{FD} Alleged hammer attacker was freed while earlier assault case was repeatedly delayed: report

A suspect who allegedly brutally beat another man with a hammer and then kidnapped him in North Carolina last year committed the crime while freed from jail because his separate assault case in Georgia was delayed seven times over four years by his law…

{FD} Biden accuser D.J. Hill defends decision to come forward: ‘We’re patriots’ seeking ‘cultural change’

Writer D.J. Hill appeared on “Fox News @ Night� to discuss her allegation against former Vice President Joe Biden and her reaction to his video message addressing the controversy.

{FD} Tucker Carlson roasts Mexican official over his country’s treatment of immigrants

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson became frustrated Wednesday night when a Mexican state-level official refused to address how the Mexican government treats illegal immigrants — or even address the official’s own past comments that Carlson described as “hos…

{FD} 2 cars spend over an hour fighting for parking spot in Los Angeles, viral video shows

Two drivers in California were willing to waste a good chunk of their day duking it out for a parking spot — and it was all caught on video and uploaded as part of a viral Twitter thread.