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Gays & Super Morons

(Update #7)


The background Superman graphic represents the fact that this is a factual advocacy web page.


Some psychiatrists say Gays are not mentally ill but most of these psychiatrists will not tell anyone why they believe this.  The few psychiatrists who explain why they believe that Gays are not mentally ill say things like (not an actual quote):


The interpersonal variants among the diverse populations having sexual orientations that transcend the intrinsic value of the participating individuals according to factors that integrate across cohorts who constitute relative segments of the studied types are proof of the strong correlation between the statistical cross sections examined.


Duh.  Now, we understand that specialists in every field have a language of their own.  That’s fine.  However, when we ask the psychiatrists to explain statements like the one above, they say:


You’re not smart enough to understand.


To each of them we respond:


Guess what, buddy, we are smart enough to understand and we believe most people are smart enough to understand; so explain your statements, super morons!  If you don’t, you prove that your words are just a sickening smoke screen used to support your big, fat lies!


For additional information read on our Einstein fact site.


Now, in order to be fair and balanced, please email us at if you disagree in any way with this article.  Include the code words “zebra zebra one” in the subject line if you want your email on the subject of pro-Gay psychiatrists to be read by us.  We would especially love to hear from even one pro-Gay psychiatrist who is prepared to explain their technical jargon.  We’re fed up with the putrid smoke screens of the pro-Gay psychiatrists.