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Tuesday, November 3, 2009  Update of This Page



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This is a fact site; therefore, it follows the same principles as those stated at http://lfnexus.com/indexeinstein.htm.


Today, Tuesday, September 1, 2009, we throw down the gauntlet against the teaching of evolution in science classes.  We now have the proof that we need for the proposition that evolution is only a hypothesis.  This means evolution can no longer be taught in science classes.  Therefore, today we publicly announce the beginning of a systematic effort to remove the teaching of evolution from all science classes.


Now, this battle will not be won overnight.  It may take a year, five years, or even ten years but we will win.  You may ask how we can be sure we will win?  We can be sure we will win because we have the truth on our side.


Our first step is to identify who wields power in support of evolution in government.  We already know one person – respectfully, the president of the United States.  So, here is our first and current list of evolutionist power players:


Evolutionist Power Players


The President of the United States



Now, we can accomplish things faster with your help.  Here is the email address where you can send information that will be helpful to our cause.


email@lfnexus.com with the words “Science Warrior” in the subject line


If we are overwhelmed with emails, we will provide answers to your most-asked questions on this web page.  Right now, you can help us by identifying the evolutionist power players in government as addressed above.


Now, evolutionists, while sometimes brilliant in a host of things, in one way follow in the footsteps of idiots and/or liars and/or dupes and/or idiot dupes.  Either way, evolutionists will be defeated and evolution will eventually no longer be taught in science classes.


You will find a basic proof of the proposition that evolution is only a hypothesis at http://lfnexus.com/ifyoubelieveinthetheoryafterthisyouaretrulyinsane.htm on our original website.  A handful of the articles on our original website need to be updated with more current information and more current low-level conclusions but the high-level conclusions of all of the articles are still true and valid.  Now here is a special message to our evolutionist friends:


Prove us wrong and we will become evolutionists (author, while serious, is smiling).



Number of Days That Our Challenge Has Gone Unanswered




The challenge was issued today, Wednesday, September 2, 2009.

The challenge has gone unanswered but that’s not surprising since it is only the first full day after the day we issued the challenge.





































Special Note To “Science Warriors”


Once we win the battle to remove evolution from science classes, we will still need to win the battle to prove that evolution is impossible.  Therefore, if you are currently fighting the battle against the possibility of evolution, keep on fighting!  We will join you in that fight once we have removed evolution from every single science class in our nation.





For additional information, visit our Darwin Fact Site.


In case you don’t see the connection between the Clint Eastwood graphic and evolution, you need to know that Clint Eastwood starred in the movie “The Gauntlet.”








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