{FD} Afghanistan: Women are regularly abused under pretence of ‘virginity tests’ – HRW

Women are regularly being sexually abused under the pretence of ‘virginity tests’ carried out on girls accused of pre-marital sex in Afghanistan, say Human Rights Watch Women facing growing levels of violence in Afghanistan, organisation says Many have faced ‘virginity exams’ having been accused of pre-marital sex Virginity testing is a widely discredited practice in … Continue reading

{FD} ‘Group of Young African Masked Men’ Attacks Australian News Crew in Sweden

Jonathan Nackstrand/AFP/Getty Images by Lee Stranahan 1 Mar 2016, Breitbart The crew of the Australian news magazine 60 Minutes was attacked by “a group of young African masked men” in Sweden while working on a story about the European immigration crisis. The news crew was shooting in Rinkeby, a suburb of Stockholm. While interviewing residents, … Continue reading

{FD} Kuwaiti Writer Ahmad Sarraf: ISIS Has Always Been Here – It’s Just A New Name Of An Old Movement

Kuwaiti Writer Ahmad Sarraf: We Refuse to Acknowledge Our Crimes; ISIS Has Always Been Here In a recent TV interview, Kuwaiti writer and businessman Ahmad Sarraf said that the West had acknowledged its Colonialist crimes and had made reparations for the crimes of Nazism, and posed the question “whether we, as Arabs and Muslims, are … Continue reading

{FD} The entire male population in Iranian Kurdish village is executed on ‘drugs charges’

Every man in Iranian village ‘executed on drugs charges’ Human rights groups condemned the executions and the support given to the men’s families. Lizzie Dearden, The Independent Friday 26 February 2016 The men were hung on drugs charges. Every man in an Iranian village has reportedly been executed by the government on drug charges. Shahindokht … Continue reading