{FD} A startling map shows how Germany is starting to panic about migration

Mike Bird, Business Insider Oct. 23, 2015, 3:49 PM   German Chancellor Angela Merkel. It’s already become clear that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is facing a major political strain over the refugee crisis. The German public initially seemed accepting of refugees, especially in comparison to people in other large European countries. It doesn’t look like Germans are … Continue reading

{FD} UK: Muslim family of fraudsters conned £1.3 mil out of pensioners

  Family ‘of fraudsters fleeced dozens of pensioners into parting with £1.3 million in a phone scam before spending the cash on sports cars, Rolexes and a house in Dubai The Mohammed family ‘conned £1.3million out of scores of pensioners’ ‘They bought sports cars, jewellery, Rolex watches and house in Dubai’ A court heard the … Continue reading

{FD} France: Muslims arrested in yet another terror plot in Paris

The French government is responsible for the Eurabia that has spread through Europe since the 1970’s in their endless ‘partnership’ with Muslims. Their Arab obsession began during Muslim invasion and occupation attempts of Europe centuries ago. Not only are the Muslims destroying the French economy by an enormous prison population, crime wave and welfare exploitation … Continue reading