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By Dr. Michael J. Bisconti

Reviewed by Dr. Susan M. Manheim


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By Dr. Michael J. Bisconti

Reviewed by Dr. Susan M. Manheim




The “Mad Pages” are intended for mature readers.

Their purpose is to impress the reader with the severity of moral corruption in American society.



Technically, most of you will be shocked to learn, both ethicists (experts on ethics) and the pages of Scripture (the Bible) teach that obscenity is not necessarily a sin.  You are probably asking “Why then do we necessarily condemn obscenity?”  Well, first, let us clarify what is a sin.  What is a sin is “the visual presentation of a wish that another person pay, in cash, merchandise, or other personally valuable consideration, for sexual pleasure.”  This is called “obscene expression.”  Now, obscenity is simply “standardized obscene expression.”  Standardized entities can be viewed objectively and clinically and, therefore, are not necessarily invested with human intention; therefore, standardized entities are not necessarily invested with human moral intention.  This is why obscenity can be “neutral”; that is, not a sin.  A quick reminder to some of our foolish friends:


Just because an obscenity is neutral does not mean that it is not a sin to view it.


Obscenity consists of partially or completely displaying particular parts of the body for the purpose of obtaining personally valuable consideration.  This can be, for example, the displaying of some of a woman’s mammae and/or thighs so that you will go see her latest movie or so that you will watch her on television where she will tell you about her latest movie.  Note that a woman who uses obscenity to get a man to marry her is just as guilty as the movie star promoting her latest movie in obscene ways.


How do we know what constitutes obscenity?  There are several ways to know.  There is the instruction of our parents.  There is the conversation of our peers.  There is moral intuition.  There is conscience.  There are the teachings of the Bible.  There is the instruction of our clergymen.  There are countless polls and surveys.  In particular, there is the “Syne Survey,” a survey of one million people from all walks of life.  The Syne Survey reveals the following:


1.      There is a consensus as to what constitutes obscenity, just as there is a consensus as to what constitutes profanity.


2.      This consensus is in perfect agreement with the survey and decency standard explained at For The Ladies: How To Tell If You Act Like A Slut.


In determining whether to condemn obscenity, one must take into consideration its impact on the whole of society and, in particular, on children.  All research and studies, of which there are tens of thousands, say the same thing:  “Children are better off not seeing obscenity.”  THIS IS OUR ONE AND ONLY REASON FOR INHERENTLY CONDEMNING OBSCENITY!  Those of you who post obscenity on the Internet should be ashamed of yourselves!  You know that children are looking at what you post!




Now, what is a “whore”?  A whore is “a woman who presents obscenity.”  Nowadays, we see many whores on TV and even more on movie theatre screens.


Now regarding the pictures below, we have covered parts of the pictures, inverted the colors in the pictures (for example, changing black to white and white to black), and modified the pictures in other ways to protect the identities of these ladies (for ethical and legal reasons) and to suggest, at least, one or more reasons why, with the exception of one lady in the upper left picture, they are whores.  In all fairness to these ladies, it may be that they are simply blind to the corrupt nature of the way they dress (with the exception of the one in the upper right picture, who simply has no conscience).


You might ask “Why are you picking on these ‘poor ladies’?”  The answer is that the front line of the battle for moral purity is not in the sleazy adult bookstores and not on the salacious, pornographic websites but on your very own TV screen.


Please note that we actually like all of these ladies (except for the one in the upper right picture) but our love for God is infinitely more important than any joy we might derive from these people.


For further information, we recommend that you read For The Ladies: How To Tell If You Act Like A Slut and For The Ladies: Computer-Generated Slut Photodiamines



















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