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Rapunzel Evolution


Evopsychosis - The Mental Illness Of Evolutionists

Evopsychosis is the belief that one can obtain evidence that is actually unobtainable. Evolutionists claim to have evidence for adaptation. Now, if so, they only have .0000000000000000000000000000001% of the evidence necessary to arrive at the conclusion of the validity of the theory of evolution and, more important, the remaining evidence is not fully obtainable. (The term “evopsychosis” is derived from the fact that evolutionists are the largest group that exhibit this particular psychosis.)


(Pamphlet) How To Turn Off The Sexual Drive

HDIM (High-Density Instructional Module) Library Module

Information compression technology has been applied to this instructional module. Information compression technology uses artificial/cyborgenic intelligence algorithms and a variety of other means to compress ten pages of information into a single page. This results in high-density instruction that, in turn, results in high-density learning. The reader may learn ten times faster from this module than from any other source of instruction.





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So You Want Bigger Government.

Well, San Francisco Will Be Voting On Whether To Outlaw Circumcision.  Reportedly, The Bill Is Sponsored By An Anti-Semitic Freak!


Lady Gaga Is The New Stupidity


Rap Music Is The Old Stupidity


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How To Cut Spending Without Touching Medicare


The First Real-Life Time Lord


Bisconti Enterprises, Inc. Goal:

One Million New Jobs

Without The Help Of

The Government, Democrats, Or Republicans!



The Bisconti National Economic Recovery Plan



Join the “Little Johnny Campaign.”

The Little Johnny Campaign



Little Johnny Meets His First Porno Pervert

Little Johnny and Hugh Hefner

Little Johnny and Hell


Political CARTOON

Little Johnny Meets President Obama






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Articles appearing in this box will be moved to the “Ordinary Writing” part of our website.


Not Too Late


America can avoid violence in her streets if the federal government would just:


Stop Now!


Here is what the federal government must do:


1.   If necessary, provide for the survival and medical needs of Americans who cannot provide for themselves.


2.   Pay off our debt.


3.   Tell the cry babies who want the federal government to provide everything they need, to go to work and pay their own way.  To these cry babies we say:


America doesn’t owe you anything except a level playing field.


To these cry babies we also say:


Grow up or shut up!





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