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By Dr. Michael J. Bisconti


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By Dr. Michael J. Bisconti




Note to bloggers:  Yes, we have been reading some of your remarks.  While we wouldn’t repeat some of them in mixed company, we are delighted that we live in a country where you have the freedom to express yourself.  Now, while we don’t let polls and surveys dictate what we do and say, they run 10,000 to 1 in favor of the general tone and specific content of this web page.  By the way, we all grew up around a couple of old, drunken sailors; so, nothing anyone says shocks us.



This is a “freedom-of-speech page.”  What is a freedom-of-speech page?  It is a page written in response to those who have VICIOUSLY ATTACKED good, decent people for simply exercising THEIR RIGHT to freedom of speech.  Note that there are statements in the article below that are only approximate expressions of what we believe.  We have begun to provide precise expressions of what we believe.



We will be expanding this article over time.



#1 You are a stupid man if you look at a woman, other than your wife, in order to derive any kind of pleasure.


Now, of course, if you are interested in dating a certain woman or are dating a certain woman or are engaged to marry a certain woman, the appearance of this woman will be a source of joy.  However, note that this is only allowable if your ultimate goal is marriage if this woman is the right woman.


#2  You are a stupid man if you use profanity.


Technically, most of you will be surprised to learn, both ethicists (experts on ethics) and the pages of Scripture (the Bible) teach that profanity is not necessarily a sin.  You are probably asking “Why then do we necessarily condemn profanity?”  Well, first, let us clarify what is a sin.  What is a sin is “the verbalization of a wish that another person have ‘an evil future.’”  This is called “profane expression.”  Now, profanity is simply “standardized profane expression.”  In determining whether to condemn profanity, one must take into consideration its impact on the whole of society and, in particular, on children.  All research and studies, of which there are tens of thousands, say the same thing:  “Children are better off not hearing profanity.”  THIS IS OUR ONE AND ONLY REASON FOR CONDEMNING PROFANITY!  Those of you who write profanity on the Internet should be ashamed of yourselves!  You know that children are reading what you write!


#3  You are an idiotic man if you view pornography.


There is much we can say here but suffice it to say that there are over a thousand studies (we will be publishing a few) that reveal the following simple economic fact:  Men who view pornography make 45% less money in their lifetimes than men who do not view pornography.


#4  You are a moronic man if you do not “wear the pants in your family.”


We will be publishing sound, secular information on this subject.  For now, read our spiritual instruction on this subject at Is The Husband The Boss of the Wife?


#5  You are an insane man if you seek sexual gratification from another male.


Read APA PAC – The Real Enemy and National Psychiatric Association Reminds All That Gays Are Mentally Ill and other, relevant articles on our website.


#6  You are a stupid man if you vote for a woman for president.


This is only an approximate statement of our position.  A closer approximation of the truth is:


You are a stupid man if you vote for a woman for president unless the woman is righteous and the other candidate is unrighteous or less righteous than the woman.


Now, to learn precisely what we believe read Why a Woman President Would Ruin America – Introduction.


#7  You are a stupid man if you put a woman in a position of authority over one or more men.


See item #6 above.  Read Why a Woman President Would Ruin America – Introduction and Antifeminist Rhetoric: The ESP Position.  To get insight into our other beliefs about men and women, read other, relevant articles on our website and visit one of our member organizations:  AIM – American Institute for Men.




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