{FD} France: Muslim arrested in ‘advanced stages’ of terror attack plot

France arrests man in ‘advanced stages’ of terror attack plot Associated Press   A Frenchman in the “advanced stages” of a plot to attack the country was arrested Thursday northwest of Paris, and security forces locked down the area during a major search, France’s interior minister said. Bernard Cazeneuve said there were no links “at … Continue reading

{FD} Former Bosnian Serb leader who defended his country from Muslim insurgency found guilty of ‘genocide’, sentenced to 40 years

  Saudi Arabia has been pouring over $300 million into Bosnia and Herzegovina for decades to faciliate Wahhabi terrorism and to help indoctrinate and infiltrate Islamic Salafi elements into the region. The Saudis have used the region as a bridge to expand their Islamic state into Europe, conceiving the task easier through Bosnia than through … Continue reading

{FD} Video: British Muslims gloat over Brussels attacks

This joy over other people’s suffering and misfortunes is a very common trait amongst Muslims. It’s part of their culture developed from the hatred of others provided in the guidelines of Islam. The only exception comes from individual parental guidance that shields Muslim children from exposure and access to these teachings. That’s the only thing … Continue reading

{FD} Brussels attack: Muslim gratitude to democracy: Blood-covered toddler cries over dead mother

  Muslims always use the kitman (the practice of deception or trickery) argument that the Saudi outsourced military presence of Western forces in the Middle East is the cause and reason for their Jihad attacks in the West. They are ‘victims’ who fight the imaginary  boogeyman. None of this is true today nor was it true … Continue reading