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Scopes Monkey Trial II

(Update #2)


It is time to sue the evolutionists.  Why?  We now know that evolution is unprovable.  Why is evolution unprovable?  Science requires multiple instances of an event before a law of nature can be established.  In the case of evolution, the event is the whole history of supposed evolution.  Since we cannot go back in time, this history can never be obtained.  Thus evolution is unprovable.  As for any claim of circumstantial evidence that proves evolution, that would be like claiming that one had proved that a few billion people had visited their home, went into their kitchen, and stole a cookie from their cookie jar either without damaging any furnishings or only leaving damage in the form of a microscopic scratch on the kitchen table.  What sheer nonsense!  Such nonsense would not stand up in any court of law.


Now, since evolution is unprovable, science teachers across the nation must stop teaching evolution.  It could, of course, still be taught as a part of history classes as a dead notion that excited interest for over a century.


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