwqh Teleiwqwsin Teleiwsai Teleiwsantwn Teleiwsij Teleiwsw Teleiwthn Telesforousin Teleshte Telesqh Telesqhnai Telesqhsetai Telesqwsin Teleswsin Teleuta Teleutan Teleutatw Teleuthj Teleuthsantoj Teleutwn Telh Teloj Telouj Telousa Telwnai Telwnhj Telwnhn Telwnion Telwnwn Teqeamai Teqeameqa Teqeatai Teqeika Teqeikate Teqeikwj Teqemeliwmenoi Teqemeliwto Teqerapeumenai Teqerapeumenon Teqerapeumenw Teqh Teqhnai Teqhsaurismenoi Teqlimmenh Teqnanai Teqnhkasin Teqnhken Teqnhkota Teqnhkotoj Teqnhkwj Teqrammenoj Teqrausmenouj Tequmena Teqwsin Terasin Terata Teratwn Tertioj Tertulloj Tertullou Tessara Tessaraj Tessarakonta Tessarakontaeth Tessarakontaethj Tessarej Tessaresdekath Tessaresdekathn Tessarsin Tessarwn Tetagmenai Tetagmenoi Tetaktai Tetaragmenoi Tetaraktai Tetartaioj Tetarth Tetarthj Tetarthn Tetartoj Tetarton Tetartou Teteleiwken Teteleiwmai Teteleiwmenh Teteleiwmenoi Teteleiwmenon Teteleiwmenwn Teteleiwtai Teteleka Tetelestai Teteuxen Tethrhka Tethrhkaj Tethrhkasin Tethrhken Tethrhmenhn Tethrhmenoij Tethrhmenouj Tethrhtai Tetimhmenou Tetradioij Tetragwnoj Tetrakisxilioi Tetrakisxiliouj Tetrakisxiliwn Tetrakosia Tetrakosioij Tetrakosiwn Tetramhnon Tetraploun Tetrapoda Tetrapodwn Tetrarxhj Tetrarxou Tetrarxountoj Tetraumatismenouj Tetraxhlismena Tetuflwken Tetufwmenoi Tetufwtai Texnhj Texnhn Texnitai Texnitaij Texnithj Texqeij Th Thde Thj Thketai Thlaugwj Thlikauta Thlikauthj Thlikoutoj Thlikoutou Thn Thnde Threi Threin Threisqai Threite Thrh Thrhqeih Thrhqhnai Thrhsai Thrhsantaj Thrhsate Thrhsei Thrhsh Thrhshj Thrhshte Thrhsij Thrhsin Thrhson Thrhsousin Thrhsw Throumen Throumenoi Thrountej Thrountwn Thrw Thrwmen Thrwn Ti Tiberiadoj Tiberiou Tij Tiktei Tikth Tiktousa Tillein Tillontej Tima Timaij Timaiou Timaj Timate Timh Timhj Timhn Timhsate Timhsei Timhsh Timia Timian Timioj Timion Timiothtoj Timiou Timiouj Timiw Timiwtatou Timiwtatw Timiwteron Timoqee Timoqeoj Timoqeon Timoqeou Timoqew Timw Timwn Timwna Timwrhqwsin Timwriaj Timwrwn Timwsin Tina Tinaj Tinej Tini Tinoj Tinwn Tiqeasin Tiqeij Tiqenai Tiqentej Tiqetai Tiqetw Tiqhmi Tiqhsin Tisin Tisousin Titlon Titoj Titon Titou Titw To Tocon Toi Toiasde Toiauta Toiautai Toiautaij Toiautaj Toiauth Toiauthn Toigaroun toige Toij Toinun Toioutoi Toioutoij Toioutoj Toiouton Toioutou Toioutouj Toioutw Toioutwn Toixe Tokw Tolma Tolman Tolmhroteron