Case against former Green Beret in suspected Taliban bombmaker’s death will proceed to court-martial

The murder case against a decorated former Green Beret charged in the 2010 killing of an unarmed suspected Taliban bombmaker will proceed to a trial by general court-martial, Army officials said Wednesday.

Hunting Ayman Al Zawahiri: Where has the Al Qaeda leader been hiding for 18 years?

Nestled alongside ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi in the deepest ranks of the depraved, Al Qaeda’s chief Ayman Al Zawahiri is one of the two most wanted men in the world – both have a $25 million U.S. bounty on their heads.

Trump reportedly taking broad look at veterans convicted of battlefield crimes

President Trump, who in recent days pardoned a former U.S. soldier convicted in 2009 of killing an Iraqi prisoner, is taking a broad look at military veterans jailed for battlefield crimes and considering granting more of them similar relief.

Inside the secret lives of transgender refugee sex workers in Pakistan

It’s a dark underworld rarely brought to light in discussions of human rights and refugees. But there is a growing pool of refugees in Pakistan – those who have fled oppression in neighboring Afghanistan and Bangladesh – who identify as transgender, an…

Quadruple amputee Marine opens up about the moment that helped him overcome depression

The Marine who lost all of his arms and legs following an IED explosion in Afghanistan tells Fox News that something he saw outside his window one day helped him overcome his battle with depression – and set him on the right path to recovery.

Afghan casualties dramatically rising despite peace talks as more trainees go AWOL in the US, watchdog group says

Even as the Trump administration attempts to secure a peace deal with the Taliban to end America’s longest-running war, the bloodshed of Afghans is only rising. According to the latest assessment released by the Special Inspector General for Afghanista…

Daughter of American man killed after speaking with John Walker Lindh calls his early release ‘a slap in the face’

It was a text message that, for 26-year-old Alison Spann, ripped open old wounds of mourning. “My grandfather wrote that he needed to talk to me about news of an early release of John Walker Lindh,� Spann told Fox News on Friday.

US-Taliban peace deal would dishonor 9/11 victims and troops who lost lives, senior Afghan official warns

While peace negotiations between the United States and Taliban representatives – without the Afghan government – continue this week in a sprawling Qatar resort in an effort to end the 18-year war, Afghanistan’s top security official is warning th…

AOC calls Afghanistan war ‘disastrous + wrong’ response to 9/11, says US should have tried ‘non-intervention’

U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez faced criticism this week after writing that the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan to combat Al-Qaeda in response to the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks was “disastrous� and “wrong,� and asserting that “non-interv…

Lt. Col. Allen West: Makes me ‘sick’ US negotiating with five Taliban former Guantanamo detainees

Former congressman and retired Lt. Col. Allen West expressed his ‘disgust’ with recent reports Wednesday that five members of the Taliban negotiation team meeting with a United States envoy to end America’s war in Afghanistan are former Guantanam…