{FD} Russia: Woman in burka holding a child’s severed head and shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ walks through Moscow – Video

Let the world see the Muslims for what they truly are and always have been through history. How much more can they conceal it? The unedited video has been included by TMI below. . . Horror in Russia as woman in burka ‘holding a child’s severed HEAD and shouting Allahu Akbar’ walks through centre of … Continue reading

{FD} India: Muslim slit the throat of 14 of his family members with a butcher knife

A 35-year-old man allegedly killed 14 members of his family, including seven children, before committing suicide in the Kasarwadavli area of Maharashtra’s Thane. (ANI Photo) Those who died: Warekar, his wife Jabeen (28), his daughter Mubatishira (6), his daughter Umera (3 months), his father Anwar (55), his mother Asagji (50), his sister Sabina (35), his … Continue reading

{FD} Nigeria’s Anti-Christian Jihad in Numbers: 11,500 Dead, 13,000 Churches Destroyed

Originally posted on Muslim Statistics:
by Thomas D. Williams, Ph.D. 25 Feb 2016, Breitbart A new report offers some startling statistics on the devastation wrought by Muslims on the Christian population in Nigeria, with 11,500 Christians killed, a million displaced and 13,000 churches destroyed or shut down in the last 15 years. The 48-page report…

{FD} UK: Muslim murders Rochdale Imam – Community blamed ‘right-wing Islamophobes’

The Muslim community quickly jumped on the Islamophobia gravy-train all over social media when the murder was fresh in the news. The evasive and hard to find non-Muslim right-winger who attack and kill Muslims was once again the boogey-man in this murder, and Muslims made sure to spread this faulty propaganda far and wide. But … Continue reading

{FD} Germany: 130,000 Merkel Muslims ‘disappear’ from records raising risks of crime and terrorism

Germany admits 130,000 asylum seekers ‘lost’ raising fears over crime and terrorism The government admits losing track of around 13 per cent of the 1.1 million people registered in Germany as asylum seekers. Refugees queue at the Berlin State Office for Health and Social Affairs last month. Photo: EPA   By Justin Huggler, Berlin 2:41PM … Continue reading

{FD} Bangladesh: Muslim faith healers swirl and step on babies and beat mentally ill with sticks

This report is from 2010 but it illustrates the medieval obsession with “black magic” that originates from Islam. Driving out devils – that for some reason have sole affinity to occupy Muslims with endless jinn obsessions – is a very lucrative and common practice. It’s akin to visiting your general medical practitioner. You can see … Continue reading

{FD} Koran endorses Muslims to have sex with anything that moves, dead or alive – even water melons

The “Holy” Koran Koran’s Shahi Muslim, Hadith 525 in the Book of Menstruation (Kitab Al-Haid) but only the Arabic version, the English having the verses erased, instruct Muslims to wash their penis [(Hash-fa, lit. “the head of the male member”)] after it has penetrated a woman’s anus, or a man’s anus, or an animal’s vagina … Continue reading

{FD} Audio: Muslim caller pretends to be Christian convert to troll Christian scholar

  This anonymous Arab Christian who is active in educating Muslims about the deceptions of Islam catches a Muslim troll pretending to be a Christian who “wants to know more” about Christianity. It may all appear trivial because people don’t know how far these efforts reach and eventually express in action into terrorism. The purpose … Continue reading

{FD} EU’s migration system risk collapsing in TEN DAYS, Brussels migration chief warns

The EU’s migration system is TEN DAYS from ‘completely breaking down’ if the number of people arriving in Europe is not curbed, Brussels migration chief warns  EU talks today aimed at reducing the migrant flow through the Balkans ahead of March 7 summit with Turkey Alexis Tsipras warned Greece could ‘turn into a warehouse for … Continue reading

{FD} Greece: Merkel Muslims stage emotional blackmail and pretend to ‘hang’ themselves to gain residency

Deceit, manipulation and propaganda is the core feature of the Muslim psyche. The only ones attracted to and lured in by these tactics is the totalitarian left who inhabit the same propensities. Deceit and propaganda is how the prophet of Islam managed to manoeuvre his way into Medina as a refugee. Within five years he … Continue reading

{FD} Israel accuses Iran of building up international terror cells

Israel accuses Iran of building up international terror cells Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps is building a complex terror infrastructure including sleeping cells that are stockpiling armsand are ready to act on order including in Europe and America, says Israeli defence minister Israel’s Defence Minister Moshe Yaalon. By Inna Lazareva in Tel Aviv 9:01PM GMT 24 … Continue reading

{FD} Turkish government co-operated with al-Qaeda in Syria, says former US ambassador

Turkish government co-operated with al-Qaeda in Syria, says former US ambassador Officials supported the extremist group’s Syrian wing in a failed attempt to moderate extremists, according to Francis Ricciardone.  U.S. Ambassador to Turkey Francis Ricciardone with former CIA Director Leon Panetta in Ankara in 2011.   By Richard Spencer, Middle East Correspondent, and Raf Sanchez … Continue reading

{FD} Iran issues renewed Fatwa against Salman Rushdie and The Satanic Verses

Rushdies novel The Satanic Verses is actually based on some of the most oldest, original verses from the Koran. The Satanic Verses incident, known as qissat al-gharaniq (Story of the Cranes), is the name given to the alleged occasion on which the Islamic Prophet Muhammad is said to have mistaken the words of “satanic suggestion” … Continue reading