Tolmhsai Tolmhsaj Tolmhsw Tolmhtai Tolmw Tolmwmen Tomwteroj Ton Topazion Topoij Topoj Topon Topou Topouj Topw Topwn Tosauta Tosauthn Tosoutoi Tosoutoj Tosouton Tosoutou Tosoutouj Tosoutw Tosoutwn Tote Tou Touj Tounantion Tounoma Tout Toutestin Touto Toutoij Touton Toutou Toutouj Toutw Toutwn Tragwn Trapeza Trapezaij Trapezaj Trapezan Trapezhj Trapezitaij Traumata Traumatisantej Traxeiai Traxeij Traxhlon Traxwnitidoj Trefei Trefesqai Trefetai Trefwsin Treij Tremousa Tremousin Tremwn Trexei Trexete Trexh Trexontej Trexontoj Trexontwn Trexousin Trexw Trexwmen Tria Triakonta Triakosiwn Tribolouj Tribolwn Tribouj Trietian Trij Trimhnon Trisin Tristegou Trisxiliai Trith Trithj Trithn Tritoj Triton Tritou Triwn Trixa Trixaj Trixej Trixinoj Trixwn Trizei Trofaj Trofh Trofhj Trofhn Trofimoj Trofimon Trofoj Tromoj Tromou Tromw Trophj Tropoj Tropon Tropw Troxiaj Troxon Trublion Trubliw Trufainan Trufh Trufhn Trufwsan Trughson Trugonwn Trugwsin Trumaliaj Truphmatoj Trwada Trwadi Trwadoj Trwgontej Trwgulliw Trwgwn Tufle Tufloi Tufloij Tufloj Tuflon Tuflou Tuflouj Tuflw Tuflwn Tufomenon Tufwnikoj Tufwqeij Tugxanonta Tugxanontej Tupoi Tupoj Tupon Tupouj Tuptein Tuptesqai Tuptontej Tuptonti Turannou Turbazh Turioij Turon Turou Turw Tuxein Tuxikoj Tuxikon Tuxoi Tuxon Tuxousaj Tuxousan Tuxwn Tuxwsin Tw Twn Uakinqinouj Uakinqoj Ualinh Ualinhn Ualoj Ualw Ubresin Ubrewj Ubrin Ubrisai Ubrisan Ubrisqentej Ubrisqhsetai Ubristaj Ubristhn Ubrizeij Udasin Udata Udati Udatoj Udatwn Udriai Udriaj Udrian Udropotei Udrwpikoj Udwr Uetoj Ueton Uetouj Uf Ufantoj Ugiainein Ugiainonta Ugiainontaj Ugiainontej Ugiainontwn Ugiainoush Ugiainoushj Ugiainousin Ugiainwsin Ugieij Ugih Ugihj Ugrw Uie Uioi Uioij Uioj Uion Uioqesia Uioqesiaj Uioqesian Uiou Uiouj Uiw Uiwn Uj Ulhn Umaj Umeij Umenaioj Umetera Umeteraj Umeteran Umeteroj Umeteron Umeterw Umin Umnhsantej Umnhsw Umnoij Umnoun Umwn Up Upage Upagei Upageij Upagein Upagete Upagh Upaghte Upagontaj Upagontej Upagw Upakoh Upakohj Upakohn Upakouei Upakouein Upakouete Upakouousin Upakousai Upandroj Upanthsin Uparceij Uparcin Uparxei Uparxein Uparxonta Uparxontaj Uparxontej Uparxontoj Uparxontwn Uparxoushj Uparxousin Uparxwn Uparxwsin Upebalon Upedecato Upedeica Upedeicen Upeikete Upelaben Upeleifqhn Upemeinate Upemeinen Upemenon Upemnhsqh Upenantion Upenantiouj Upenegkein