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BAVJAC - the Bisconti Video Journal Library - contains over a thousand videos in which Dr. Bisconti discusses all of the major topics of life and of our time.

CELL – CCU Electronic Library
You can access any of over one million literary entities in CELL, the CCU Electronic Library (Chicago Christian University Electronic Library).

You will get access to our ISTY (pronounced “eye-sty,” which rhymes with “I spy”) AI (Artificial [Cyborgenic] Intelligence).  ISTY stands for “I’m  Smarter Than You.”  ISTY is the first AI (CI) with the ability to think creatively.

NexMega MasterMind  NexMega MasterMind or “NXM” for short is an app for your iPods, iPads, etc. It contains answers to 100,000+ questions in all crucial life areas!

PBS – Pneumiatric Belief System
These life principles are accepted by all sane people on the planet!

Scholar Members Twitter Site
You will get access to advanced tweets written by Dr. Bisconti.  In some cases, expert, guest lecturers will tweet.

RESIM – Retrograde Simulator
You get to use RESIM (Retrograde Simulator) to simulate evolution over time using standard or personalized evolutionary parameters.

Scholar members have access to the following articles:

2011 Atheist Analysis
This report is based on conversations with over one thousand atheists in 2010 and 2011.

Biblical Textual Calculus
Read the first ever Biblical Calculus whitepaper.  The subject is “Probabilistic Textual Induction and Inductive Textual Calculus.”  The whitepaper continues where our earlier article “Probabilistic Textual Induction and Inductive Textual Calculus” left off.

“Bisconti Jung Proof” Whitepaper
Be among the first to learn the conceptual and technical details of this amazing proof of the existence of God.

One Thousand Questions Evolutionists Have Never Been Able To Answer

Neural Net Vibration of All Text Types
Read the first commentary on the neural net vibration of all text types using our earlier graph at “Neural Net Vibration of All Text Types.”

Rules of Reliability
Learn how to tell whether a source of information is reliable.

The 50 Most Popular Atheist Excuses for Not Believing in God

Value of the Oxford English Dictionary