{FD} Pro-migrant liberals accused of fueling violence in Calais camp

No surprises here. Read history. The socialist left have always been the world’s terrorists in non-Muslim socieities before the arrival of Islam. Now they run the roost – and support Islam. . . Knife fight in the Jungle: Terrifying moment migrant flees from blade-wielding attacker as Calais governor reveals British anarchists are fuelling violence in … Continue reading

{FD} Russia: Increasingly devout nanny claim ‘Allah ordered her’ to decapitate 4-yr-old – court blames Schizophrenia

The sane world simply refuses to believe that religious demonism is part and parcel of Islam. They think no one can be that irrational, weak and dumb, except a few handful who suffer from “schizophrenia”. But did she “hide her schizophrenia” or she actually never had the disease in the first place? Truth is she … Continue reading