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Baby Critics Award

(Update #13)


The Baby Critics Award is given to well-meaning individuals and groups who lack knowledge and wisdom but whom we value for expressing what they (ignorantly and foolishly) believe is true and good.†  Note that we haven’t had the time to read all of the entries on each of the following two web pages.  This means that we might be treating one or more of the authors of each of these two web pages better than they deserve to be treated.


From the left:


From the right:  After further research, we find that the criticism from the right is nothing compared to the criticism from the left and so much so that continuing to report the criticism from the right would be to commit a gross injustice.



†If a winner of the Baby Critics Award is a group of people, one or more of these people might actually be knowledgeable and wise.  Such knowledgeable and wise people are innocent bystanders and are not intended recipients of the Baby Critics Award.