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First, we want it to be clear to everyone that this website contains virtually all of the content at http://lfnexus.com/originalwebsitehome.htm, the really original, homemade (old format) L. F. Nexus website (Original Website Classic).


Content that exists on both the homemade (old format) version of the L. F. Nexus website and the modernized (new format) version of the website may still be updated from time to time on both versions of the website but new articles will only appear on the modernized version of the website in a designated section below.  If you continue to use the homemade version of the website, note that we will inform you at the top of its home page at http://lfnexus.com/originalwebsitehome.htm when we begin to publish new articles.


You will find our usual home page links below.  Now, in addition, 822 (searchable) links, available via the Article/Resource Archive link at the bottom of this page, will also take you, directly and indirectly, to the thousands of pages that are available to the general public.  We will be providing a complete set of direct links as soon as possible and we will be organizing the links topically.  Most of the pages have not been upgraded to the new format yet; so, you will have to continue to endure the “homely” appearance of some of the older pages.  The page upgrading will take quite awhile, given the size of our website.  The following template identifies and will identify pages that are part of our modernized version of the website:  Standard Template.


A few more comments before you begin visiting our pages below:


Clueless critics have totally missed the satirical and exaggerative nature of a tiny portion of our website.  Incredibly, they have taken us seriously about absolutely everything we have published.


For example, they have, amazingly, failed to see the satirical nature of a portion of our article on women and the presidency.  Since there is a great interest in this subject, we have begun to publish our scientific views on our pure fact website.  Another example is their belief that our founder, Dr. Michael J. Bisconti, actually claims to have earned “hundreds” of doctorates (simpleminded, please note the quotation marks, which, according to proper usage, indicate an exaggeration for the purpose of clarity).  For the record, Dr. Bisconti has earned a pair of formal doctorates (two “regular” doctorates) and a number of de facto doctorates.  The de facto doctorates were the by-products of efforts to solve some serious problems that others were not solving; these doctorates were never pursued as ends in themselves.


We wish we had the time to address the other myths and legends that have been perpetuated on the internet by clueless critics.  Since we might not have the time to do so, we chose Dr. Evil as the new representative of this website in the belief that even our clueless critics might get a clue.  Please keep in mind, as posted above, that this website is 99% ordinary writing and only 1% satire; that is, to use a metaphor, only 1% Dr. Evil.


The main source for information about Dr. Bisconti may be found at http://lfnexus.com/indexeinstein.htm#founder on our Einstein Fact Site.  Some of the informational links on that site point to the following articles on this site:


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Evolution Destroyed: The eXolution Trillion Pages Vault

Evolutionist Liars – The Evolution And eXolution Triangle

How To Make It Illegal To Teach Evolution In Your School

How To Tell If Your Science Class Is Stupid

If You Believe In The Theory After This, You Are Truly Insane!

List of 23 Schools In Which We Have Now Made It Illegal To Teach Evolution

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Gays: APA PAC Evil

Bounty Hunters Arrest Over 1000 Homosexuals In 50 States

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Human Sexuality

Is Masturbation A Sin?

Illegal Immigration

Rambo Hunters Sending 20,000 Bounty Hunters To California-Mexico Border


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Ten Truths That Good Clergymen Teach

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