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How To Turn Off The Sexual Drive

HDIM (High-Density Instructional Module) Library Module

Information compression technology has been applied to this instructional module. Information compression technology uses artificial/cyborgenic intelligence algorithms and a variety of other means to compress ten pages of information into a single page. This results in high-density instruction that, in turn, results in high-density learning. The reader may learn ten times faster from this module than from any other source of instruction.


#3  Friday, June 10, 2011




New discoveries in pneumiatric psychiatry have revealed how to turn off the sexual drive.  Normally, a person simply exercises self-control to suppress their sexual drive.  Self-control is still necessary.  However, we now have an additional mechanism for sexual drive suppression.  The knowledge of this mechanism is the result of an application of Dr. Bisconti’s “Unified Field Theory Of Pneumiatric Psychiatry.”  (The field theory is consistent with biblical principles.)  We are publishing a pamphlet titled How To Turn Off The Sexual Drive.


Dr. Bisconti’s pamphlet also addresses the concern that one be able to turn the sexual drive back on.  Yes, the sexual drive can be turned back on.  The pamphlet will be made available in the Nexus Mall as soon as mall construction is completed.






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