Upenooun Upepleusamen Upeqhkan Uper Uperairomenoj Uperairwmai Uperakmoj Uperanw Uperaucanei Uperbainein Uperballon Uperballonta Uperballontwj Uperballousan Uperballoushj Uperbolh Uperbolhn Uperekeina Uperekteinomen Uperekxunomenon Uperentugxanei Upereperisseusen Uperepleonasen Uperexon Uperexontaj Uperexonti Uperexousa Uperexousaij Uperfronein Uperhfania Uperhfanoi Uperhfanoij Uperhfanouj Uperidwn Upernikwmen Uperogka Uperoxh Uperoxhn Uperperisseuomai Uperperisswj Uperuywsen Uperwon Uperww Upesteilamhn Upestellen Upestrefon Upestreya Upestreyan Upestreyen Upestrwnnuon Upetacaj Upetacen Upetagh Upetaghsan Upexousai Upexwrhsen Uphgon Uphkooi Uphkooj Uphkouon Uphkousan Uphkousate Uphkousen Uphnegka Uphnthsan Uphnthsen Uphretai Uphretaij Uphretaj Uphretein Uphreth Uphrethn Uphrethsaj Uphrethsan Uphretwn Uphrxen Uphrxon Upnou Upnw Upo Upodecamenh Upodedektai Upodedemenouj Upodeicw Upodeigma Upodeigmata Upodeigmati Upodhma Upodhmata Upodhmatoj Upodhmatwn Upodhsai Upodhsamenoi Upodikoj Upodramontej Upoferei Upogrammon Upokatw Upokrinomenouj Upokrisei Upokriseij Upokrisewj Upokrisij Upokrisin Upokrita Upokritai Upokritwn Upolabwn Upolambanete Upolambanw Upolhnion Upolimpanwn Upomeinaj Upomemenhkota Upomenei Upomeneite Upomenete Upomenomen Upomenontaj Upomenontej Upomenw Upomimnhske Upomimnhskein Upomnhsai Upomnhsei Upomnhsin Upomnhsw Upomonh Upomonhj Upomonhn Uponoeite Uponoiai Upopneusantoj Upopodion Upostasei Upostasewj Upostasij Uposteilhtai Upostolhj Upostrefe Upostrefein Upostrefonti Upostrefwn Upostreyai Upostreyaj Upostreyantej Upostreyanti Upostreyasai Upostreyw Upotacai Upotacanta Upotacanti Upotacantoj Upotagentwn Upotagh Upotaghsetai Upotaghsomeqa Upotaghte Upotassesqai Upotassesqe Upotassesqw Upotassetai Upotasshsqe Upotassomenai Upotassomenaj Upotassomenoi Upotassomenoj Upotetagmena Upotetaktai Upotiqemenoj Upotupwsin Upoxwrwn Upozugion Upozugiou Upozwnnuntej Upwpiazh Upwpiazw Usswpou Usswpw Usterei Ustereisqai Usterhkenai Usterhma Usterhmata Usterhmatoj Usterhqeij Usterhsa Usterhsantoj Usterhsate Usterhsewj Usterhsin Usteroij Usteron Usteroumenoi Usteroumeqa Usterountai Usterounti Usterw Usterwn Uyei Uyhla Uyhlofronei Uyhlofronein Uyhloij Uyhlon Uyhloteroj Uyhlou Uyistoij Uyistoj Uyistou Uyoj Uyouj Uywma Uywn Uywqeij Uywqeisa Uywqhnai Uywqhsetai Uywqhte Uywqw Uywsei Uywsen Uywsh