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Copyright June 3, 2005 7:29 AM CST

By Dr. Michael J. Bisconti




Information in this article has also been published on the Protestant America website.



George Washington was, indeed, a Protestant.  In fact, all of the founding fathers – Washington, Jefferson (Jefferson was NOT a deist), Franklin, Adams, etc., etc. – were Protestant.  Furthermore, the population of the Thirteen Colonies during the time of the Revolutionary War was almost completely (about 99%) Protestant.  We note that you will find a number of websites on the Internet that attempt to distort and mislead people about these and a number of other facts.  For that reason we have built the America & Protestantism Database, which contains the answers to over one million questions, to refute the false claims made by these websites.


Let us clarify the meaning of the word “Protestant.”  The modern (present-day) word “Protestant” means nothing more than “someone who is a Christian and who is not a Roman Catholic.”  The historical (past) meaning of the word “Protestant” is only used by historians and acadamecians (teachers).  You can find the historical meaning of the word “Protestant” in many sources.  We note in passing, using the modern meaning of the word “Protestant,” that there were Protestants BEFORE the Roman Catholic Church was formed.