{FD} Donald Trump: Abdeslam would have talked ‘a lot faster with the torture’ – Video

Abdelsalam came from “peaceful and normal” Molenbeek. He was within days of orchestrating another major attack but got intercepted by his arrest. This may well be his planned attack. Brussel’s has transformed into an Islamist a shithole under EU hegemony. The European Council has destroyed hundreds of years of history and left future generations without … Continue reading

{FD} At least 13 dead after Muslim suicide attack at Brussels Airport – and second attack hits Metro station near EU headquarters

The patethic leftist leadership in Brussels need to be charged for this crime and are fully responsible for the deaths. They have imported over 10 MILLION Muslims in the past five years alone. In spite of all the history with Islam, the 1,200 years of slave raids, the terrorism, the destruction of Europe’s entire classical … Continue reading