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#2  Saturday, June 4, 2011




American Institute for Men

The role of men in society




American Political Intelligence

Tea Party Thinking Before There Were Any Tea Parties




Anti Evolution Movement

The disproof of evolution

By Dr. Michael Bisconti



Biblical Studies Websites

Biblical Textual Calculus surpasses Biblical Textual Criticism.  By Dr. Michael Bisconti.  Defends the ancient languages Bible underlying the King James Bible.  This is the only complete defense in history.

Biblical Textual Criticism

Biblical Translation Calculus



By Dr. Michael Bisconti

Library of Lost Ancient Writings

Manuscript Hermeneutics provides pastors with the most advanced tools to defend the ancient languages text underlying the King James Bible.  By Dr. Michael Bisconti.

Textual Calculus surpasses Textual Criticism.

Textual Criticism

Translation Calculus



Chicago Christian University

Chicago Christian University



Organization that founded Chicago Christian University


College of Law

College of Law of the Chicago Christian University


Silver Chalice Society

Doctoral Dissertation Listing Service

Owned and operated by Solutions, OCC (See below.)



Chicago University Church

Church pastored by Dr. Michael Bisconti




Family & Lifestyle

Family advice from Christian and mental health perspectives




IntelQuo, Inc.

IQ Acceleration System




Medical & Mental Health Websites

Anthropiatry is the science of the healing of human beings from the scientific and fideistic perspectives.


By Dr. Michael Bisconti

Bisconti Neurosurgical & Psychiatric Clinic

The Gay Vendetta

Pneumiatric Psychiatry

Psychiatric Calculus (Empirical Epistemological Calculus)

Sex Offender Gay List

The United States Psychiatric Association (aka National Psychiatric Association) surpasses the American Psychiatric Association.

Safe Psychiatry – Pneumiatry


By Dr. Michael Bisconti

Sane Majority – What Most People Think

The mastery of self-control



The Money Pages

The Financially Healthy Lifestyle – Maintaining Independence




Time Travel – Speculations & Discoveries

Theoretical proof of the possibility of time travel




Bisconti Computer Technology Companies

Bisconti Technologies

Bisconti Databases

Cyborgenic Devices

Artificial Intelligence & Cyborgenic Intelligence

Super Computers, Robots, & Androids

Microsoft Excel Plug-in – Cellpower Pro

Orbital Compression Technology – “Virtual Web Page” Technology

RDBMS Solutions

Solution Oracle

SQL Server Solutions

Website Design & Development Company

Web Hosting Company



IT Pay Equality

Fair IT Pay Finder




Illinois DBA Association

Illinois Database Administrators Association





Technology And “The Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act”




Solutions, OCC

Bisconti Multipurpose Company

An autonomous division of Bisconti Enterprises, Inc.



Bisconti Enterprises, Inc.

 Bisconti Umbrella Corporation








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