Sweden: 10-yr old gets sex assaulted after mother is inspired by PM’s speech to ‘open heart to Muslim refugees’

Translated by Bing and Google: . . Refugee child’s “judgment” turns into therapy. Ten-year daughter is sexually assaulted when politically correct mother opened her heart to refugee children   Published May 8, 2016 at 13:27 By Mattias Albinsson, Fria Tider A woman in Höör in Skåne opened her heart and home to an unaccompanied refugee … Continue reading

Germans protest in Berlin against Muslim migration

‘No Muslims on German Soil’: Thousands of right-wing extremists rally outside Berlin train station against city’s influx of refugees  About 1,000 right-wing extremists have rallied outside Berlin’s train station They were protesting against Merkel’s welcoming stance towards refugees There were several counter-protests being held in support of her policies By Matt Hunter For Mailonline Published: … Continue reading

Denmark: Leftist stir anger over ‘martyrs’ exhibition for Brussels and Paris bombers

Anger over ‘martyrs’ exhibition for Brussels and Paris bombers Exhibit will include works on Ibrahim and Khalid El-Bakraoui, Brussels suicide bombers, and Foued Mohamed-Aggad, one of the Bataclan attackers. Ibrahim and Khalid el-Bakraoui have been identified by Belgian police as the Brussels suicide bombers. Photograph: INTERPOL / HANDOUT/EPA Agence France-Presse Tuesday 3 May 2016 A … Continue reading

Austria: Illegal refugee allowed to overstay five years, kill woman in brutal rod attack

Well-known to police, illegal and with a consistent crime record yet he was allowed to continue roaming around in the country? Arrest the police commissioner in charges of the area. Reality was he couldn’t be deported because of his documentation. But that’s the authorities fault. If they enable a refugee/asylum system they also need to … Continue reading

Sweden: Merkel Muslim ‘child’ stabs teen girl in the face for refusing him sex

Swedish prosecutor says a single Muslim “child” refugee can carry FIFTEEN different forms of forged identification (!). In other words it’s impossible even when they are deported to get rid of them. In addition, the Muslim countries refuse to collaborate and refuse to respond. When the problem is that dramatic, isn’t it completely irrational to … Continue reading

{FD} UK mosques implement Saudi Wahhabi restrictions on women

Mosques ban Muslim women from wearing trousers, leaving the house without their husband’s permission and order them to close Facebook accounts Green Lane Masjid in Birmingham said women shouldn’t wear trousers  While the Central Masjid of Blackburn called Facebook a ‘sin’ and an ‘evil’ Controversial ruling published this week by Blackburn Muslim Association  By Katie … Continue reading

{FD} Retired Brig of Indian Army: I witnessed mind-boggling atrocities by Pakistany Army in (Muslim occupied) Bangladesh

Let us remind readers again that Bangladesh is yet another section of India, like Pakistan, taken in possession and occupied by Muslims. The Muslim aggression to take possession of sections of the country to create a Sharia state was fueled and inspired by the jihad taking place against Israel by “Palestinians”. Tarek Fatah speaks to … Continue reading

{FD} California: CAIR affiliated Muslimas sue Jewish cafe-owner for ‘discrimination’

  They try. They try every method they can to gain the upper hand over ‘the other’ by intimidation, fraud, propaganda, lies, deceit. Donald Trump for presidential candidate couldn’t come at a better time. This is how local and regional policies are being changed by twisting our arms with sham accusations. Muslims are the most … Continue reading

{FD} One-legged Muslim murder suspect gets UK citizenship by pretending to be an asylum seeker

One-legged Albanian murder suspect ‘gets UK citizenship… by pretending to be an asylum seeker fleeing from Kosovo’ Saliman Barci is accused of a double murder in home country of Albania He gained UK citizenship by posing as a Kosovan refugee, a court heard Father-of-three is fighting extradition to Albania using human rights laws By Daily … Continue reading

{FD} Tracing the Heroin Path from Afghan Poppy Fields to British Needles

Tracing Heroin’s Destructive Path from Afghan Poppy Fields to British Needles By Hanne Coudere, Photos by Jim Huylebroek April 27, 2016 From the column ‘VICE Long Reads’ A young boy stands by as members of the Afghan Counter Narcotics Police eradicate his family’s poppy field in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. All photos by Jim Huylebroek   … Continue reading

{FD} Russia’s Afghan drug problem: ‘Drugs from Muslim countries into Russia is narcoterrorism to destroy us from within’

Sasha Pelikhov with Regenerate Russia believs his country is deliberately being flooded with drugs by Muslim drug gangs to destroy his country from within. Regenerate Russia help to rehabilitate heroin addicts in Novokuznetsk, where drug addiction is the biggest problem of the region. The reference to Russia being destroyed from within by drug smuggling from … Continue reading