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Friday, December 3, 2010  Update of This Page

Did My Grammy Go To Hell?


Little Susie is four years old.  Her grandmother just died.  Her grandmother lived a good and decent life and showered little Susie with love and affection.  However, no one is sure if little Susie’s grandmother was “right with God”; that is, no one knows whether she was “saved”; that is, no one knows whether she “made it to heaven.”  Now, little Susie has heard some grown-ups talking to each other about her Grammy and some of them have said, “We don’t know if Grandma is in heaven.”


Wow!  Okay, first, you never make statements like “We don’t know if someone is in heaven” in front of little children; especially, little children who only knew the departed loved one as a loving and caring person.  Second, only the Deity has the right to speak with absolute certainty about who possibly did or possibly did not go to heaven.


Finally, for the sake of argument, let us say that Grammy did go to hell.  Actually, that can never be a completely true statement.  The reason that can never be a completely true statement is that every person in this life for some portion of their life is an expression of the love of God.  For example, even the serial killer John Wayne Gacy was once a cute, little, cuddly baby who brought joy to his parents.




Good never dies!


The good in a person never dies!  A person has a body, a soul, and a spirit.  We are not going to get into a theological debate here about the meanings of the words “soul” and “spirit.”  Suffice it to say that a person has three facets, three “parts.”  Now, the Bible says that a person can “lose [their]…soul.”  The soul (again, we are not speaking theologically here) is the keeper of all that is good within a person.  When a person goes to hell they “lose” their soul but they, the spirit, the person, continue to exist in hell.  The soul, the accumulated good of the person, returns to God.  The soul is not the person.  The soul is not conscious.  The soul is not Grammy.  It is simply a facet of the once living human being known as “Grammy.”


Therefore, the goodness and lovingkindness of Grammy can never die.  If Grammy is not in heaven, her goodness and lovingkindness live on forever in the eternal heart of the Deity.  If Grammy is in heaven, her goodness and lovingkindness are there with her.








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