{FD} Loch Ness monster mystery solved? Study claims ancient dinosaur discovery influenced delusion

Reports that a creature was living in Scotland’s Loch Ness go back to the 6th century, but a new study suggests that the legend of the Loch Ness monster and other long-necked “sea monsters” may have been influenced by something very real and even more …

{FD} Family of boy thrown from Mall of America balcony won’t comment on child’s injuries despite ‘miracle’ claim

The family of the boy thrown off a Mall of America balcony earlier this month won’t comment on a pastor’s statement that the child shows “zero evidence” of a brain injury.

{FD} Nigeria plagued by ethnic and religious violence as attacks on Christians rise

Tragic events in Nigeria, just as the Sri Lanka attack comes, highlight the dangers that remain from asymmetric terrorism and violence against Christians in ethnically and religiously divided societies.

{FD} UK diplomat swipes at French ambassador over dig on US relations: ‘We will not take any lessons’

UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt fired back at a claim by the outgoing French ambassador to the U.S. that Britain’s influence in Washington, D.C. has “vanished” — saying the U.K. “will not take any lessons” from the French in having good relations wit…

{FD} Italy requests EU plan against migrant wave from Libya

Italy’s government has written to the European Union asking it to prepare a plan of action to address the risk of a new wave of migrants escaping from the armed conflict in Libya.

{FD} 2020 Dem Seth Moulton blasts Trump for ‘dereliction of duty,’ dings Pelosi on impeachment stance

Newly declared presidential candidate Rep. Seth Moulton is accusing Republican President Trump of “dereliction of duty” over what the Massachusetts Democrat calls his administration’s unwillingness to address the threat of Russian tampering with Americ…

{FD} Kirsten Gillibrand says it’s on big Democratic donors if they’re angry about Al Franken

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., stood by her decision to call for former Sen. Al Franken’s, D-Minn., resignation, telling “The View” on Wednesday that she would be able to maintain voters’ support even as some influential Democratic donors refused to …

{FD} DOJ rejects subpoena from House Dems for testimony from top official John Gore

The Justice Department said Wednesday that it was defying a subpoena from House Democrats on the Oversight Committee for testimony this week from John Gore, the official who leads the department’s civil rights division, because the committee isn’t allo…

{FD} Canada-Philippines trash war: Who would win if Duterte actually followed through with his threat?

Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte’s threat to “declare war” on Canada within a week if it doesn’t clean up its act and remove tons of trash shipped to Manila is most likely just garbage.

{FD} Pavlich on Kamala Harris’ gun control push: ‘She’s going after the Second Amendment rights of everyday Americans’

TownHall.com editor Katie Pavlich, a Fox News contributor, weighed in on Sen. Kamala Harris’ pledge that, if elected president, she will sign a series of executive orders on gun control if Congress fails to pass comprehensive legislation in her first 1…