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First, unlike some, we will allow the presentation of all viewpoints…left, right…Democrat, Republican…evolutionist, creationist…pro Gay, anti Gay…etc., etc.  The average person, when confronted with the facts, will easily see who is right.


For the record, here is some of what we know and believe.  Note that, so far, no one has defeated us in debate over anything stated below.  This tends to prove that we are right or this proves that we have been debating people who were overmatched or this proves that we haven’t debated anyone at all.


·         We are Centrists.

·         We are Unregistered Independents.

·         A government that overspends is unconstitutional.

·         Free health insurance should only be provided for those who have only subsistence (e.g., food, clothing, and shelter) or less and for whom there is proof that they either cannot seek or are seeking a job or a better-paying job.

·         English is the official language of the United States of America according to common law.

·         Sex offenders should be permanently removed from society at least upon their second offense.

·         If there is no room in the prisons to house sex offenders who have committed a second offense, these sex offenders should receive the death penalty rather than be allowed to go free.

·         Evolution should not be taught in science classes because it is an (unprovable) hypothesis, not a theory.

·         There is less evidence for evolution than there is for the conclusion that God created the first man and the first woman.

·         There is no valid science that supports the view that homosexuality is normal.

·         The 1973 American Psychiatric Association “homosexual decision” was based on the science of a practical novice (someone who is, in effect, a beginner).

·         Homosexuality is not normal.

·         Homosexuality is morally wrong.

·         Homosexuality is biblically wrong.

·         99% of abortions are wrong.

·         There can be only one authoritative translation of the Bible in any language.

·         The King James Bible is the authoritative translation of the Bible in the English language.

·         If an intellectual can’t explain their views to the average person, their views are actually nonsense.

·         Women who wear clothes with descending necklines and/or who wear clothes that do not extend to the bottom of their knees while they are sitting are mentally blind or immoral.


We are currently developing the concept for a “super forum.”  The idea of this forum is that “supreme experts” in all fields will present their viewpoints and argue their positions before a world audience.  A supreme expert will be someone who is a nationally or internationally recognized expert or, then, if they are unavailable, one of their representatives or, then, if they are unavailable, an informal, “supremely” informed representative of the expert’s viewpoints.  An ISIR (Informal, “Supremely” Informed Representative) may be someone who has a track record of favoring the positions of a supreme expert and presenting mountains of information to support those positions.  Currently, we are considering people who have one thousand or more blog postings that validate their track record.  These postings may be distributed over any number of forums (documentation will be required).  People who do not fall into one of the three categories – expert, representative, or ISIR – will be provided with limited resources for their comments.  Each ERI (Expert, Representative, or ISIR) will be given one hundred passes for their closest supporters and friends for the purpose of blogging.  The latter will be provided with unlimited resources for their comments.  Anyone on the World Wide Web will be able to view the forum.


Because this is a fact site, it follows the same principles as those stated at http://lfnexus.com/indexeinstein.htm.


Here are some of the rules of engagement:


1.      All facts presented must be documented.


2.      Opponents will have “unlimited time” (note quotes) to defend their position.


3.      No one may defame another blogger.  Doing so will result in immediate and permanent expulsion.  If you are not going to live up to the highest standards, at least fight like a man.







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