Uywshte W Wbhd Wdaij Wde Wdhn Wdin Wdinaj Wdinousa Wdinw Wdinwn Wfeilen Wfeilomen Wfeilon Wfelei Wfeleia Wfeleiaj Wfeleitai Wfeleite Wfelhqeisa Wfelhqhj Wfelhqhsan Wfelhsei Wfelhsen Wfelhsw Wfelima Wfelimoj Wfeloumai Wfqh Wfqhn Wfqhsan Wj Wkodomhqh Wkodomhsen Wkodomhto Wkodomoun Wmen Wmilei Wmiloun Wmoiwqh Wmoiwqhmen Wmologhsaj Wmologhsen Wmologoun Wmosa Wmosen Wmouj Wn Wneidisen Wneidizon Wnhsato Wnomasen Wnomasqh Won Wra Wrai Wraia Wraian Wraioi Wraj Wran Wrgisqh Wrgisqhsan Wrisan Wrisen Wrismenh Wrismenoj Wrismenon Wrmhsan Wrmhsen Wrqrizen Wrucen Wruomenoj Wrwn Wrxhsasqe Wrxhsato Wsanna Wsautwj Wsei Wshe Wsin Wsper Wsperei Wste Wta Wtion Wtiou Xaire Xairei Xairein Xairete Xairh Xairomen Xairontej Xairontwn Xairw Xairwmen Xairwn Xalasantej Xalasantwn Xalasate Xalasw Xalaza Xalazhj Xaldaiwn Xalepoi Xalinagwghsai Xalinagwgwn Xalinouj Xalinwn Xalka Xalkeuj Xalkhdwn Xalkiwn Xalkoj Xalkolibanw Xalkon Xalkou Xalwsin Xamai Xanaan Xananaia Xara Xaragma Xaragmati Xaragmatoj Xaraj Xaraka Xarakthr Xaran Xarhnai Xarhsetai Xarhsomai Xarhsontai Xarhte Xarij Xarin Xarisamenoj Xarisasqai Xarisasqe Xarisetai Xarisma Xarismata Xarismati Xarismatoj Xarismatwn Xarisqenta Xarisqhnai Xarisqhsomai Xaritaj Xariti Xaritoj Xarizesqai Xarizesqe Xarizomenoi Xarousin Xarran Xartou Xasma Xcj Xeilesin Xeilewn Xeilh Xeiloj Xeimarrou Xeimazomenwn Xeimwn Xeimwnoj Xeir Xeira Xeiragwgouj Xeiragwgoumenoj Xeiragwgountej Xeiraj Xeirej Xeiri Xeirografon Xeiroj Xeiron Xeirona Xeironoj Xeiropoihta Xeiropoihtoij Xeiropoihton Xeiropoihtou Xeirotonhqeij Xeirotonhsantej Xeirwn Xeroubim Xersin Xhra Xhrai Xhraij Xhraj Xhran Xhrwn Xilia Xiliadej Xiliadwn Xiliaj Xiliarxoi Xiliarxoij Xiliarxoj Xiliarxon Xiliarxw Xiliarxwn Xiliasin Xiliwn Xiou Xitwn Xitwna Xitwnaj Xiwn Xlamuda Xleuazontej Xliaroj Xlohj Xlwroj Xlwron Xlwrw Xoikoi Xoikoj Xoikou Xoinic Xoinikej Xoiroi Xoirouj Xoirwn Xolate Xolhj Xolhn Xorazin Xorhgei Xorhghsai Xortasai Xortasmata Xortasqhnai Xortasqhsesqe Xortasqhsontai Xortazesqai Xortazesqe Xortoj Xorton Xortou Xortouj Xortw Xorwn Xoun Xouza Xqej Xreia Xreiaij Xreiaj Xreian Xrewfeiletai Xrewfeiletwn Xrh Xrhma Xrhmasin Xrhmata Xrhmatisai Xrhmatisei Xrhmatismoj Xrhmatisqeij Xrhmatisqentej Xrhmatizonta Xrhmatwn Xrhsai Xrhsamenoj Xrhsimon Xrhsin Xrhson Xrhsq Xrhsteuetai Xrhstoi Xrhstoj Xrhstologiaj Xrhston Xrhstoteroj