Pakistan doctor accused of infecting more than 400 babies and children with HIV

A destitute village in Pakistan’s south has been forced into a mode of panic and fear after more than 500 people – overwhelmingly children – tested positive for HIV, in an epidemic officials are attributing to a single pediatrician.

Exclusive: U.S. drug czar to travel to China to press government to stop fentanyl trafficking

U.S. drug czar James Carroll says he will be traveling to China by year’s end to inspect their efforts to crack down on fentanyl manufacturers and press them to do more.

Former federal prosecutor on Alabama law: Abortion will ‘clearly’ be issue in 2020

In response to the controversy surrounding Alabama’s recent law outlawing abortion, Former Whitewater Independent Counsel Robert Ray said that the issue will be a divisive issue ahead of the 2020 presidential election.

Turkey crackdown leaves terminally-ill patients banned from seeking health care abroad

Since the failed coup attempt in July 2016, hundreds of thousands of Turkish citizens have – often unknowingly – had their passports rescinded and have subsequently been barred from leaving the country for undetermined stretches of time, or have been b…

Japan companies aim to boost productivity by hiring non-smokers

A growing number of Japan-based businesses taking stronger action to promote health and wellness among employees as well as boost productivity by going as far as hiring non-smokers to new positions, a report says.

Gregory Angelo: Trump is on track for lasting legacy as president who ended AIDS in America

President Trump is continuing in the tradition of compassionate GOP leaders who understand the suffering endured by those contending with HIV.

Iowa health officials confirm ‘multiple cases’ of bacterial disease that can spread from dogs to humans

“Multiple cases” of a bacterial disease that can be spread from dogs to humans have been confirmed in Iowa, according to health officials.

Chinese researchers try brain implants to treat drug addicts

The treatment — deep brain stimulation — has long been used for movement disorders like Parkinson’s. Now, the first clinical trial of DBS for methamphetamine addiction is being conducted at Shanghai’s Ruijin Hospital, along with trials for opioid addic…

How a Memphis heart surgeon is saving babies and changing perceptions of America – Taliban included

When he isn’t smoking cigars and laying low in his native of Memphis, Tennessee, pediatric cardiac surgeon Dr. William Novick is battling bombs and bureaucracy in some of the most dangerous frontlines of the world. And now he is at the forefront in pro…