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The background of the pages on this website consists of a puppet graphic with an overlay graphic consisting of a color-inverted picture of Sean Penn playing the part of the homosexual Harvey Milk in the movie “Milk.”



Well, we’ve finally found people who are far worse than your ordinary, run-of-the-mill Gays – the Gay “Puppet Masters.”  A Puppet Master is someone who exercises control over another person’s mind and heart for the purpose of achieving certain selfish and ugly ends.


A Gay Puppet Master is someone who turns young people into homosexuals.  At one time, the idea of a Gay “turning another person into a homosexual” was thought to be just a joke.  However, we now know (and are sorry to say) that this is a reality and has been occurring, in a dramatic way, in America and around the world for decades.  Here is our first proof of this fact (from our article at http://lfnexus.com/TheTrojanCouchSatinover.pdf on our original website).  Note these words from the last paragraph of the article:


…the most common natural course for a young person [going through…period of sexual confusion] who develops a “homosexual identity” is for it to spontaneously disappear unless that process is discouraged or interfered with by extraneous factors.


Now, the Gay Puppet Masters are “extraneous factors” who have been preventing the “‘homosexual identity’” of a significant number of young people from “spontaneously disappear[ing].”  The Puppet Masters have been exploiting this vulnerability of youth for decades.  The few skeptics among our readers should ask themselves why the number of homosexual youth in a community of straights increases within a year after homosexuals have entered the community and this after no youth in the community have exhibited any homosexual interest or tendencies whatsoever.  Now, the Puppet Masters will claim that the youth were homosexuals all along.  However, this notion is dismissed by asking the victimized youth “brainwashees” when their interest in homosexuality first appeared.


We have much more damning evidence to present and we will do so as the opportunity to do so presents itself.  In any event:


It is time to stop the Puppet Masters!




For more information see http://lfnexus.com/howdoyouknowwhatisnatural.htm.








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