{FD} The Veiled Genocide: A Reexamination of Muslim Occupation and Slavery of Africa

The Veiled Genocide A Reexamination of Past Arab African Interactions   By Matengo Chwanya Stream Africa You would be surprised to learn that there are about 2 million Afro-Iraqis in Iraq, the vast majority of them in Basra, where they form about a fifth of the population. This ignorance is largely understandable, because this society … Continue reading

{FD} RT: British Muslim, ‘European imperialism has looted all our wealth and we will come here and populate until Europe will turn black’ – Video

Muslim propaganda is prolific. Islam spread through lies, deceit and propaganda. And even to this day the largest invaders, slave traders and occupiers in human history abide by fantasist propaganda. Here, a British Muslim guest on Russian news channel RT talks about European “imperialism” and claims Europe “looted all our wealth”. Therefore Muslim fakefugees and … Continue reading