‘Biggest Loser’ host Bob Harper drives home heart health message 2 years after ‘widowmaker’ nearly killed him

The fitness guru who coached contestants on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” through weight loss while millions tuned in week after week to see the results had failed to listen to his own body.

Woman develops ‘grapefruit’-sized hematoma after landing on jet ski handlebars

An unnamed woman’s vaginal injury was documented in a medical journal after she sought help for a massive hematoma on her vulva that developed after she fell off her jet ski and landed on the watercraft’s handlebars.

Devastated family says reaction to pollen triggered teen’s fatal asthma attack

A teen who was celebrating the end of his exams with friends in a park later suffered a fatal asthma attack that his family says was triggered by a severe reaction to pollen.

Dad left completely paralyzed after stroke triggers rare locked-in syndrome: ‘Like being buried alive’

A 50-year-old man left paralyzed from a devastating stroke is completely aware of the environment around him, but can no longer eat, talk or move after the episode triggered a rare syndrome that leaves patients feeling “buried alive.”

Nursing student born with massive birthmark caused by rare disorder undergoes life-changing surgery

A 37-year-old nursing student from Iran who spent years of her life in and out of doctors’ offices and enduring callous remarks from strangers is rebuilding her life in New York after undergoing life-changing surgery on a birthmark that was taking over…

Mom suing Etsy, teething necklace maker over son’s 2016 daycare strangulation death

 A California mother who spent a year and a half fighting in court on behalf of her son who was found unresponsive at his daycare and later died has filed a separate lawsuit against online retailer Etsy, and the Lithuanian makers of a teething necklace…

Siblings with rare genetic disorder receive new kidneys on same day from same donor

A pair of Texas siblings born with a rare genetic disorder got the call they needed recently when they found out a deceased donor could provide them both with life-changing kidneys.

Canadian man hit Seattle’s tourist hot spots while infected with measles, health officials say

Health officials in Seattle are warning about a Canadian traveler who passed through popular tourist spots in late April while infected with measles.