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Copyright June 20, 2003 3:02 PM CST

By Dr. Michael J. Bisconti


Updated August 31, 2004 1:59 PM CST

Copyright August 31, 2004 1:59 PM CST

By Dr. Michael J. Bisconti




The InterClued KJV Bible is not yet another translation of the Bible.  It is the Bible with a never-before-used study aid inserted throughout the Bible.  This study aid consists of “clues to meaning.”  These clues are not other translations or even paraphrases (as in The Living Bible or the Amplified Bible).  Again, they are simply clues to meaning.  Here is Romans 14:1- 4 with the clues provided in square brackets, “[ ].”


(1)  Him that is weak [less informed] in the faith [Christian doctrines (teachings)] receive [welcome] ye [you], but not to [but don’t involve them in] doubtful [questionable] disputations [debates].  (2)  For one believeth [believes] that he may [is free to] eat all things [eat anything]: another, who is weak [less informed in the Christian doctrines (teachings)], eateth [only eats] herbs [vegetables].  (3)  Let not [do not allow] him that eateth [that eats anything] despise [look down upon] him that eateth not [does not eat just anything but rather eats only vegetables]; and let not [do not allow] him which eateth not [does not eat just anything but rather eats only vegetables] judge him that eateth [that eats anything]: for God hath [has] received [welcomed] him [the Christian who eats anything].  (4)  Who art [are] thou [you, I say with respect] that judgest [judges] another man's [God’s] servant? to [Before] his own [meaning that what other people think doesn’t matter] master [God] he standeth [stands (is judged to be righteous in believing what he does)] or falleth [falls (is judged to be unrighteous in believing what he does)]. Yea, [Yes, (Not only that but)] he shall be holden up [given the ability to hold his ground]: for God is able to make him [give him the ability to] stand [hold his ground].



Usage Rules


Neither the InterClued KJV Bible nor any portion thereof may be sold by anyone except The Life Foundations Nexus.  Every quotation of the InterClued KJV Bible must contain the following notice immediately before the quoted material:


InterClued KJV Bible


The way in which this notice is presented must make the source of the quoted material obvious to the reader and must not detract from the quoted material.


The InterClued KJV Bible may only be quoted in a critique of the InterClued KJV Bible written by The Life Foundations Nexus.  If you feel that you have one or more important points to make in a critique, let us know by way of a message beginning with these words: “I, <your full name>, transfer ownership of this message to the recipient of this message.”