Obama wades into 2020 election, announces ‘unity’ fund to support eventual Dem nominee

Former President Barack Obama on Friday waded into the burgeoning presidential race by announcing the formation of a Democratic National Committee “unity” fund that will support the party’s eventual nominee against President Trump in 2020.

Obama spymasters point fingers amid Russia probe review: ‘Throwing each other under the bus’

The launch of a formal inquiry into the origins of the Russia investigation — being led by one of the Justice Department’s toughest prosecutors — has touched off a new round of behind-the-scenes finger-pointing among Obama administration officials wh…

White House accuses Dems of Russia investigation overkill, vows no ‘do-over’

The White House is pushing back against the slew of Russia probe-related document requests from Democrats on Capitol Hill, accusing the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee of seeking to duplicate Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation for…

Inside Trump 2020: As Dem field sets, campaign takes aim at ‘socialist organism with 22 heads’

Inside the Trump re-election campaign offices overlooking the Potomac River, a rapidly growing operation is confronting a challenge of historic proportions – how to run against a field of nearly two-dozen candidates, all of whom are hurling rhetorical …

Colorado students walk out of school shooting vigil after politicians take the mic

Students in Colorado stormed out of a vigil Wednesday night for the victims of this week’s school shooting at STEM School Highlands Ranch after two Democratic politicians took the stage and called for gun control, according to local news reports.

FBI opened obstruction case against Trump before Mueller was appointed, court files show

A newly unsealed court document reveals the FBI opened an obstruction of justice case against President Trump before Special Counsel Robert Mueller was appointed to investigate Russia’s interference in the 2016 election. 

Trump campaign accuses Pelosi of ‘warrantless fear mongering’ with 2020 election warning

President Trump’s re-election campaign on Tuesday accused House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of “fear mongering” by suggesting Trump could try to remain in office if he loses in 2020.

Pelosi: Trump ‘is goading us to impeach him’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Tuesday she believes President Trump is “goading” House Democrats to impeach him because he thinks it could help him politically.

Hundreds of ex-prosecutors claim Trump would have been indicted if not president

Hundreds of former federal prosecutors have attached their names to a statement saying they believe President Trump would have been indicted in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe for obstruction of justice if he weren’t president.

Michael Cohen swipes at Trump as he reports to prison: ‘There still remains much to be told’

Michael Cohen, the president’s former lawyer who has since forcefully denounced his former client, told reporters Monday “there still remains much to be told” as he left his New York City apartment to report to federal prison for a three year sentence …

Code Pink refusing to leave Venezuela’s DC embassy as State Dept. slams ‘trespassers’

Liberal activists from the anti-war group Code Pink are refusing to leave the abandoned Venezuelan embassy in Washington, vowing to protect the building from a “hostile takeover” as the U.S. State Department labels them “trespassers” and calls on them …