{FD} Muslim Construction Worker Destroys the Wall He is Standing On – IQ Test

How symbolic. This is the intellectual level. The new “skills” imported into the West. . . Terrifying moment daredevil construction worker in bare feet balances precariously on narrow ledge as he destroys the wall he is standing on Construction worker spotted balancing precariously on third floor wall He then takes a mallet to the narrow … Continue reading

{FD} Leaked Islamic State database identify 22,000 jihadi names, addresses, telephone numbers and family contacts

LMAO. They must be crapping their pants. Major fail on their part. They might as well publish their personal details on the web. Now all their fingerprints and any form of identification can be obtained. They can trace their history and all their activities. The house is coming crumbling down. Unless, of course, these files … Continue reading