Xrhstothj Xrhstothta Xrhstothti Xrhstothtoj Xrhswmai Xrhtai Xrhzei Xrhzete Xrhzh Xrhzomen Xrisaj Xrisma Xriste Xristianoj Xristianon Xristianouj Xristoj Xriston Xristou Xristw Xroniei Xronizei Xronizein Xronizontoj Xronoij Xronoj Xronon Xronotribhsai Xronou Xronouj Xronw Xronwn Xrusa Xrusaj Xrush Xrushn Xrusion Xrusiou Xrusiw Xrusiwn Xrusodaktulioj Xrusoj Xrusoliqoj Xruson Xrusoprasoj Xrusou Xrusouj Xrusoun Xrusw Xruswn Xrw Xrwmenoi Xrwmeqa Xrwtoj Xwloi Xwloj Xwlon Xwlou Xwlouj Xwlwn Xwra Xwraij Xwraj Xwran Xwrazin Xwrei Xwrein Xwreitw Xwrhsai Xwrhsate Xwria Xwrij Xwrion Xwriou Xwrisai Xwrisei Xwrisqeij Xwrisqh Xwrisqhnai Xwriwn Xwrizesqai Xwrizesqw Xwrizetai Xwrizetw Xwron Xwrousai Xwrousin Yalletw Yallontej Yalmoij Yalmon Yalmw Yalmwn Yalw Yeudadelfoij Yeudadelfouj Yeudapostoloi Yeudei Yeudeij Yeudesin Yeudesqe Yeudodidaskaloi Yeudoj Yeudologwn Yeudomai Yeudomarturej Yeudomarturhseij Yeudomarturhshj Yeudomarturiai Yeudomarturian Yeudomarturwn Yeudomenoi Yeudomeqa Yeudontai Yeudoprofhtai Yeudoprofhtaij Yeudoprofhthj Yeudoprofhthn Yeudoprofhtou Yeudoprofhtwn Yeudouj Yeudoxristoi Yeudwnumou Yeusasqai Yeusmati Yeustai Yeustaij Yeusthj Yeusthn Yhfisatw Yhfizei Yhfon Yhlafhsate Yhlafhseian Yhlafwmenw Yiqurismoi Yiquristaj Yixiwn Yughsetai Yuxai Yuxaij Yuxaj Yuxei Yuxh Yuxhj Yuxhn Yuxikh Yuxikoi Yuxikoj Yuxikon Yuxoj Yuxroj Yuxrou Yuxwn Ywmion Ywmisw Ywmize Ywxontej Zaboulwn Zakxaie Zakxaioj Zara Zaxaria Zaxariaj Zaxarian Zaxariou Zebedaion Zebedaiou Zeontej Zestoj Zeugh Zeugoj Zeukthriaj Zewn Zh Zhj Zhloi Zhloj Zhlon Zhlou Zhlousin Zhlousqai Zhloute Zhlw Zhlwsantej Zhlwson Zhlwtai Zhlwthj Zhlwthn Zhmiaj Zhmian Zhmiwqeij Zhmiwqh Zhmiwqhsetai Zhmiwqhte Zhn Zhnan Zhsasa Zhsesqe Zhsetai Zhsh Zhsomen Zhsomeqa Zhsontai Zhsw Zhswmen Zhte Zhtei Zhteij Zhtein Zhteitai Zhteite Zhteitw Zhthma Zhthmata Zhthmatoj Zhthmatwn Zhthqhsetai Zhthsai Zhthsatw Zhthseij Zhthsete Zhthsh Zhthsij Zhthsin Zhthson Zhthsousin Zhtoun Zhtountej Zhtounti Zhtountwn Zhtousin Zhtw Zhtwn Zizania Zizaniwn Zofoj Zofon Zofou Zorobabel Zugoj Zugon Zugw Zumh Zumhj Zumhn Zumoi Zw Zwa Zwgrwn Zwh Zwhj Zwhn Zwmen Zwn Zwnaj Zwnh Zwnhn Zwnta Zwntaj Zwntej Zwnti Zwntoj Zwntwn Zwogoneisqai Zwogonhsei Zwon Zwopoiei Zwopoieitai Zwopoihqeij Zwopoihqhsontai Zwopoihsai Zwopoihsei Zwopoioun Zwopoiountoj Zwou Zwsa Zwsaj Zwsan Zwsei Zwsin Zwwn