{FD} UK: Mayoral Candidate Sadiq Khan’s Top Adviser Exposed as Misogynist, Gay-Hating Racist

  ‘What a f*****g f****t LOL’: Would-be Labour mayor Sadiq Khan’s top adviser is suspended after his homophobic, racist and sexist tweets are exposed  Sadiq Khan, 45, suspended his Commons-based speechwriter Shueb Salar  On his Twitter account, Salar laughed about homosexuals abused in public Made offensive references to ‘hoes’ and ‘f***ing faggots’ on his Twitter feed  … Continue reading

{FD} U.S. Navy intercepts ship smuggling ten tonnes of weapons — but lets the crew go free

Question: how do you avoid jail after being arrested with 10 tons of guns? Answer: get the navy to catch you Officials say they can’t detain crew suspected of ferrying guns to Iran-backed rebels in Yemen because it was stopped in international waters. More than 2,000 weapons were found under the boat’s nets. By Colin … Continue reading

{FD} Danish 16-yr old girl converts to Islam, then wants to bomb Jews and kids

Danish 16-year-old girl who was arrested for possessing explosives shortly after converting to Islam had planned to bomb Jewish and public schools, police reveal The girl, arrested last month, was charged with possession of explosives A male friend of hers, aged 24, was also arrested in connection to the case Police have now revealed the … Continue reading

{FD} Sweden in 2016: Women warned not to go out at night in small town after multiple Muslim sex attacks

Soon they will be asked to don a burka. This small town has only 46,000 inhabitants and probably never even worried about crime until now. It’s a pretty rude awakening. This entire problem is the fault of the Swedish government and with local government, who began spreading these Muslim “refugees” all across the country. In … Continue reading

{FD} Leaked police report reveals a spike in Merkel Muslim crime in Germany

Leaked police report reveals a spike in migrant crime in Germany… and warns that sex attacks, violence and radicalisation will rise even further Report says influx of migrants will cause more crime and burden on police Produced by state where Cologne sex attacks occurred on New Year’s Eve Says police responded 93,000 times to violence in refugee … Continue reading