{FD} How EU Leadership Prostitution to Saudi Oil Contracts Sowed Seeds of Jihad in Belgium

We will ignore Cendrowicz claims of Salafism being “a very different tradition” to the Islam Belgian Muslims were familiar with. Islam is Islam. There are no “versions” of it. The only differences are in the imams and their style of preaching. Nothing else. There is no “extreme Islam” and “moderate Islam”. Such claims are very … Continue reading

{FD} Muslim children in Belgian school applaud and cheered Brussels attacks

  #Brussels Hashtag Shows Difficulty In Combating Extremist Messages In Social Media Kerry Flynn, International Business Times 03/22/16 AT 4:00 PM Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have all issued public commitments to combat extremism, and have worked for the past year to block posts that condone or encourage violence. Pictured: The Twitter application is displayed on a … Continue reading

{FD} Donald Trump slams Muslims for concealing terror activity within their own communities: ‘I would hit ISIS so hard you wouldn’t believe it’

Heroic Trump. Trump got the guts we desperately need in politics today. There are nasty elements out there that we need to battle. Allowing these alien elements to run wild while burrying the head in the sand in denial is not a solution. This is exactly why terrorism is expanding and spreading everywhere. It’s extremely … Continue reading