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Updated January 18, 2005 4:01 PM CST

Copyright January 18, 2005 4:01 PM CST

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TNP, The Nexus Prayer Network, is now on-line.  Because certain individuals and businesses have no respect for the Lord and other people and have been using our Prayer Network to send spam, we have been forced to LIMIT ACCESS to our Network to our staff, reviewers, and subscribers.  However, you may send your prayer requests to our main email address (see home page).  We will then manually put your request out on our Network.



Staff, Reviewers, and Subscribers


We have a network of 100,000+ people waiting at all times to join with you in prayer.  Just send an email to our new TNP email address.  You will receive an automated response telling you that your prayer request has been sent out on the Nexus Prayer Network.  We ask that you provide NO PERSONAL INFORMATION in your email.  For example, if you need prayer for your cousin Tom just say “please pray for my cousin.”  Actually, it is not necessary that you give us any information whatsoever, you can simply say “someone needs prayer.”  God knows who is in need and what their need is.