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By Dr. Michael J. Bisconti


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By Dr. Michael J. Bisconti




This web page supersedes all other web pages on our website that discuss money.



Keep your money.  We do not accept donations.  Donations are something you give individuals and organizations that give you nothing in return except for, of course, the good feeling of having supported a worthy cause.  We give an abundance of resources to the entire world, including knowledge, wisdom, advice, free software, informational databases, etc., etc. and we desire nothing in return except your prayers, which will give you that good feeling of having supported a worthy cause.


Now, if you believe that people should be compensated for their work and you want to compensate us for our work, feel free to do so.  To date, we have received no donations and made no money whatsoever off of the selling of any products or services.  We have not profited financially in any way off of the L. F. Nexus website.  We have, of course, profited by being blessed by God in a host of ways, including our ability to make money at regular jobs where our employers have no knowledge of the work that we do at the L. F. Nexus.


If we were to ever receive compensation for our work at the L. F. Nexus, that would allow us to do so much more for the good of the Christian community, the good of America, and the good of the entire world.  We would, for example, be able to more quickly end the stranglehold that the teachers of evolution have on our educational system and we would be able to more quickly fully restore the public perception of the absurdity of the idea of Gay sanity.  There is also much, much more that we would be able to do.  In any event, in all these things, the tide is turning.  America is returning to true science, sensible ideas, and other godly values.




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