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Copyright April 7, 2005 8:33 PM CST

By Dr. Michael J. Bisconti




To solve the world’s problems requires two things:


·        A decent America.  See How To Solve All Of America’s Problems.


·        Decent elected, appointed, and other government officials in all the nations of the world.


Only Americans can take care of the first requirement.  It is up to Americans to live decent lives.  The second requirement takes a joint effort of all citizens of all nations.  The rest of this article deals with that effort.





The number of social issues that requires the attention of the average person in every nation is enormous.  That’s why we have elected (and unelected) government officials.  The L. F. Nexus is going to attempt to make the job of picking people to vote for easier for everyone in every nation.  In the case of nondemocratic nations we will be recommending people that should be, and sometimes are, in control of these nations.  We will be guided by the following principles:


1.      It will not matter what political group or political party a person belongs to.


2.      The candidate must be a decent person.  We will elaborate on this point in the future.  For now, we will just say that, obviously, profanity, drunkenness, and womanizing exclude anyone as worthy of anyone’s vote.


3.      The candidate must have, at least, a minimum of intelligence.  Of course, we will be looking for the brightest people.


4.      We will show you how to pick those who are not elected but are appointed to office, as well.  This is accomplished by selecting the right “appointers,” who are elected to office.  In nondemocratic nations, we will be pointing out those who should be, and sometimes are, in power.


5.      We will be reporting how every candidate, and appointed official, stands on the vital issues of our day.  In nondemocratic nations, we will be reporting the positions of those who should be, and possibly are, in power.


6.      We will have the aid of International Political Intelligence, a nonpartisan group, in obtaining the governmental and political information that we report to you.  International Political Intelligence is just beginning to develop their Internet presence.


7.      We will be accepting all input from all citizens of all nations.  Everyone’s voice will be heard!


8.      We will be using political sciences and political technologies used nowhere else, including the D.I.S. REGI 2 (Digital Issue Scoring Register 2) or “Reggie 2” for short, an artificial intelligence (cyborg intelligence) created by Cybortel, Inc.


9.      Every candidate will be assigned a “Voteability Score.”  This score will consist of points added for character, intelligence, and issue positions.  Some issues will “earn” more points than others.  For example, a position on abortion will, sometimes, earn more points than a position on free trade agreements.  Sometimes, it will not.  We will elaborate on this particular in the future.  In nondemocratic nations, scores will be assigned to those who should be in power, as well as to those who are in power.


10.  Every candidate must have sound, fiscal thinking.  We will have the aid of the Chicago Business Institute, the Chicago Economics Institute, and the Chicago International Business Institute.