Why Pneumiatrists Are Smarter Than Psychiatrists

Here are just a few reasons why pneumiatrists (students of pneumiatry [pronounced “new-my-uh-tree”]) are smarter than psychiatrists: All pneumiatrists are psychiatrists. All pneumiatrists study all sciences. All pneumiatrists believe that atheism is both scientifically and psychiatrically unsound. All pneumiatrists believe … Continue reading

Saudi Arabia says it plans to ‘inoculate’ schoolchildren against ‘Westernisation and atheism’

This is the same Saudi Arabia funding fighters into Syria for “democracy” – armed by their allies in the West for a regime change. Can no one connect the dots and understand the media coverage on Syria is false and that president Assad is a victim of an attempted terrorist take-over? . . Saudi Arabia … Continue reading

Saudi ex-Muslim didn’t know what atheism meant – would been executed by both State and family if she left Islam

Rana Ahmad is an ex muslim atheist. She is a Saudi woman who has renounced her former faith and had to flee Saudi Arabia to stay alive. She explains about the bewildered shock and confusion a Muslim goes through when realities about another world outside Islam is exposed to them. “How old were you when … Continue reading