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A Synthesis Of Scriptural Ethics And Science



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By Dr. Michael J. Bisconti


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The page is superseded, above all else, by our article titled Abortion FAQ.



You cannot understand this page until you have read the Prebortion (Embryotomatic Prevention) page.  The following passage is from that page:


We will now address the question of when life begins in specific terms.  What follows is based on a forty-year study of both the Bible and the research and writings of over 5,000 ministers, theologians, and Bible scholars, over 7,000 doctors, and over 10,000 medical researchers.  God has provided BIBLICAL AND MEDICAL PRINCIPLES that enable us to make a DEFINITE DETERMINATION as to whether or not life has begun in ANY GIVEN INSTANCE of procreation (reproduction).  (IF YOU ARE AN ENCEINTE WOMAN, YOU CAN KNOW WHETHER THERE IS LIFE WITHIN YOU).  We call these biblical and medical principles the “LIFE TEST PRINCIPLES.”



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Do not assume that you can correctly infer (“figure out”) a given principle from its name; for example, don’t assume that “The Conception Principle” is the principle that there is life in a woman if conception has occurred.






Primary Principles



The Conception Principle


The Gestation Principle


The Invincible Principle


The Confirmation Principle


The Cognitive Principle


The Empathic Principle



Secondary Principles



We will be adding these principles as soon as possible.



Tertiary Principles



We will be adding these principles as soon as possible.